How do i create more than one account in Mail with the same isp?

I am using suddenlink and have set up one account for Mail. It seems to work ok. I want to set up two others with the same provider but can't.
Let's call the first account, account1
It works.
I set up another and call it account2.
It is using the same provider which already has the account set up on their end, but how do I set it up to work on my end? Does it need to use the same username as account1 or can it use the user name for account2? I hope this makes sense.
I just want to use three email addresses from the same provider with mail. I need some help. Please?

Initially you need to configure via the provider's own web based control panel multiple e-mail accounts. If they don't have one, work it out with their customer support to have three distinct mail accounts. Then you can setup multiple logins by adding new accounts to mail. Since mail checks all accounts per Mac OS X user account simultaneously, it probably is best to use different usernames on the same internet provider. If you don't want mail to show all the information from all three mail accounts simultaneously, configure Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accounts to have multiple users on your computer, and configure each of the internet service provider accounts for each separaet user on Mac OS X.
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    In iTunes:
    select all songs of that specific album > right-click > Get Info > Sorting.
    There you can enter the main artist (album artist) of the album. Klick OK.
    Now the album should be listed under the main artist although you have different artist in the artist field.
    Experiment away and see if it works.

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    New to Mac.  I'm used to being able to have several applications open at the same time, and able to check emails, eBay, camera for downloading photos, etc., but when trying this on Mac, I can't seem to figure out how to swing from email to something else....oh, it opens up eBay and other pages, but not where I left it...I have to keep starting from the, password, etc.   I can't have 3, 4 or 5 safari pages open at the same time??  This is making my life cumbersome, and running back to the basement office and using my dying Dell desktop where life was a bit simpler.  Sometimes I need to copy a few paragraphs on one website into another....and its taking me way too long to get this done.  I know there's a way of doing this on Mac....

    Hi Suzkas,
    I was new to mac a short time ago and I had frustrations in the learning curve especially as I was so used to working with PC.
    If you look at the top left of the screen you will see the words SAFARI next to the apple logo. if not then either open safari or click on the window and the mac will then show safari at the top. If you now click on FILE you can select NEW WINDOW or NEW TAB as you wish. I often use new tab and switch between them. If you go to VIEW and select CUSTOMISE TOOLBAR you can drag an icon to the top of the safari window and you won't have to keep going to the menu to add a new tab. I will sometimes select new window to keep something separate from my other work.
    If you close down a window you will often lose your place, but using the tab system you will leave the window active unless you select the cross to terminate. If you have a separate window open you can select the orange blob (between the red and green at the top) and the window will slide down to the dock and stay there, active, for you to return and continue.
    Hope this help, stay with it, go see the instore staff and pretty soon you wont look back
    PS I have PARALLELLS6 running with a copy of windows 7 on my mac. This means that I can switch to microsoft if I want to. However, with office for mac installed I rarely need to now, the only time I ever open windows is for an application that has no mac version.

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    You can have 3 aliases (additional addresses) to set them up go to Mail>Preferences>Accounts>Edit Email Aliases

  • Creating more than one account for a single user

    I was wondering, if I creat more than one account for me (the only person that uses my powerbook) is that going overboard? I mean, lets say I am logged into the standard account and I want to learn more about the bash shell and using terminal which I am new to, if I **** something up will the whole system be toast or will only things in that account be messed up? Like could I then just log into my admin account and delete the other messed up one? Or no? My theory was that this was a way of keeping my comp safe from myself, being that I am new to macs and moreso that I am new to the unix side of things and want to start learning the command line without worrying about screwing up my whole system. I would just use the standard account for everyday use (like what I do now) or experiment with terminal, and when I need to download something or change some settings that requires me to be logged in as admin then I would log in and download what I need then log out and use it in the standard I just wasting my time? Is what I am doing any "safer" than just having one admin account and thats it?
    Thanks for all the help! It feels good to be a part of the goodguys team =)
    Thanks again!

    First, I don't subscribe to the "one should not use an admin account" philosophy. For someone who is the owner and main user of any given machine, I see the use of anything but an admin account a bit anal, totally unecessary, and needlessly complicating.
    On the other hand, I don't see the need for more than one admin account on any given machine. Yes, I see exceptions to this, and many people favor having a second admin account as a "backup," but I have never had more than one admin account on any of my machines, and have never encountered a situation where one would have helped.
    In short, I like the idea of having a "main" admin account that is used most of the time, and then having "secondary" accounts (all non-admin) for any additional users that might log in.
    Now, any limitations that apply to you as a GUI user of an account, admin or not, will apply to you at the command line as well. In other words, you can't get yourself into any more trouble at the command line than you can within the GUI. In fact, you might even be better protected at the command line than you are in the GUI. I say this because any action that would ordinarily "elevate" you above the standard capabilities of a non-admin user require the use of "sudo." Avoid the use of sudo, and you can avoid any problems.
    That doesn't mean that you wouldn't be able to do something stupid that might wreck an account that contains "all of your stuff," and on which you depend. It is not likely that you would damage your System, but it is entirely conceivable that you might, for example, accidently delete or overwrite your entire HOME folder. Oops!
    If you simply don't trust yourself with the command line, a second account might be a good place to experiment. Maybe create it as a non-admin account at first, with the option to change it to an admin account at a later time, when you want to learn how to use "sudo" to do more powerful things. By then, you will understand what not to do. Eventually, you will have the confidence to use the command line in your own account, which will have been an admin account all this while.

