How do I add numeric values as text in XML??

So, I've developed a 3d carousel using this tutorial and the  XML, and customized the XML in Dreamweaver.
Now,  I've got the carousel set up exactly the way I would like, but the only  trouble, is how do I add numeric values as the text for the xml file???
Here's an example to the working carousel and where text is loaded for each item on it.  (put your sound on mute if you don't want to hear the video)
For  example, in my XML, if I would like the text to be "3d images", when I  export the FLA, only "d images" comes through because the numeric  values can't be added as the text for the tooltip.
Does anyone  have any ideas?
Here is an example of how the XML is loaded into  the .swf - the text loads great, but just not the numeric characters.
The  same story can be said for special characters, I would like to know how  to add a "&" sign too.
<icon  image="images/Subsalt_E_P_Partnerships.png" tooltip="3D Images"  content="Text Copy.">
Any  help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi Randy,
Thanks a lot for the reply.  Your post got me thinking that it's actually a flash problem, as the actual descriptor text shows 123,etc and "&".
The trouble is that the icons are dynamically loaded from the XML to movie clips on the flash file.  I've asked the flash forum to see if they could take a look.
Thanks again.

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    Java is not JavaScript, they've got almost nothing in common (apart from superficial syntax similarities and the first 4 letters of their names).
    If indeed your question is about JavaScript, then please find a JavaScript forum, as we can't help you here.

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    Question: How do I get the value of negative one (-1) in a numeric column to display as "all"?
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    This does not seem like a fix to me.
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    Eric B 

    Normally you would have a lookup on the number and a text value for the result displayed to users in the cube.
    All Values

  • How do I assign a numerical value to text cells in cartesian products?

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    When posting code or code snippets. HTML/XML or input/output, please use the code tags. The code tags help retain the indentation and formatting of the sample. To use the code tags, select the sample and click the CODE button.
    Here is how the first code snippet would have appeared in code tags.
    private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
    float num1, num2, num3, result;
    num1 = Float.valueOf(jRadioButton1.getMnemonic());
    num2 = Float.valueOf(jRadioButton2.getMnemonic());
    num3 = Float.valueOf(jRadioButton3.getMnemonic());
    result = num1+num2+num3;
    jTextField1.setText(String.valueOf(result));And while I'm on the subject of retaining the indentation of the original sample, please use one of the two common conventions for indenting code blocks. E.G.
    Convention 1:
    class TheClass {
        TheClass() {
    }Convention 2:
    class TheClass

  • How can I add new value in a list box in a screen

    Hi All ,
        In transaction CRMD_BUS2000120 (CRM Server), I need to add one value to the list box. Already 4 values are coming. How can I add 1 more value.
      any suggestion is very appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check you have any exits to do that, if there are no exits then you can Copy the program and change the code.
    to add the extra value in list box, you just have to append the new line to the internal table which you are passing to VRM_SET_VALUES FM.
    some thing like this..
    wa_list-key  = sy-tabix.
    wa_list-text = itab1-vbeln.
    Append wa_list to It_list.
    v_name = 'P_VBELN'.
    call function 'VRM_SET_VALUES'
        id                    = v_name
        values                = It_list
       ID_ILLEGAL_NAME       = 1
       OTHERS                = 2
    if sy-subrc <> 0.

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    Please help. Waiting.........

    Might have to add a space in the string...
    if not mvalue co ' 0123456789'.
    * error
    if you allow decimals and commas...
    if not mvalue co ' .,0123456789'.
    * error

  • How do you convert numeric values into english words?

    I am interested in creating a field in adobe acrobat that references a total dollar amount field. I want the java script to convert the numeric number into a written word, such as $59.59 as Fifty Nine and 59/100. I have no experience writing java script code and would really like some help on how this can get done. Its also important to embed in the programming that if their is no numeric value to reference, then nothing get referenced. This means an empty text box. Thanks for any help.

    Im using the below script...... I'm a complete novice at this and helping a friend out with it.
    Any info is appreciated.
    aTens = [ "Twenty", "Thirty", "Forty", "Fifty", "Sixty", "Seventy", "Eighty", "Ninety"];
    aOnes = [ "Zero", "One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine",
      "Ten", "Eleven", "Twelve", "Thirteen", "Fourteen", "Fifteen", "Sixteen", "Seventeen", "Eighteen",
      "Nineteen" ];
    function ConvertToHundreds(num)
       var cNum, nNum;
       var cWords = "";
       num %= 1000;
       if (num > 99) {
          /* Hundreds. */
          cNum = String(num);
          nNum = Number(cNum.charAt(0));
          cWords += aOnes[nNum] + " Hundred";
          num %= 100;
          if (num > 0)
             cWords += " and "
       if (num > 19) {
          /* Tens. */
          cNum = String(num);
          nNum = Number(cNum.charAt(0));
          cWords += aTens[nNum - 2];
          num %= 10;
          if (num > 0)
             cWords += "-";
       if (num > 0) {
          /* Ones and teens. */
          nNum = Math.floor(num);
          cWords += aOnes[nNum];
       return cWords;
    function ConvertToWords(num)
       var aUnits = [ "Thousand", "Million", "Billion", "Trillion", "Quadrillion" ];
       var cWords = (num >= 1 && num < 2) ? "Dollar and " : "Dollars and ";
       var nLeft = Math.floor(num);
       for (var i = 0; nLeft > 0; i++) {
           if (nLeft % 1000 > 0) {
              if (i != 0)
                 cWords = ConvertToHundreds(nLeft) + " " + aUnits[i - 1] + " " + cWords;
                 cWords = ConvertToHundreds(nLeft) + " " + cWords;
           nLeft = Math.floor(nLeft / 1000);
       num = Math.round(num * 100) % 100;
       if (num > 0)
          cWords += ConvertToHundreds(num) + " Cents";
          cWords += "Zero Cents";
       return cWords;
    You can use the following script for the custom calculation for the words field when the number field is named "Number":
    event.value = "";
    var f = this.getField("Number");
    if(f.valueAsString != "") {
    event.value = ConvertToWords(f.value);

  • How do I add an email body text for remittance advices / payment advices?

