How do i complexly remove previous cs6 trial download files/software in order to download a more

how do i completely remove previous cs6 trial downloads from the computer where we have multiple users downloading adobe trials periodically?

Hi lottolord1,
You can use the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool to remove the previous trial downloads.
Note : Trial periods can't be extended. After a trial expires, you need a serial number to install the software as a licensed version. Or, you can install trial software on another computer.

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  • How do I delete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Trial from my MacMini?

    How do I delete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Trial from my Mac Mini? I was upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS6 not extended. So now I have Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CS6 extended. My computer is running very slowly. Are all these programs large? Can I delete all but the CS6 and how do I keep the photos I've done in CS5 in CS6 if I want to delete the CS5?

    Your photos won't be affected by uninstalling anything.  Neither Photoshop nor Bridge keep, import or store any image files.  They are all wherever you installed them. (Unlike the crappy Apple iPhoto application, which hides your images from you inside the application package .)
    Two very important caveats:
    1.— Never drag any Adobe applications or their folders into the trash!  Always use the Adobe Uninstaller installed by default with each application.
    2.— The time to uninstall an older application is BEFORE installing newer versions of the application.  The reason for that is that the Adobe Uninstaller can and in all likelihood will damage later version installs.
    If you want to reclaim HD space, your best bet now is to uninstall all versions, including the most current one, then run the CSCleaner Tool, which you can search from and download for free from the Adobe downloads site, then Repair Permissions with Apple's Disk Utility, then re-install the latest and most current versions.  Finally, Repair Permissions with Apple's Disk Utility once again.
    Remember that Photoshop 14.x, which would have been "CS7", but now will be "CC", is scheduled to be released on June 17, less than two weeks from today,

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    Apple is starting to feel like work and not play.

  • How can I completely remove iTunes and all associated files/programs from my Windows PC?

    How can I completely remove iTunes and all associated files/programs from my Windows PC?

    iTunes, along with Quick Time, iCloud, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support and Apple Application Support can all be removed from your PC by uninstalling them using 'Uninstall or change a program' in Control Panel. The only obvious thing that will be left behind is your iTunes library which remains untouched. If you want to remove that as well it's just a question of deleting it.
    Hope that helps.

  • How do i make premier pro cs6 support m2t file

    how do i make premier pro cs6 support m2t file
    please help me

    Change the extention to mpg or mpeg.

  • How many days left with premiere cs6 trial?

    how do i know how many days i have left on my premiere cs6 trial version? where does it even indicate that the trial version is a trial version?
    thanks in advance!

    When you start up the software, It'll indicate how many days are left for the trial. A trial is usually 30 days, and the countdown starts on first launch.
    The software is fully functional and the trial is not limited in any way. Only that it'll stop working after the trial period is up. At that stage you can enter a serial number and convert the trial to a licensed version.

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    Thanks, the offset command worked well. I did have to modify the script some more, there was really no reason for the first repeat loop using the offset command. Also, I had set my text item delimiters to tab for another script, and that was causing problems running this script. I think I have everything fixed now. This is the final version.
    set my_folder to choose folder
    tell application "Finder"
    set myfolderstring to name of my_folder as string
    set myfolderlist to every character of myfolderstring
    end tell
    set mycolorlist to {"A_Green", "B_Teal", "C_Purple", "D_Pink", "E_Yellow", "F_Orange", "G_Blue", "H_Black"}
    set my_break to offset of "_" in myfolderstring
    set the_code to items 1 thru (my_break - 1) of myfolderlist
    set the_code to the_code as string
    repeat with i from 1 to number of items in mycolorlist
    set the_color to item i of mycolorlist
    tell application "Finder"
    make new folder at my_folder with properties {name:the_code & "_" & the_color}
    end tell
    end repeat

  • How to find the downloaded file. its not in the "downloads".

    how to find the downloaded file?

    Open Finder, and type "Today" in the search area in the upper right of Finder's window.
    Then click "Today" under "Dates" in the resulting drop-down menu.

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    I buy a laptop week ago. It has window 8 I started with one of my e-mail id. Then due to some problems I exchange it. Now I have another new laptop I like to add my that id with this laptop. But they id already in use. How can I add this to
    my this laptop.
    one more problem they merged my Skype id with that id now I unable to use my Skype id too. how can I use different id's with same id.

    Could you remove that account from the old laptop?
    Please follow this:
    Go to the Control Panel in Desktop ,select "User Accounts", select "Manage another Account" and the system shows all accounts registered in our device.
    Later, select the account that you want to manage, select  "Remove User Account" and confirm that you want to remove it with all data, after that, it’s like never existed that account.
    After that, add this account to new laptop.
    In addition, Please sign in through the Web for test to see if this account is available.
    If no, please ask Microsoft account forum for more professional help.
    Karen Hu
    TechNet Community Support

  • How do I delete a previous deleted user's files off my macbook?

    I have just bought a secondhand mac from a friend and he did a terrible job of deleting his stuff on here. He deleted his user account but nothing else. I was wondering if there is a way I can delete his home folder as it is taking up all the storage. I have tried everything and I really hope someone can help me. I am running lion!

    Make a note of your AppleID and password, then hold command r keys while booting the computer.
    Get online with a fast reliable Internet connection.
    Chooce Disk Utility and Erase with Zero option the Lion OS X Partition.
    When finished, download a new Lion OS from Apple servers, reboot the machine and your presented with a new setup whcih you can then do what you like, it's like a brand new machine.

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    Help me ASAP plz!!!

    Hi, you have to open the song file in GB, and use the menu option “Share/Media Browser”.  GB will bounce the song and create a song preview that will be stored in the song file package.  The song file MUST be stored in the /Music/GarageBand/ folder, to appear in the iMovie “Content Library/GarageBand” screen.

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    I just got the iPhone 5s then tried to down load app then I was order the and all my information in there beside I put wrong email that why when they submit it will wrong address I couldn't recive .that why I was re done my account again . Then I done it ... But when I go back to down load the app .that come up the wrong I was sign include my wrong email ?
    So what can I do now ????

    Creating a new Apple ID is a VERY BAD IDEA. If you can't remember your password or your Apple Id, CALL APPLE and they will help you retrieve it.
    Once you create an Apple ID and password, IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REMEMBER IT! Write it down somewhere. Forgetting this information can cause you to lose all the music, movies, books and applications that you downloaded under that account, AND can even cause your iDevices to be bricked.

  • I cannot download adobe reader in order to download an item. can you call me Removed by Moderator

    I cannot download adobe reader in order to download an item.  can you call me

    What is your operating system & version?
    Define "cannot" - what happens when you try?
    Try downloading the offline installer from
    P.S. this is a user-to-user support forum; you can use paid support if you want telephone support:

  • Photoshop CS6 trial not downloading

    I recently downloaded a free trial of Creative Cloud. When I open Adobe Application Manager, I've been able to download/open/"try" Premiere Pro CS6, but when click "Try" in order to download a Photoshop CS6 trial, it automatically says "Download error. Please Retry or contact customer support. (302)". How can I get the Photoshop CS6 trial/download to work?

    Have you tried a wired connection as opposed to a wireless connection?  You may also want to review Sign in or activation errors | CS6, CS5.5 Subscriptions, CS6 Perpetual -

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    How do you uninstall an Adobe Lightroom trial version

    Like any software  - from your Add or Remove Programs system panel.

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