How do I convert multiple RAW files to JPEG with the same settings?

I have a considerable number (800) RAW files to convert to JPEGs. I am happy to convert them in batches requiring similar settings to save time whilst of course, leaving the original RAW files to make more individual adjustments if required later.
I thought there was a way of doing this in small batches to save time but can't recall how to do it. 
Can anyone help?

Many thanks Barbara and dj_paige.
What I didn't mention is that I'm using PSE 5 with ACR 4.6, if its relevant.  I'm thinking of updating to the next version when its out in the hope that it will run with Windows 7 64 bit or I may go to Lightroom.
I can now see that I can batch convert a whole folder of files using "process multiple files" as dj_paige suggested but that is too many at once as the settings I choose won't be relevant for all the pics in the folder. 
I was hoping to batch convert say 5 or 6 similar photos at a time with the same settings. I'm not quite clear what you're suggesting but I'm hoping that its a "work round" using two stages to achieve this. 
I can't see a list of open files within ACR to ensure that they are all selected as you suggest. 
What does clicking Open rather than Done mean?  Does this amend the original RAW file to the settings selected so that if I then "process multiple files" on the whole folder to convert from RAW to JPEG they will in fact have already been processed in smaller groups so I can convert without applying any further changes?
If so, what settings should I apply to "process multiple files" to ensure a simple conversion of file type rather than any further adjustments?
Any further help on this would be much appreciated.

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    Probably because camera raw is opening the files as 16 bits and
    jpeg does not support 16 bits.
    Try opening a camera raw image and in the camera raw dialog and
    change the output to 8 bits and then click open image.
    (in the lower left or middle bottom of the camera raw dialog to change from 16 to 8 bits)
    Now close the image.
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    In general, you open and edit the RAW photo in Adobe Camera RAW, and then either
    click on Done and then in the Organizer, FIle->Export->As New File and select JPG
    click on Open and then in the Editor do a File->Save As and select JPG
    You would NOT want to convert an un-edited RAW to a JPG in general, as you would lose all the benefits of RAW (superior image quality) and while retaining all of the disadvantages of RAW (larger file size, extra steps needed, specialized software needed)

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    Dear Forum,
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    HHi Barbara, thanks for replying to my post.
    No there's nothing wrong with the Jpegs, but I want to srart uploading images for sale in Alamy, but they say they must be a minimum of 17mb un compressed. Does that mean that at 6mb compressed from 90mb they'd be acceptable?

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    It doesn't.
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    You can't. You make separate projects using the same or different clips, segments, transitions, titles, etc. You can even duplicate the first project and then modify/make the desired changes in the duplicated project. Each project can then be burned as a different DVD or as different titles on the same DVD if there is enough room.

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    If you are using SQL-Plus or Reports you can use lexical parameters like:
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    When you run the query it will ask for value of condition and you can enter what every you want. Here is a really fun query:
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    Can anyone help?

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    Are you loading those videos as Flash or HTML5? It is possible to prevent videos from playing until you click something with Flashblock for Flash or Stop Tube HTML5 for HTML5. You can also stop the commercials with Adblock Plus with an Easylist subscription.

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    Thank you again Tony
    I've now created an album, independent of the projects, and dragged test images into it and it does just the job I needed. Now i just need to keep my brain sorted with which ones are which while i'm working

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    Writing a script to send emails from a csv which contains record details and email addresses using the Send-Mailmessage cmdlet.
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    Is there a way/method I could send the records with the same email address once instead of sending individual email messages?
    Data in the csv file
    Record number, description, email
    1234, Test 1, [email protected]
    5678, Test 2, [email protected]
    1245, Test 3, [email protected]
    4578, Test 4, [email protected]
    $data = Import-csv c:\records.csv
    ForEach($address in $data)
    Send-mailmessage -To $address.emails -from [email protected] -subject "List of records" -Body $data -SmtpServer

