How do I add signals from different modules to the same waveform chart?

When using build array to connect signals from different FP modules to the same waveform chart, the array type is not the same as if all the signals come from one Read Array. Only one digital indicator on the chart displays with the build array method. Why

Hi gencell,
There are two ways to plot multiple plots on a Waveform Chart, a 2D array and a cluster of doubles or integers. I would suggest that you use a Bundle to create a cluster.
This information is in the Context Help of the Waveform Chart terminal (from the Block Diagram).
Chad Evans

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    The first is easy just place the documents in /Users/Shared anyone can access the files there and the other users will be able to read them.
    The second is a bit trickier.

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    Hi can someone tell me if it is possible to have two accounts (from different countries) in the same laptop?

    The issue is that your credit or debit card credentials must be associated with the same country where you reside to make purchases.
    "Although you can browse the iTunes Store in any country without being signed in, you can only purchase content from the iTunes Store for your own country. This is enforced via the billing address associated with your credit card or other payment method that you use with the iTunes Store, rather than your actual geographic location."
    From here >  The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store | iLounge Article
    Billing policy is the same for both the iTunes as well as Mac App Stores.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I am trying to build a reconciliation report in which I need to show the data from the source and target, side by side.
    Source and target are both different databases, although being oracle only
    Whenever a new data model is created, it gets attached to a data source and in the report we need to choose a specific data model.
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    Yes, it is possible.
    One way Is to use dataTemplates. There you can make queries from any number of different databases (The max I have done is 5).
    It looks something like that:
    <dataTemplate name="NameOfTemplate">
         <sqlStatement name="Q1" dataSourceRef="Connection1">
              <![CDATA[     select * from table1]]>
         <sqlStatement name="Q2" dataSourceRef="Connection2">
              <![CDATA[     select * from table2]]>
         <group name="RESULT1" source="Q1">
              <element name="P_FIRST_NAME" value="P_FIRST_NAME"/>
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              <element name="P_DATE" value="P_DATE"/>     
    </dataTemplate>dataStructure is very important when you get data from different places, if you don't define those elements, then only the result from Q1 is shown.
    The second possible way is to make as two different data models, each containing their own query and then set Main Data Set as concatenated SQL Data Source.
    Best of luck,

  • How to create xml file from Oracle and sending the same xml file to an url

    How to create xml file from Oracle and sending the same xml file to an url

    SQL/XML (XMLElement, XMLForest, XMLAgg, etc) and UTL_HTTP.
    Whether that works for you with the version of Oracle you have, your requirements, and needs is another story. A little detail goes a long way.

  • Can anybody explain how to print multiple copies of different documents at the same time as at the moment I have to open each individually and press print

    Can anybody explain how to print multiple copies of different documents at the same time as at the moment I have to open each individually and press print

    is this a windows in bootcamp question ?

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    I presume that the two regions are working fine with their individual buttons and your issue is how to make them both save with one button.
    Here is how
    a. You will have 2 ApplyMRU and 1 ApplyMRD processes for each of the regions. Right? Lets say you have 2 "Save" (i.e. label=Save) buttons, one has name SUBMIT and the other SAVE ( SUBMIT and SAVE being the requests that will be sent when they are clicked , respectively)
    b. Make the Display condition on one of the buttons 'Never'. Now it won't show when you run the page. Lets say you made SAVE's conditional Display 'Never'
    c. Go and change the condition on all ApplyMRU and ApplyMRD processes from "When Button Pressed" to "Request is contains in Expression1". In Expression1 enter SUBMIT,SAVERegards

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    I've been trying to find the answer in the user manual, but no luck so far.
    I did find how to open 2 projects at once, but I can only see one image at a time in the viewer and I have to keep going back and forth between projects to compare images. (These are scans of old photos and I want to eliminate the ones that are poorer quality, so need to compare numerous images from 2 sets of scans)
    How can I view an image from one project at the same time as an image from another? I know that it can be done in the same project by apple-clicking the second, third etc image, but this doesn't work if the images are from different projects.
    Thank you

    Thank you again Tony
    I've now created an album, independent of the projects, and dragged test images into it and it does just the job I needed. Now i just need to keep my brain sorted with which ones are which while i'm working

  • How can I interact between two different frames in the same indesign template as well as from one template to another.

    I am looking for the best way (or any way) to interact between two different frames in the same indesign template as well as from one template to another. It's for a DPS app which needs to carry some button initiated data from one page to another and then present it in a table.

