How do I create a pdf file of some iPhoto pictures

I deal with some client servers that will not allow embedded pictures in email message to pass through their firewall.  So, I need to create a pdf file of some of my iPhoto pictures to send as an email pdf attachment.  Can anyone help?  I'm at a loss in trying to accomplish this.  I have an iMac 27" running OS X 10.9.4 and iPhoto '09 version 8.1.2.

Use Pages (word processor) to put/arrange your images. Once done, save the document as a PDF file and attach it to your outgoing mail. 

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  • How do I create a pdf file that is 300 dpi in Adobe Acrobat XI?

    How do I create a pdf file that is 300 dpi in Adobe Acrobat XI?

    PDF files do not have a "resolution" - they aren't images. The pages are a mix of vector art and text, and raster (pixel-based) graphics. The raster items on a page can (and often do) have different resolutions.

  • How can i create a pdf file from Indesing, whit out loosing resolution...

    How can i create a pdf file from Indesing, whit out loosing resolution...
    in linked images (bitmap) idon´t know where or how can i keep the same resolution "image" that is from the original file ......

    In the export settings there is a panel called Compression. You can set downsampling and compression, or lack thereof, there.

  • How do i create a pdf file? I no longer have the pdf button.

    how do i create a pdf file? I no longer have the pdf button.

    Are you referring to the CreatePDF online service?

  • How do I  create a pdf file that is only part of an existing pdf file??

    How do I  create a pdf file that is only part of an existing pdf file??

    Use Adobe Acrobat. ExportPDF does not do this, or claim to do this.

  • How can I create multiple PDF files from multiple InDesign files?

    I have 144 InDesign files that I need to create a PDF file for each. I do not want to open each InDesign file to create the PDF's. Acrobat Batch create won't open the InDesign files. Is there another way?

    Only InDesign can do this. You may want to look at InDesign automation.

  • How do I create several pdf files from one large original pdf?

    Good afternoon-
    Newby here-  New to  How can I convert/save 1 large pdf into several smaller pdf files using

    You can't. This needs the desktop Acrobat app.

  • How do I create 1 pdf file out of multiple pdf's

    I have about 40 individual pdf files that I'd like to turn into 1 file with 40 pages.  How do I do it?
    Thank you, Joe

    Hi Captain Puget,
    You can use either Adobe PDF Pack of Acrobat to combine PDF files. With PDF Pack, you can combine 12 files at once, so you'd have to combine in batches. You wouldn't have that same limitation with Acrobat.
    Please see and for more information.

  • How can I create a pdf file from an existing word file?

    I have a valid account on adobe but I can´t create a pdf.... What should I do?

    In Adobe Acrobat use the menu File > Create > ...

  • How do I create a PDF file from a word document file?

    How do I create  PDF document from a word document

    Acrobat Pro will do this. See:
    Hope that helps,

  • How do you create a pdf file by using ActiveX?

    Is there a way that you could use activeX to write the data into pdf file? If so, do you have to have Adobe Writer install?

    you could generate a report using the report - VIs (gives you opportunity to add headers, footers, tables etc.) and print the report to a PDF - Printer (e.g. FreePDF). No ActiveX or Adobe Writer needed.
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    suppose i want to transport the contents of report in basic list into local file into a pdf ?
    how can i do this?
    plz help

         Convert the output of your report into a spool. You would find how to do this through this link below.
    Send Report output to spool
    After you create a spool use the FM CONVERT_ABAPSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and convert your spool to PDF.
    Reward if useful

  • How do I create a PDF file from multiple photos?

    I have multiple photos on my iPhone that I want to select and use to create a single PDF.
    How do I do this?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I certainly hope this feature is added soon.

  • How to create a pdf-file dynamically

    Hi all,
    does anybody have a tutorial or self-made code, in which is illustrated, how to dynamically create a pdf-file.
    I am getting some information like this: "Line one has a textfield and an input-field", etc. These informations have to be translated as a pdf-file by myself.
    I read, that a pdf-file needs a xdp and the data as an inputstream. Is there anybody who can explain this issue?
    I think, that there are a lot of people, who are interested in this problem.
    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards, Patrick.

    check this link...
    hope it helps.
    -amol gupta

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    Where can I find informations about it?

    Here would be the place to start.
    If you have existing reports to call, take a look at the JRC

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