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    Hi Ganguly,
    It is possible to have more than one main window in a same page.
    You create a main window and simply you copy and past it in the same page.. it will create first main window name as MAIN and other main windows as MAIN01,MAIN02.... up to MAIN99.
    Contets flow from MAIN , MAIN01, MAIN02.......................MAIN99. contents after filling the current window it flows to next window(by default, you skip as well with some keyword not sure could be NEW-WINDOW)
    you want print the main window data twice? or you want to create two main window in the same page ?
    1. give two copies in the no of copies in the output type screen ( Which pop up is coming after excute the program ).
    2. create two page with the same script form.
    3. you can write the coding inside the program to print twice the same page.
    Hope this information use full to you..

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    I believe when you do a backup it deletes the old one.
    \oops ignore my response, didn't see it was for more than one iphone. sorry

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    Hi, I am trying to have more than one business component (views) in the same JSP page as Input Form.
    For example:
    There are two BC4J:
    There is a master detail relationship between them and there is a link between both views in the application module.
    I want to create a JSP page with an Input form for both views. When the user decides to create a Person, I need to insert in both tables.
    Insert code and name into Person table.
    Insert Person_code, Street and City into Address table.
    It is possible to do in Forms but I am not sure if I can be able to do this in JDeveloper 10G.

    Sorry I lost the tabs
    Person has two attributes Code and Name.
    Address has three attributes Person_coden Street, City.

  • Can I use more than one blue-tooth device at the same time on IPhone 4S? Like a wireless headsets and speed and cadence sensor for cycling computer, receive the data and listen music simultaneously

    Can I use more than one blue-tooth device at the same time on IPhone 4S? Like a wireless headsets and speed and cadence sensor for cycling computer, receive the data and listen music simultaneously

    As long as the profiles are different (ex. HID vs AD2P) you will not have any issues. But say if you try to use 2 keyboards at once, it won't work. Or 2 headsets at once. Your scenario seems fine.

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    1, Is there a way of shifting purchases from one account to another with the same billing information?
    2, is there a way of recovering my old account and changing the details?
    Any other help is greatly appreciated

    You don't need to access your e-mail account, just get into your Apple account and change the e-mail address. If you can't access your Apple account, then you have a bigger issue to contend with.

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    I was told at the apple store that I could create more than one iCloud account under the same apple id. Does anyone know how to do this? I need to make three iCloud accounts so everyone doesn't get each other contacts and notifications.

    No: but it costs nothing to create another Apple ID and open a new iCloud account with that. The only caveat is that you must associate a different email address with the new Apple ID from that with the old ID (since the address will itself become the ID) - you could open a free email address with Yahoo or Gmail.

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    Open another iCloud account for the other user.

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    Just like the title says, I need help with creating more than one CSS text link style in Dreamweaver CS4. For instance, I want the navigation on the website I'm building to have a different text link style than a link in some part of the body copy. I've been playing with Dreamweaver for a while and can't find any way to do this. If it's even possible to do this, I would really appreciate any help.

    Yes it is possible but as you have failed to provide a valid link to your site, I will tell you in general Terms:
    1) First create a class or an ID to to your Nav bar;
    2) Now style your navbar in such a way that these styles will only apply to your nav bar.  To do this, you start your style by doing something like this:
    ul#vavigation {.........}
    ul#navigation a {.........}
    ul#navigation a:hover {.........}
    ul#navigation li {.........}
    your html code might look like this:
    <ul id="navigation">
         <li><a href="#">Home</a></li>
         etc etc .........................

  • How do I create more than one "window"?

    I just started with JavaFX and know about the basics (at least I thought so).
    But: How do I create an application with more than one "window"?
    One stage has one scene with several components like buttons - ok... I already have a stage with a scene with buttons and actions - Now I want to click one of these buttons and then get to another stage (or scene or whatever) where I see some other textfield and buttons.
    How do I realize this with JavaFX? I did not find anyone example in the web? What am I missing? Do you not create this flow with JavaFX?
    Please can someone explain this to me (and if possible post a link where I can some code where this is implemented)?
    Thanks a lot...

    Recent thread: [Multiple stages app dev|]
    Other threads... well, hard to find back, I reckon.
    Simple example:
        // Some control/shape
            centerX: 15
            centerY: 15
            radius: 10
            fill: Color.LAVENDER
            stroke: Color.PURPLE
            onMouseClicked: ShowDialog
          }and elsewhere:function ShowDialog(evt: MouseEvent): Void
      println("Circle pressed");
      var dialog: Stage = Stage
        title: "A Dialog"
        visible: true
        scene: Scene
          width: 300
          height: 50
              x: 5, y: 5
              font: Font { size: 24 }
              content: "I am a secondary window"
              textOrigin: TextOrigin.TOP
    }Apparently, you just have to create an instance of Stage to have it to appear.

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    I would like to have more than one "default" setting for my printer.  This is so I can use a 3rd party print utility (fingerprint) to print to a non-airprint printer from my ipad.  The utility prints using the default configuration.  I don't need to get fancy here.  Just "draft B&W' , "normal", and "Color best quality".  If I need something else, I can always email the document to my MacBook.  The utility has something about a virtual printer, but all I could find about that is that it is used for PDF printing and maybe a workflow.
    My technology level:  Used to be a programmer,  after a decade of retirement, I can't even program an applescript today.

    Take a look at this add-on.

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