How do I change an Apple ID just for one device, an iPod Touch?

Hello, all...I recently purchased my nephew (I'm his guardian and am raising him) a brand new iPod Touch for his 13th birthday.  I activated the device using my Apple ID (which I also use for my iMac, iPhone and Macbook Air).  I'm thinking now about changing his iPod over to a different Apple ID to keep my iCloud "pure" (for lack of a better word), with just my stuff on it, and because his iPod is mysteriously picking up text messages to me that are supposed to go to (and which still do go to) my iPhone. Is it possible to change the Apple ID for just that one device, the iPod and, if so, how does one do that?  I have several e-mail accounts/addresses that I could use instead of the one I use for my current Apple ID.  I'm technology-challenged in the worst way, so your help/advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

The ID is used in the following locations and you  have to change them.
Settings>Messages>Send and Receive
and Settings>iTunes and App store
You  have to sign out of ID (for iCloud you delete the iCloud account from the iPod) and sign in with other ID.
Note the following are resolved if you  use Family Sharing (iOS 8 and later):
- Apps are locked to the account that purchased them.
- To update apps you have to sign into the account that purchased the apps. If you have apps that need updating purchased from more than one account you have to update them one at a time until the remaining apps were purchased from one account.
If the iPod has iOS 7 or later then you have the enter the password for Apple ID presently sign in Settings>iCloud.
Also, a Restriction can be set (Settings>General>Restrictions) the prevents changing accounts

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    Go to settings/icloud and sign out. Then sign in by creating a new Apple ID. Do the same in Settings for Messages, FaceTime and iTunes & App Store. Next, link your Apple IDs using Family Sharing so you can still share music and apps. Family Sharing - Apple Support

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    Most of the people on these public forums, including myself, are fellow users - you're not talking to iTunes Support here. I've asked the hosts to remove your email addresses from your post.
    If you updated your existing account then try logging out of it on the phone by tapping on the id in Settings > iTunes & App Stores and then log back in and see if that 'refreshes' the account on it.

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    The reality is you do not own the apps on that iPad - the previous owner does.  If you want them for yourself and want to be able to update them as needed, or re-download them as needed, you will have to delete the copies on the iPad, then purchase them with your own AppleID.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Anything you do on one phone will not affect the other.
    All you need to do is log out of iTunes and then back in using your other account details, you will no longer be able to update apps purchased under the first account.
    If you change your iTunes account, you may not be able to change it back again for 90 days.

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    That means the Restriction is set that prevents changing accounts. Go to Settings>General>Restrictions and unset it so you can delete the account.
    Deleting the account for one device does not effect the account on other devices.

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    Hello Becla,
    After reviewing your post, I have located an article that can help in this situation. It contains helpful advice concerning iCloud accounts:
    iCloud: Set up iCloud on your devices
    Thank you for contributing to Apple Support Communities.

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    I have several apps on my iPad and iPhone where i used my wife's id to download but now want to use my apple id to update and maintain the apps.  How do I change all the apps on my iPhone and iPad to my current apple id (not my wife's)

    You delete and redownload the ones associated with her Apple ID.

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    In order to change your Apple ID or password for your iCloud account on your iOS device, you need to delete the account from your iOS device first, then add it back using your updated details. (Settings > iCloud, scroll down and hit "Delete Account")
    Providing you are simply updating your existing details and not changing to another account, when you delete your account, all the data that is synced with iCloud will also be deleted from the device (but not from iCloud), but will be synced back to your device when you login again.

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    Go to settings, go to store, click on account name.  Sign out, and sign back in with your account.

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    1.  I'm sure you must have tried signing in to Adobe and changing email address in your profile.  Don't know if they retrofit.
    2.   I can't account for what just happened.  Last night I took screen shots of all the various manifestations of my problem, including messages that the book both could and could NOT be copied.  For the umpteenth time I reopened the original booksale into ADE and tried to drag to Nook--got the usual red X's.   This morning the icon miraculously allowed itself to be dragged into the nook. Green all the way--nothing had been changed.  Elves in the night?  Then I opened Nook--no book! But there it was in Documents.  No, it wasn't there all this time.  I knew to look there because of other threads.  I also remember someone else had a problem that sorted itself out after leaving the Nook attached to computer for a long time. 
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    Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings
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