    The following code does what you are looking for:
    $data = Import-csv c:\records.csv$mx = ""
    $subject = "List of records"
    $from = "[email protected]"
    $data| Group-Object email|Select-Object Name, @{n='msg'; e={$_.Group| Select-Object -Property "record number", description|ConvertTo-Csv -notypeinformation|Out-String}}|
    ForEach-Object {Send-MailMessage -to $_.Name -Body $_.msg -SmtpServer $mx -Subject $subject -From $from}
    I also recommend no forcing everything into one line.  "One-liner" means "one pipeline" not putting all code on one unreadable line.
    Your code should look like this:
    Group-Object email|
    Select-Object Name, @{
    n='msg'; e={
    $_.Group| Select-Object -Property "record number", description|
    ConvertTo-Csv -notypeinformation|Out-String
    ForEach-Object {
    Send-MailMessage -to $_.Name -Body $_.msg -SmtpServer $mx -Subject $subject -From $from
    Now we can see the code and see that you are still unnecessarily converting back and forth.
    To get the group look at how I did it.
    $body=$_.Group | Format-Table |Out-String
    Isn't that much easier?
    Once you master the pipeline these things will become second nature.  In PowerShell it is not necessary to write lots of code most of the time.

  • File receiver adapter with the same filename than sender

    Hi guys,
    I am experiencing a problem when I use the <b>Adapter Specific Message Properties</b> to be able to receive a file with the same name as the sender.
    I've been following the example of Michal Krawczyk (XI: The same filename from a sender to a receiver file adapter - SP14) but i get a problem  related with the content converter parameters. 
    The error I receice in the File  Adapter is the next:
    <i>Could not process due to error: java.lang.Exception: Exception in XML Parser (format problem?):'java.lang.Exception: Message processing failed in XML parser: 'java.lang.Exception: Consistency error: more fields found in XML structure than specified in conversion parameters!</i>
    I have been trying to do all the combinations with the content conversion parameters but the result is allways the same, MORE FIELDS FOUND IN XML ....
    My XML structure is the next:
    <ns0:MT_MDFranceN xmlns:ns0="urn:s-n:HR:MasterDataFrance">
             <header/>    1..1
             <data/>       0...unbound
    In the header I write the name of the file with the code provided by SAP and Michal, so the name of the file is stored there.
    any help?

    I have changed the XML because, as you said, there is no need to introduce the filename inside the payload. Now the  structure is the next:
    <i><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:MT_MDFranceN xmlns:ns0="urn:s-n:HR:MasterDataFrance">
    Record Structure: lines,line
    line.addHeaderLine   0
    line.endSeparator     'nl'
    lines.fieldSeparator   'nl'
    line.fieldFixedLengths  1300
    A sample of the payload is the next:
    - <ns0:MT_MDFranceN xmlns:ns0="urn:s-n:HR:MasterDataFrance">
    - <lines>
    - <line>
      <data>E2HR_HD001 530000000000007802</data>
      <data>E2HR_KY001 530000000000101TS 20070104000010 20070129</data>
    And.....   I still have the same problem, the same message in the file adapter:
    <b> 'java.lang.Exception: Consistency error: more fields found in XML structure than specified in conversion parameters</b>
    Any idea of what can be the problem?
    thank you very much!!!

  • File to Mail with the same name

    Hi SAP Heros,
    Can somebody please tell me how to generate the same file name on the receiver mail adapter.
    File (file name =unknown.xml) -
    > XI -
    > Mail (file name =unknown.xml)
    I don't know the name of the sender file name , I only know the location so I have write *.xml in input file name but not sure how to  generate the same file name for mail adapter.
    My scenario is that I need to send the email with payload attachment but with with the same file name.
    Can somebody please help me in regards to this issue.

    I also had the same requirement and I too used adapter module. THis link will help you to create the module and implement in XI.
    Implement  the code which Stefan provided in the above link.
    Tiny Mampilly
    Edited by: TINY MAMPILLY on Jul 5, 2010 1:29 PM

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