    There is no simple way to do it, as itunes wont let you use it on another computer without wiping the contents first.
    However if you really want to transfer songs to another computer then you could try this;
    * make sure that your ipod is accessible as a disk drive (ipod options)
    * when you plug your ipod into the computer you want to transfer to make sure you select "no" or "cancel" when it asks to wipe the contents. Leave the ipod connected and quit from itunes.
    * go to "my computer" and access the ipod directly. You probably have to select "view hidden files" from windows. You will see a lot of folders with odd names like ZX838aff with similar named files inside.
    * copy these files to a folder on your computers hardrive. Now remove the ipod and start itunes.
    * import the files from the folder you made in the last step.
    * Now your music is on itunes, but with unrecogisable names.
    This is the only way I have found to do it, but there may be another way, say with an application to do the hard work for you.
    Generic homebuild PC Windows XP
    Generic homebuild PC   Windows XP  

  • HT3819 How do I share music between different users on the same computer?

    I understand Home Sharing helps me share music across different computers.  How do I share between different users on the same computer?  We have a few instances of iTunes on a single computer and have to download from the same CD each time.  I must be doing something wrong - seems crazy to have several copies of the same song on one hard-drive when Home Share allows for sharing across computers - how do I share within the same computer?  Please outline specific steps.  THANKS.

    Hello Whigged-out,
    It sounds like you would like to share one library between two different users on your iMac.  I found an article with steps you can take to accomplish this:
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • WM-PP : Backflush a material from different bins in the same storage Type

    Hi Gurus,
    We have a business scenarion where we do manual staging for production , the staging area has different bins within the same storage type for the same material, I am wondering if there is a way to backflush the material from different storage bins upon prod. order confirmation (using a control cycle?)
    Kris T

    Look like it's not possible using the SAP standard.

  • Publish two publications from different customers with the same Adobe DPS ID

    I have a publication made on InDesign and I have uploaded it to the Adobe Server with my Adobe DPS account. For the first publication, I published the publication with the Folio Producer on the digitalpublishing portal, and then I created the app using the Adobe Viewer Builder. Then, I tried it locally on my iPad. It was working fine and I could see my publication.
    Now, I do need to upload a new publication for a different customer with the same Adobe DPS account and I need to create a different app with the new customer look and feel but I don't want to show the first publication in this new app, only the last one.
    In a nushell, I need to keep separated two publications (or more) when they are published if I'm using the same DPS Account... Is that possible?
    Saludos Cordiales,

    Hi Leo,
    Every title should have its own publication AdobeID (a title can contain multiple editions / folios).
    So you have to request for every title you want to work on a provisioned account with Adobe. Make sure that you have setup the corresponding emailaddress / emailalias. For example [email protected] and [email protected]
    After the accounts have been provisioned you can:
    * upload and organize multiple folios for that publication in the corresponding Folio Producer
    * Create a viewer with your Viewer Builder and on the first page supply the AdobeID for the give publication
    You can request new publication accounts any time and these are included with your DPS subscription.
    When you first account got provisioned, you should have received an excel document to request provisioning for the various publications. In this document you can list the accounts you want to use for publications, individual users of the system and viewer builder access.
    With kind regards,
    Klaasjan Tukker
    Adobe Systems Benelux

  • How can I add photos from Camera Roll to the Photo Stream album?

    How can I add photos taken during the past month from my Camera Roll to the Photo Stream album?

    It's easy to do in iPhoto11 (click on a photo in iphoto and select share in the bottom right corner, then select Photo Stream), I'm not sure you can do this on the iphone.

  • How do I make two audio clips from different mics sound the same in premiere?

    I have a video I am working on. we used two different mic and camera options. One is a lavaliere mic that was too hot and picked up a lot of fuzz, and the other was an on board mic that was just a little echoey from the office walls. I found that some clips were better on different versions. so I want to put the two different sets next to each other in video and make the sound be the exact same. That way no one notices the differences in audio.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Hi. Although not perfect, I'd add an audio mixer effect and adjust the highs, mids & lows on both of them to help their audio, respectively, sound more similar. Often when I shoot, my Boom mike (backup) is much fuller sounding than the lavs. are. Lavs are inherently lacking in the low end, and the boom is often too hot on the low end. So I would add Audio Mixer effect, and lower the low end on the boom slightly, and highten the low and mids just a bit on the lavs. Even taking a little highs off the lavs makes it sound a bit more like the boom. 
    As far as echo is concerned, you probably can't do to much about that unless you have an external graphic equalizer/limiter. Lot's of times I just add  some music in the background, which helps a lot to hide echo from the mics.
    Finally if you tape/record/film in a location that has lots of background noise like, background people, cars or rain or wind or general white noise "hiss", then you should record a minute or two of the location without any dialogue. This is is known as "Wala" recording. You can add a little of this to your whole track, or just on the mike track that doesn't seem to pick up the ambient sound, thus making it sound more like your other mike.
    I hope this helps.

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