How do I create a new library in LR5 with photos from LR3 and older computer?

I want to take photos I originally imported with LR3 on an older computer and creat a new library in LR5 on my new computer. I want to throw out all old metadata, folder names and keywords and start from scratch. How would I go about this. My photo library is on an external drive. Thanks.

I guess I hadn't thought about the fact I'd lose my edits. I have just a little experience with LR. I've realized that I did not organize and cateorize my photos in a useful way when I first created the library and want to start over. Perhaps I should just plug my photo drive into my new computer and go through photo by photo resorting them and reentering keywords and folder names. If you have any suggestions on how to best to this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    See How to open an alternate iTunes Library file or create a new one.

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    Checkout the below link on creating custom libraries and deploying them through GPO,

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    i had the same problem before using a fresh install of Windows 8.1.  I have resolved this issue by running the program compatibility wizard.  This I did by right-clicking on the iTunes icon in the desktop, selecting Troubleshoot compatibility, waited for it to detect compatibility issues and when presented with the following options: 1.) Try recommended settings; 2.) Troubleshoot program, I chose the latter.  When asked what problems I noticed, I checked the following: "The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run" and "The program requires additional permission"
    After that, it tired to resolve the issue, and provided the necessary settings to run iTunes.  Now it's running flawlessly.  I have Avast anti-virus installed though.

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    I have converted a bu7nch of songs to MP3 for my Andrtoid player. But they are all listed in my main library. I thought I would create a new library and name in MP3. But I don't see how to create a new library. I tried holding down the Option key and the Tunes icon until a window came up. The window came up but create a new library wasn't there. Plerase advise.

    rgrcpa wrote:
    This is ridiculous! After trying 50 times holding down the Tunes icon and the option key, I finally got the suggested Library window. I created a new library. Then after trying 50 more times, I was able to open the alternative library. However, everyting in it was a copy of my original music in the original library.
    Then you did not create a new library or you re-opend the original library.
    A new library is gonna be empty.
    but can't seem to get back to my original library.
    When you created a new library, did you choose different location than the original?
    If you are having problems getting Create or Choose library window...
    Click the iTunes icon in the dock then immediately press and hold Option.

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    Hold down the option (or alt) key key and launch iPhoto. From the resulting menu select 'Create Library'

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    This is why I think I need to.
    My computer got hit by lightening, and I may have created a new user account through netinfo rather than system preferences /accounts/+user. Mail used to open twice, but no longer. Now, Safari askes me for my keychain password twice, Spotlight can't find a folder on the computer when the search is restricted to folder and computer, though the folder is there and easyfind finds it, and when System Preferences/Spotlight/Privacy has the hard drive icon added, then deleted, Spotlight still does not find anything. (Yes, everything is backed up, on CD, DVD, and online.) Microsoft Tec Support says
    "Here is a summary of the key points of the case for your records.
    When you contacted us on August 8, you had requested assistance with Microsoft Office 2004, as your installation of the updates was unable to find the correct version of the software to update. After creating a New MAC User, we identified the issue to be with a corrupt MAC User account, and not a Microsoft issue. "
    I believe Microsoft. So, creating a new user was easy.
    But copying files uses up too much hard drive (movies, music), and may miss keychains, preferences, mail, address book, and documents. Since Spotlight no longer works, who knows what is happening. (Yes, I've repaired persmissions, and disk repair. No change). I'm using up my hard drive trying to move files to the new user. If I share files, or put them into a public folder, then delete the old user, will I still have the old user's files in the new user's account? It is not clear to me what I should be trying to do in order to create a new user, move my old files etc over, and delete old user. Thanks.
    My responses will be slow, because I have to drive to town to use the internet. I've ordered a new airport which may take care of that problem. SO be patient.

