How do i check network speed?

I have just installed a DLink Gigabit router on my network, all the PC are negotiated to 1.0GB connection no problem, but how do i check to see if my macpro has? The network settings are left at automatic, but how do i know what speed the mac has automated too?

Apple menu -> About This Mac -> More Info... -> Network and then select the interface you want to check in the upper pane. The lower pane shows all the info about the interface and at the bottom it shows the MAC address, duplex mode and speed.

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  • Check network speed?

    How can I check my network speed (LAN) ?
    I'm just copying a 1.7 GB file over Gbit Ethernet to a NAS, and it takes about 10 minutes. Is that OK? And how can I check if it is?

    You would need an accurate time measurement.
    About 10 minutes doesn't cut it.
    1.7 gigabytes divided by 10 minutes equals 0.17 gigabytes per minute
    0.17 gigabytes per minute divided by 60 equals 0.0028 gigabytes per second
    0.0028 gigabytes per second times 8 equals 0.02267 gigabits per second
    0.02267 gigabits per second multiplied by 1000 equals 22.67 megabits per second.
    Was there a wireless connection in that transfer?
    You can't read and write data from a hard drive at gigabit LAN speeds.
    The hard drive read and write speeds are the limiting factor.
    If the copy program wasn't designed to double buffer the data the process is.
    Read data from source disk which includes the latency to find the data on the disk.
    Transmit the data to the target disk.
    Write the data to the target disk including the latency to find the available space on the target disk.
    Acknowledge receipt of the data by the target disk back to the source disk.
    Repeat until all of the data has been transferred.
    The amount of data transferred each time was determined when the copy program was written.
    It could be as little as one disk sector which is probably 512 bytes.

  • How do you check Memory Speed on ICD

    Hi everyone
    I am new to the forums and I am also a soon to be first time mac owner(Receiving my 20" ICD this week) .
    I am buying the imac with an extra 1gig DIMM installed, non-apple memory.
    Now the reseller assures me that the 3rd party memory that he'll be using is compatible with the imac.
    I'm assuming that if there are no issues at start-up then the memory is compatible, but I would like to know how can I check that the memory is running at 667 mhz and that he did not install 533 mhz memory.
    So how can I check that the memory is running at 667?
    Thank you in advance
    20" Imac ICD     1.5ghz memory

    Ah, I think I'm reading that you may be concerned about a potentially counterfeit SO-DIMM. That's one reason to buy direct from a reliable seller such as Apple or Crucial. I'm not sure the memory utility Memtest will verify the DIMM's speed, but it will verify whether or not the SO-DIMM is working properly. That might include a speed calculation, and possibly you can email the Memtest author to find out.

  • How do we check interconnect between RAC nodes speed in Linux environment

    How do we check interconnect speed between RAC nodes on Linux, I tried with ethtool eth1 , I am not able to get good information.

    Either ethtool or miitool.
    If you want some synthetic benchmark tool try "iperf".
    Ronny Egner
    My Blog:

  • Set network speed & mode in Solaris 10

    Hi all,
    Can someone know how to change the network speed and mode in solaris 10 SPARC
    I tried with ndd -set , is this valid for Solaris 10
    How can I check the speed and mode