    I am trying to send an email body text with the pdf remittance advice to my vendors.
    We are running automatic payments to vendors via transaction F110. We have configured the pay run to produce remittance advices for vendor payments. Finally we activated the BTE 00002040, through transaction FIBF, to use a custom copy of the function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040.
    Our payment run sends emails with pdf-file attachments to our vendors correctly.
    <b>The Issue:</b>
    I can not find a way to add text to the body of the email with the attached remittance advice.
    Has anyone advise on how to populate the email body with text?
    Thank you and best regards
    Karsten Arold

    Hello Subhashree,
    I have not implemented the functionality, but I found rerference to SAP Note 1033893 in another forum post.
    Email text to Payment Advice in BTE2040

  • How to get the numeric value of DocTotal from UI API

    When I hit the ADD button I need to get the DocTotal from the UI API !
    All I have is the EditText which gives it in string and the problem is to double.Parse it
    it's a pain to do it while there is CultureInfo related issue with it.
    So It would be wise to get the numeric value directly from the UI API instead of getting the DocTotal by string and trying to convert it.  So is there any way to get the numrci value of DocTotal from UI API ?

    Hello Marc,
    Here is a function which considering the Culture Info and always working. You can speed it up by using extending admininfo to global vairables, and loading the values at startup of the addon.
    Use the oEditText.value.ToString() to convert into into the doulbe number:
    Public Function _string2double(ByVal s As String) As Double
            Dim d As Double
    ' This part is fast, when regional settings equal to sap B1 settings:
                d = Convert.ToDouble(s)
                d = Math.Round(d, 6)
                Return d
            End Try
    ' Speed up performance: extend CompaneService variables to global variables and query them at addon startup.
                Dim nfi As System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo = System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat
                Dim oCompanyService As SAPbobsCOM.CompanyService = oCompany.GetCompanyService()
                Dim oAdminInfo As SAPbobsCOM.AdminInfo = oCompanyService.GetAdminInfo()
                Dim sbodsep As String = oAdminInfo.DecimalSeparator
                Dim sbotsep As String = oAdminInfo.ThousandsSeparator
                If s.IndexOf(Space(1)) > 0 Then
                    If oAdminInfo.DisplayCurrencyontheRight = BoYesNoEnum.tYES Then
                        s = s.Substring(0, s.IndexOf(Space(1)))
                        s = s.Substring(s.IndexOf(Space(1)), s.Length - s.IndexOf(Space(1)))
                    End If
                End If
                Dim s1 As String = s.Replace(sbotsep, nfi.NumberGroupSeparator)
                s1 = s1.Replace(sbodsep, nfi.NumberDecimalSeparator)
                d = Convert.ToDouble(s)
                d = Math.Round(d, 6)
                Return d
                Return 0
            End Try
        End Function
    Edited by: János Nagy on Oct 7, 2009 8:55 AM

  • How can I add footnotes to a text in a table?

    To make use of a wider margin next to longer texts I usually work with two column tables in WORD. No problem to add footnotes to a text there.
    How can I add footnotes to text in a table when using PAGES?
    Or -alternatively - how can I write an ordinary text that has still a wider margin into which you can add annotations, notes etc.?

    Footnotes doesn't work for tables in Pages. You can create columns in Pages. You can use Insert column break to  being able to keep some text in one column and some in the other. Foot notes will work here.

  • How do i add a an editable text area along with a basic shape?

    Thank u guys for replying to my previous query.I got the solution.
    Now ,my problem is, whenever i am drawing a new shape on the panel i want to add an editable text area along with the shape so that the shape can be given a userdefined name(something like Rational Ross).
    I am using g.drawString() but with that i can only add a static string.
    How can i add a JTextField or JTextArea along with the shape??
    Thanking u guys in advance.

    It is considered standard procedure to acknowledge people's replies in the corresponding thread.
    As for your current problem, you'll have to make sure that the component you're subclassing is at least a Container. A JPanel could be a good pick. Set the layoutManager to null. Add your JTextField to your JPanel and use myTextField.setBounds(x, y, width, height) to place it whereever you want.

  • How to get peoplepicker multiple value in text box?

    Hi All,
    How to get multiple selection people-picker value into text box while using InfoPath?
    Thanks in advance!

    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted to get peoplepicker multiple value in text box.
    You can set the default value of the text box to:
    eval(eval(Person, 'concat(pc:DisplayName, "; ")'), "..")
    Or change XPath (advanced) to
    xdMath:Eval(xdMath:Eval(../my:group/pc:Person, 'concat(pc:DisplayName, "; ")'), "..")
    More information:
    Use Person/Group Picker in Infopath form to send multiple contacts to a SharePoint Workflow
    InfoPath Forms – Show Person/Group Picker Values in Text Box
    InfoPath Reference to Undeclared Namespace Prefix: ‘PC’
    Best Regards,
    Linda Li
    Linda Li
    TechNet Community Support

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