How do i convert a pdf back to a word file using the free trial, it appears not to be working ..

how do i convert from pdf to word using the trial package

Hi paddyg73,
Open the pdf in Acrobat and then go to 'File> Save As Other> Microsoft Word Document'

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    How do you convert a PDF document to a word document ?

    I just noticed that you added a few more details and it seems like the problem is that part of the conversion is not working. Would it be possible to share the file with me so that I can forward it to the team that owns that service? My email address is [email protected]

  • How do I convert a pdf to an editable word document

    how do I convert a pdf to an editable word document - it is still in a picture format?

    Export PDF
    I have now learnt that it is a scanned pdf that I am trying to convert to a
    editable word document.
    Can one do this?

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    Pls tell me how I can convert a PDF form to a Word doc, and have radio buttons etc work?  My PDF form did convert using Adobe PDF Export.... but the formatting is a schamozzle if I try to do anything with it.  Most importantly, I need the check boxes and radio buttons to work in Word!

    Checkboxes and radio buttons are form objects from Acrobat.  There is no equivalent for these objects, with the way they were constructed, within Word.
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can I convert a PDF back into a PUB file?

    Can I convert a PDF back into a PUB file?

    Use Acrobat XI (Pro or Standard) to export the PDF to Word.
    Use Calibre to bring the Word file into ePub.
    Be well...

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    Files you save don't disappear, even if you no longer have the software that created them. They're right where you saved them.

  • How long can u use the free trial of sdobe photo shop befor you loose all access to it ??

    how long can u use the free trial of sdobe photo shop befor you loose all access to it ??

    All trials last 30 days.

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    how do i convert a pdf adobe docment to a word document to edit


  • How do I make the free trial for photoshop premier elements 8 work?

    I can't get the free trial to do ANYTHING.  The welcome screen comes up but when I click on "New Project" the program shuts itself down & my screen goes blank.  Anyone have any ideas on how to make it work or should I just delete the darn thing all together?

    Hello, talley2010. This is the forum for photoshop elements. Premiere Elements has its own forum:
    and you'll get better answers to PRE questions over there. Good luck!

  • How do I convert a pdf to a fillable word document

    I am having difficulty converting a pdf to fillable word document.  The fonts change from line to line and it isn't lining up.

    Adobe Reader cannot export PDF page content so you must be using one of Adobe's online subscription services.
    Perhaps ExportPDF or PDF Pack.
    The export is of the page content. However, PDF (the file format / technology) has no "style", "formats", etc. -- PDF is not a word processing file format.
    So, the software does the best it can with what it is provided.
    Thing is "export" is impact very much by what created the PDF and how the PDF was made (the "under the hood" stuff).
    GIGO is operative and the output pretty much identifies the caliber of the input (what is "under the hood").
    Good to know is that for optimal export one wants a well-formed Tagged PDF (an ISO 14289-1, PDF/UA-1 compliant PDF).
    Two key design considerations of "Tagged" PDF are "accessible" PDF and export of PDF page content.
    What to do?
    Once you have the output Word file you will have to perform requisite cleanup. Then rebuild form field using Word's tools.
    Be well...

  • How do I convert a PDF written in gothic words? And how convert a PDF "image/foto" in Word ?

    friends, how to convert file written in Gothic letters to normal letters in Word pdf?
    and also, how to convert an image of text to Word?

    Hi bulos solon,
    I see that you have an ExportPDF subscription. Have you tried converting your PDF files, and found that the results aren't what you expect?
    When you convert a PDF file to Word, the ExportPDF service does its best to match the font used in the PDF with one available in its font library. But, you don't get to choose a font for conversion. So, you could simply reformat the text in Word once the file has been converted.
    As for converting a image of text (say, from a scanned document) from PDF to Word, that process actually happens with the ExportPDF service. It performs OCR (optical character recognition) by default. (You can disable OCR if you convert via Word, but not if you convert via the website).
    I hope this has helped answer your questions. If not, please let us know!

  • How to batch-convert 500 pdf pages into individual jpg files?

    Does anybody know how I can convert 500 single-page pdf files . . . into individual jpeg (image) files?
    They are all in the same hard drive folder (if that helps . . .)

    Thank you so much . . . yes, the answer "staring me in the face".
    Great advice.
    After combining the pdf files into a SINGLE document . . . I just selected "SAVE-AS" . . . and selected "jpg" as the format.
    Acrobat automatically created 500 individual jpg files.
    Thanks again!

  • How do i convert a pdf document to ms word with adobe acrobat x standard?

    I purchased adobe acrobat x standard so as to convert pdf documents into ms word and excel. When I try to convert docments it asks me to purchase another adobe product.

    The ability to export a PDF file to Word or Excel is part of Acrobat X Std. as detailed in this comparison chart. It sounds like you might actually have Adobe Reader X open instead of Acrobat X Std because Reader has the command File > Save As > Word or Excel Online. This partcular command in Reader links to the ExportPDF online service.

  • How do I convert an e-mail into a Word file that can be edited and printed?

    I received an e-mail from a relative that I want to convert into a Word file that can be edited and printed?

    Go to to manage the ID, sign in.  If you are using two-step verification on the ID, select the Name, ID and Email Addresses section, then change the birth date on the bottom right.  If you are using security questions instead of two-step verification, select the Password and Security Question and answer the two security question to access and change the birth date.  At the present time you may not be able to enter the correct birth date, but you should be able to change it to 1/1/2001, which will have child ID status.

  • How many macs can i upgrade to mountain lion if i used the free upgrade program

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    danthemanwhosakid wrote:
    sorry to drag this on, your answers were great i kinda forgot to clicked the "this solved my question" thing.. but is there a limit on the number of computers i can download it for free to?
    Not to muddy the waters but according to the license agreement here:, Apple distinguishes between a "Preinstalled and Single-Copy Apple Software License" and a "Mac App Store License." The Preinstalled license limits use of the installer to one copy on one Apple-branded computer. The Mac App Store License allows the installation of "one (1) copy of the Apple Software directly on each Apple-branded computer running OS X Lion or OS X Snow Leopard (“Mac Computer”) that you own or control." Since in either case, the free upgrade is going to be coming from the Mac App Store it would seem that the Mac App Store License applies. But since the intent of the free upgrade is to serve as an inducement to buy a computer with a soon to be replaced OS by offering a free upgrade of the OS preinstalled on the purchased computer, perhaps it is covered by the Preinstalled wording. The Terms and Conditions of the upgrade program are unclear on that but maybe it becomes a matter of how the content code that's issued works. If the content code can be used more than once with your Mac App Store account or if the Mountain Lion installer appears as available for installation when you log into your Mac App Store account on a Mac different from the one that qualified you for the upgrade, then it would seem that the Mac App Store License is what applies here. Of course I'm no lawyer; if I was, I'm sure it would be even more complicated.

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