    It depends on what type of interface card you have, but basically you can use ndd -set and ndd-get commands on most of the NICs in a Sun box:
    Network Interface Cards documentation:
    I have bge cards, so, I run this command to see what parameters I can alter:
    ndd -get /dev/bge0 \?
    ? (read only)
    autoneg_cap (read only)
    pause_cap (read only)
    asym_pause_cap (read only)
    1000fdx_cap (read only)
    1000hdx_cap (read only)
    100T4_cap (read only)
    100fdx_cap (read only)
    100hdx_cap (read only)
    10fdx_cap (read only)
    10hdx_cap (read only)
    adv_autoneg_cap (read and write)
    adv_pause_cap (read and write)
    adv_asym_pause_cap (read and write)
    adv_1000fdx_cap (read and write)
    adv_1000hdx_cap (read and write)
    adv_100T4_cap (read only)
    adv_100fdx_cap (read and write)
    adv_100hdx_cap (read and write)
    adv_10fdx_cap (read and write)
    adv_10hdx_cap (read and write)
    lp_autoneg_cap (read only)
    lp_pause_cap (read only)
    lp_asym_pause_cap (read only)
    lp_1000fdx_cap (read only)
    lp_1000hdx_cap (read only)
    lp_100T4_cap (read only)
    lp_100fdx_cap (read only)
    lp_100hdx_cap (read only)
    lp_10fdx_cap (read only)
    lp_10hdx_cap (read only)
    link_status (read only)
    link_speed (read only)
    link_duplex (read only)
    link_autoneg (read only)
    link_rx_pause (read only)
    link_tx_pause (read only)
    loop_mode (read only)
    msi_cnt (read and write)
    drain_max (read and write)
    ndd -get /dev/bge0 link_speed (Note that this is read-only attribute)
    ndd -get /dev/bge0 100fdx_cap (read/write atrribute)
    To set duplex during boot, I do this:
    cat /etc/init.d/NICtune.s
    # This script tunes the NIC to 100 Full Duplex
    case "$1" in
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_1000fdx_cap 0
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_1000hdx_cap 0
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_100fdx_cap 1
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_100hdx_cap 0
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_10fdx_cap 0
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_10hdx_cap 0
    ndd -set /dev/bge0 adv_autoneg_cap 0
    echo "Usage: $0 { start | stop }"
    exit 1
    exit 0
    ln -s /etc/init.d/NICtune /etc/rc2.d/S99NICTune

  • Poor network speed with 1st generation time capsule and multiple airport express 5Ghz. My network speed slows to a crawl when not close to the time capsule. I get the range that I need, but the speed is painfully slow.

    I have a first generation time capsule running 802.11n (b/g compatable) and the airport expresse's are the newer 5ghz models. I have 3 airport express's and I have the range that I need. I can run the time capsule using 802.11n 5ghz, but I loose the range and can't connect to all of the airport express's. My computers and mobile devices run 802.11n. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to increase the network speed. Would the new airport extreme fix the problem?
    Thank you

    Unfortunately, you are experiencing one of the downsides to 5 GHz. That's because the higher frequency 5 GHz signals are much weaker than 2.4 GHz signals.
    After all, you always have to give up something to gain something else. In the case of 5 GHz, you gain potential speed but in return, you must give up penetration power and distance capability.
    In order to work well, 5 GHz signals need to almost have a line-of-sight relationship between devices. Unless you can achieve this, you will do much better to leave the Time Capsule running at the 802.11n (b/g compatible) 2.4 GHz Radio Mode and allow the Express devices to "extend" that network.
    As for the location of the AirPort Express devices in an exended network, that is critical for best performance. That's because the Express can only "extend" the quality and bandwidth of the signal that it receives. Post back if you need a few more tips on how to find the best location for the AirPort Express devices.
    Would the new airport extreme fix the problem?
    Unfortunately, no.

  • HT4628 My WiFi speed on my iMac is .93Mbs even though phone engineers recently checked the speed to the router at 6.1Mbs. Is my router knackered? How can I check?

      My WiFi speed is .93Mbseven though phone engineers have just measured the speed to my router at 6.1Mps. Is the router knackerd? How can I check?

    Just to close out ... the 'supervisor' was clueless as it turns out.  Apple does NOT have a deal with UPS on handling the Mini, so the person who gave me the info was wrong.  Did he call back?  No ... he just let me go out and find out myself.
    So I called again, and this time eventually ended up with a manager, who told me that the UPS Store thing wouldn't work, but that a box would arrive and then there would be a 'forced replacement'.
    About 10 minutes later he called back and said he discovered that EVERYTHING the supervisor did was wrong ... he didn't actually properly flag for auto-replace, so I would have gone through an identical cycle again!  So he had to restart the whole process, meaning I would get TWO 'coffins', but that I would then get an auto-replacement and would see that indicated in my support email.
    I got the email, saw 'auto-replace'.  Got the box on the 28th and immediately turned it around.  Apple got the box on the 31st, and on the 1st I got emails that my Mini would arrive on the 2nd and it also had the new serial #.
    Yesterday I grab the box from FedEx and go home to check it out.  As expected, it IMMEDIATELY worked on my WiFi without issue ... and has worked perfectly since.
    So ...
    - it was NOT my home network.
    - it WAS a hardware issue with the Mini
    - Apple does NOT do proper testing on the Mini to detect what appears to be a fairly common issue.
    - non-retail customers ARE treated as second-class by support.
    This issue took FOUR WEEKS to resolve, involved FOUR shipments back & forth, and the ONLY reason it got resolved was that *I* did the troubleshooting that Apple either would not or could not do.
    For someone who has been an Apple customer for more than 30 years, this has been a sobering experience ... I quite frankly expected much better from them.

