How do I Add Google's Universal Analytics to a Muse site

I'm trying to add Google's new Universal Analytics code (.js code) to my muse site. I've added the js code into the Master page that every page uses but that doesn't seem to work. I've also tried adding it individually to each page (removing it from the master) but that also doesn't work. Google's tag manager says it is installed, but Analytics says it isn't.
Does anyone know how I'd install it? Here is the website in question.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Tristen,
Please refer to this similar thread to know more on this, Re: Where do I paste my tracking code from google analytics?
- Abhishek Maurya

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    I recently added a contact form, using google's re-captcha, to my Muse website.
    I pasted the site key and secret keys into the form.
    Also pasted the script code in the Head tag, <script src=''></script>.
    And pasted the form code just above the send button, at the end of the form code.
    <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6Ldxf_4SAAAAALQzrikuctOLN6vXN6OLlvORenpd"></div>.
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    Thanks a lot David. I needed to ditch the form code, and forward my emails. I finally got it going.
    Thanks for taking the time to help out, and I hope you have a great day.
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    How do you get google re-captcha to work in Muse.
    created by smeedee in Help with using Adobe Muse CC - View the full discussionHi,You don't need to add any code at all. Just the two keys. And you must upload before it will work. It won't work in preview. My advice is ditch the form code Hope this helps David If the reply above answers your question, please take a moment to mark this answer as correct by visiting: and clicking ‘Correct’ below the answer Replies to this message go to everyone subscribed to this thread, not directly to the person who posted the message. To post a reply, either reply to this email or visit the message page: Please note that the Adobe Forums do not accept email attachments. If you want to embed an image in your message please visit the thread in the forum and click the camera icon: To unsubscribe from this thread, please visit the message page at , click "Following" at the top right, & "Stop Following"  Start a new discussion in Help with using Adobe Muse CC by email or at Adobe Community For more information about maintaining your forum email notifications please go to

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    here is what finally worked:
    on (release)
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    I'll post this same info in the Dreamweaver forum too.
    Thanks again!

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    How do I get google on Safari toolbar

    wtfagain wrote:
    Before I "upgraded" (what a mistake!) I had the Google search on the righthand side, always ready to go.  I could stay on a page and type in a word whose spelling I was unsure of and as I was typing, the correct word would always appear on the drop down menu.  One could often get enough explanatory information from dropdown without leaving the page  Again, even enough info on a subject would appear to allow me to continue coherent reading on the page I was on.  Now, one must completely leave the page, go to google and then try to get back to where you were to start with?
    Typing your word on the Address bar will reveal the same exact dropdown.  Once done, you can press on cancel, and you will be left back on the page you were on. No reloads or navigation necesarry.
    The address bar now includes the search section that was previously separate, but functionally it still works the same way.
    And no, you cannot unupgrade.

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    While there isn't yet native support for web forms in Muse (they're on our roadmap), there are some workarounds until we get there. Dani created a rough-cut video on how to add a contact form to your Muse site using Business Catalyst. Go to our Past Events list of Jam Sessions and watch the Adding Contact Forums session:
    Users have also reported success adding contact forms to their site using Adobe FormsCentral, Jotform, or Wufoo and inserting them via Object > Insert HTML.
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  • How do I add Google calendar subscriptions to iPad iCal?

    I was able to add my Google calendar account to iCal on iPad but my calendar subscriptions (delegated) from other users is not displayed. I know there is a wizard to add a subscribed calendar but I don't know how to fill it out:
    Settings> Add Account> Other> Add Subscribed Calendar > Server "". Where do I get the information to plug between the quotes?

    I'm trying to do this very thing.  I have multiple google calendars set up (one for each kid, my husband etc.).  I want to move to iCal exclusively.  Based on your note above, should I export each individual calendar within ical.  Remove each from the iCal account and then reimport then into ical?  I suppose the risk is low b/c the data still exists in google.
    Please advise - I would hate to misstep.  Very new to the apple world (aside from iphone / ipad).

  • How do I add Google Tag Manager to a Muse site?

    The tag manager code needs to be right after the opening body tag, yet I am having trouble getting it in there! Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Google Tag Manager code doesn't work in Head section. It must be placed after <body> tag. As Muse does not allow you to access code. You can export your site as html, open the pages in html editor like Dremweaver, and place the code between <body></body> tag.
    You can how it works here,
    Setup and Workflow (Web) - Tag Manager Help
    Do let me know if you have any question.

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    Hello spingrfx,
    Should just be what is given here -
    Do you have a link so we can see if you are getting any errors or how the code is being output.
    Chad Smith | for only $7

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    The Google Toolbar "will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions." <br />
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    Can anyone help?  I've tried to do it by adding an exchange account but it always hangs up.

    Thanks for replying.  It is my only account and I use it all the time.  But since having an iPad I can't see where I can manage contacts, either to delete or add.

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    I am working on a new website and have added a snippet of my tweets to the website and would like to do the same for my facebook wall. I can't seem to find how this works (other than using an Iframe - which I can't get working...) Does anyone have suggestions?

    What a little research can do.
    Here are results you want to study regarding the Facebook wall :

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    I've got a lot of rss feeds coming into thunderbird. I organized some into folders, but also have a folder for several rss feeds as they adress the same topics and I prefer not to browse through 25 separate folders. However, the sender doesn't always make it clear which blog it's from, so I'd like to add a column which shows the website of the rss feed. (sender is often: [email protected], and there are different writers for a single blog who themselve have their own blog as well, so can't sort on sender name either).
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    Thanks for the help!

    You have to create to go to "insert html code" in the Muse menu.
    Then follow the steps in these websites, some are in french...sorry about that! but It's not difficult to understand, or use google translate. ==> for creating the customized map e ==> for customized markers &csw=1 pages-web-p105.html
    Hope this will help!

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    Do I create it using & editing the 'Contact Form' widget?  Do I insert a fillable .pdf form.  How do I go about this?

    Use the "Contact Form" Widget if you have a Business Catalyst account. No PDF form required.
    If you don't have Business Catalyst, you'll need to use a 3rd party like to create your form ( It's free with no watermarks or logos ) get the HTML from them for your form, and then simply go back to Muse, "Insert HTML" and paste the code. Easy as anything.

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