    Hey -
    I need to do the EXACT same thing, but have no idea how. Has anyone out there done this?
    My situation is a tad different..this is a new Mac (and I'm a brand new Mac user). Tons of querks occur under my original account (videos won't run, Safari won't support certain plug-ins). I spent 6 hours on the phone w/ 4 different Apple Reps and nobody could fix it. A rep finally looked at my MacBook Pro in person today. He created a new account just to see if that would work and under that new account, everything works perfectly fine (no querks, can view video). He tried switching a million settings in my original account to no avail.
    He said to create a new account (as he did) and move my files over to the new account and then go back to the original and delete it. How do you do this?! I can't figure it out! I've got a new account created, but of course it just has the default folders in it w/ the little red icons next to them! Thanks in advance!

  • How can I create a new excel workbook only with labview

    Hi everyone...
    I'm trying to create a new excel workbook only with labview but I can't find the file in the hard disk.
    Someone knows?
    Labview 8,0
    Create new WB with ‏18 KB

    You are not using the correct mechanism. Pull up the Example Finder in LabVIEW, click on the "Search" tab, and enter "Excel". Look for an example called "Write Table to XL". Use this as a starting point for creating new workbooks and adding data to it.
    Note: on disk the example is at <LabVIEW install directory>\examples\comm\ExcelExamples.llb.
    Message Edited by smercurio_fc on 06-05-2007 11:08 AM

  • How do I create a new account in iTunes with a new email address?

    I need to switch my daughter's email address and link this to an iTunes account. However, I am worried that all songs that were previously downloaded will not be able to play because of DRM. Does anyone know how to take an iTunes library created under a previous account (under an old email address and password) and assign it to a new account with a new email address? I am trying to do this without burning a whole bunch of CDs and importing the songs into the new iTunes account.

    if you select the tracks you want and then click on get info in the pop up window where you put cover art in and tick Grouping insert art

  • How can I create a new catalog of all my photos with no develop adjustments?

    I use Lightroom 4.3.  I tried this by deleting the old catalog, and creating a new one, thinking that the develop adjustments would no longer exist after first deleting the old catalog.  The develop adjustments were still there.  (I deleted the catalog out of the lightroom sub-folder of My Pictures.) 
    The reason that I want to do this is that I have one folder (of about 800 important photos) where something went very wrong in Lightroom, and every time I try to pull up one of the photos my whole computer stalls.  Everything works beautifully in my other folders.  I even re-installed Lightroom.  I want to re-add those dng photos without the develop adjustments.  It doesn't bother me if none of my files have develop adjustments.  I save all of my files after they are adjusted.  I save the DNGs also. 

    One easy way: reset after importing (which can be done from library module - e.g. main menu, context menu, quick-develop...). If you can't even get that far, consider using exiftool to strip the xmp from DNGs and/or jpegs, or just delete xmp sidecar file in case of proprietary raw.

  • Creating A New Library Folder or Another Photo Album...

    Can anyone explain how I can create another Photo Album on my iPhone to go with the Camera Roll & Photo Library?
    I would like to create a Folder that would be specific to certain photographs on the phone so I don't have to look through the entire library.
    Thanks In Advance!

    You don't create the folders on the iPhone. You do that through iTunes and syncing the files.

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    I want to use a stationery with my letter head and logo for sending mails. Please tell me how can I create my page.

  • How can I create a new library in iTunes 12?

    This is for the newest iTunes: for the OSX version 10.9.5--- the other methods I found online don't work. Thanks!

    Hold the "Option" key down while clicking on the iTunes icon in your dock.  Choose "Create Library" from the pop-up that appears.

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    I Created a separate gamec enter account for my two sons, I'd like to create one for my wife but I can't find a way to do it under ios8 can somebody help? Thanks

    Go to the System Preferences>Users.
    Click the lock if and enter your password, if necessary.
    Then click on the "+" symbol below the accounts list.
    From the "New Account" menu, select"Administrator" and fill in the rest of the information.
    And finally click the "Create Account" button.
    Done. A new Administrator user account.

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    reset network settings, As well as power cycle router.

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