  • How can I check what the processor speed is

    We have an old white dome base iMac, running OSX 10.1  How can I check the processor speed - it is not available to choose in the 'about this Mac' dropdown?

    Turns out it is a mind blowing 40 MHz!
    Something read wrong. The slowest FP iMac was 700mHz.
    While in OSX, can you see if 10.1 has its own version of System Profiler? In newer OSX versions it's in Applications >Utilties.
    I jumped from OS9 to 10.2 so, like Eustace, can't remember what 10.1 has--or doesn't have.
    You can look dor the sticker/decal with the serial number. That usually gives the processor speed also:

  • How to track network speeds - maybe through SQL or open to others

    The network speed is dramatically slower to the SAN, but it also makes me wonder how slow things are between the Webserver and the external world.
    What's the best way to monitor what-I-assume are network delays and which part of the networks are causing the problem.
    -- Needs to be run on the VM Machine xxxx to work
    /* Local backup */
    BACKUP DATABASE [play_pen] TO
    DISK = N'x:xxxx\testbackup.bak' WITH COPY_ONLY, FORMAT, INIT,
    -- BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 35289 pages in 7.638 seconds (36.095 MB/sec).
    /* Intra-Network backup*/
    BACKUP DATABASE [play_pen] TO
    DISK = N'\\xxxx\testbackup.bak' WITH COPY_ONLY, FORMAT, INIT,
    -- BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 35289 pages in 14.152 seconds (19.480 MB/sec).
    /* SAN backup*/
    BACKUP DATABASE [play_pen] TO
    DISK = N'\\xxxx\testbackup.bak' WITH COPY_ONLY, FORMAT, INIT,
    -- BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 35289 pages in 55.106 seconds (5.002 MB/sec)

    You can use the tools like Resource Monitor and Network Monitor.
    Resource Monitor is a tool that you can use to monitor the usage of CPU, hard disk, network, and memory in real time. You can open it by clicking the
    Start button. In the search box, type Resource Monitor, and then, in the list of results, click
    Resource Monitor.  If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.‌
    Meanwhile, I think it is proper to dig the networking issue on the Windows Server forum via the below link.
    Additional information:
    Using Network trace to troubleshoot intermittent connectivity issues
    Tracy Cai
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to test network speed

    How do I test the speed of my network to determine if Time Capsule or my Internet provider is behind a real slowdown in my internet access. I ran the java test at and got the following results:
    Compared to the average of 971 tests from download is 98% worse, upload is 98% worse.
    I'm unsure where to look or what to look for in trying to find a cause for the problem but wanted to at least try and make a stab at finding out before I called Comcast.

    You could try connecting a computer directly to your broadband modem and run the test again.  That would remove the Time Capsule from the configuration.  You may need to reset the modem to convince it to connect to a "new" device.
    Are you connecting to the Time Capsule via Ethernet or Wi-Fi?  If by Wi-Fi, the quality of your Wi-Fi connection could have a big affect on the network speed.  In that case, use the advice in the second message of this thread to investigate the signal and noise levels that your Mac sees:

  • How to check copying speed in mac?

    How to check copying speed in mac if i am using mac osx 10.7.4?

    What temp files? Most are deleted automatically when an application quits or when you log in or restart.

  • HT1222 Hi Does anyone know how can I stop my iPhone 4s downloading automatic system update so reducing my network speed when plugged in to charge or connected to the pc ??? I'm really ok with my iOS 5.0.1 and I don't need 5.1

    Hi Does anyone know how can I stop my iPhone 4s downloading automatic system update so reducing my network speed when plugged in to charge or connected to the pc ??? I'm really ok with my iOS 5.0.1 and I don't need 5.1

    Setting up and troubleshooting Mail
    iPad Mail
    Try this first - Reset the iPad by holding down on the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. (This is equivalent to rebooting your computer.)
    Or this - Delete the account in Mail and then set it up again. Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Accounts   Tap on the Account, then on the red button that says Remove Account.
     Cheers, Tom

  • HT1978 how many network certificate I can install for 1 iphon or ipad? how can I check it is installed successfuly

    hi ..
    I have a email certificate in my profile for recieving my compmay email, when I login to company office Wifi, it ask me to accept a network certificate , I did accept it , but I can't find it in profile. My questiosn are:
    1) How can I check whether I install certificate successfully ?
    2) How many certificate I can install on 1 iphone or iPad ?

    1.  Obviously by successfully connecting to WiFi, it insstalled successfuly.
    2.  As many as you want/need.

  • I can't sign into face time. My account has been verified and I have full wifi signal but it comes up with check network connection how to i fix this?

    I can't sign into face time. My account has been verified and I have full wifi signal but it comes up with check network connection how to i fix this?

    What IP does your iPad show as having?
    Try a reset. Press & hold the Power and Home buttons together for 10+ seconds, ignoring the red power-off slider, until you see the Apple logo.
    Some folks have discovered that changing their DNS service fixes FaceTime connection issues.
    The ideal way is to configure your modem/router with DNS service, but often settings in System Preferences/Network on your Mac will override the router settings. Try either of these;
    Google Public DNS

  • I am desperate!! slow choppy network speeds (not actual inability to cnnct)

    I have a 13" macbook air that has the following problem: I can connect to wifi networks (including at home WPA and also tried WPA2 settings) but even though I may get proper speed at first, I soon lose that and it becomes much slower and choppy (if I open activity monitor I can see the speed going up and down like crazy...). My internet speed at home is 12mpbs set by my provider. When I perform speed tests (vis or downloading files from other speed test sites) on my windows PC that is also on this network I get the full download speed. However with this MAC while I initially did get the full speed, it is now down to an average of 3-5mbps and the activity monitor, again, shows choppy behavior so it will be at 8 then at zero almost and then up and down again but never near the full speed. I tried to connect to other networks and I have the same problem - once this happens it stays. I tried removing the airport connection in network preferences and adding it again it does not help.
    I TALKED TO APPLE AND HAD MY COMPUTER TESTED BY THEM - they didn't find any hardware issues (they said it was fine - but it isn't) but they still replaced the airport hardware in the computer - both the chip and the antenna (which meant replacing the entire screen). I brought the computer home, ran a speed test and everything was fine. I thought GREAT but then something happened and the problem returned. What I did (which I think was unrelated) was connect via SMB to a PC at home and I tried to stream a movie file. I noticed it kept 'pausing' so I opened up activity monitor again and to my HORROR I saw the choppy wave with network speed very inconsistent going up and down like crazy... I tried connecting to my slingox using the sling web access after disconnecting from my home PC but got partial speed and lots of drops too. I tried the speed test again multiple times, nothing seems to work.
    SO I don't know what to do at this point. I have 10.6.6 running. I heard something about a firmware update but I am new to mac so not sure how to even do that or what else I can do to solve this problem or what is causing it. BTW - logging in now from the guest account still does not fix the issues and they remain the same.
    I am desperately looking for help!!
    Thanks a lot!

    Have you been able to reproduce your problems on other wireless networks other than at your house? It appears you are saying that this occurs on all wireless, but I'm not sure from your comment. If it's only at home, it would appear to be a compatibility issue between your wireless access point and the Macbook Air, which isn't uncommon. Sometimes a firmware upgrade to the access point can fix it, sometimes it might require switching to a different brand of access point. It would be great if you could borrow (or buy and return) a different access point/router to test. An Apple airport would be the best to use of course. Not the easiest solution, but lets you help rule out a hardware issue with your air.
    My isp provides 15mbps but my wireless devices such as my iphone, ipad, laptop usually only get 6.5-8 mbps when testing speeds to the internet. I don't expect it to be as good as the wired due to interference, signal, etc. I don't get the choppy behavior however. Firware updates from Apple will appear in the same manner as standard software updates. If there is one available for your system it should appear when you check for software updates. That being said, I believe you can also manually download them from the Apple site.

Maybe you are looking for

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    we are going to change our access levels based on the various users created in the system. can some 1 out there provide me with a good document that can assist me in doing this exercise correctly and to the best practice gurus appreciate if some one