How do I create surround sound 5.1 audio in Premiere Elements 10?

Okay, that's my question.
I have a Zoom H2n which captures two stereo channels from its 5 microphones and it creates a pair of stereo audio files. I would like to import them into Premiere Elements 10 on my Mac (OS X Lion on a desktop Mac), create a video and export the video and audio to a DVD with surround sound.
Is this possible? I have a 5.1 video camera, and the sound from that is exported correctly to DVD, so I know Premiere Elements handles existing 5.1 sound correctly.

> please report your success
Confident, aren't we? :->
Audacity would import the sound from the .mts files that my Canon saves video and surround sound to, but Audacity couldn't play the sound. It was there in the waveforms, but just a click came out. C'est la vie. I just went directly to my H2n files, and it works fine with them.
I shoot a video using a regular mic, and I also record the sound externally to my Zoom H2n. I use a finger snap or clap as my clapper board. I have the H2n set to 4 Channel, which means it records two stereo audio streams, one with a name ending in MS.WAV, and the other ending XY.WAV. I use the MS stream as my front, and the XY as the surround. I also make sure the H2n is recording at 48000.
I copy the two .WAV files to my Mac. I copy the video to my Mac.
The current version of Audacity is 1.3.14, which I used. Other versions may vary in how to set them up. You'll need current versions of LAME and FFmpeg, and Audacity directs you to the correct locations to download and install them, if you need to. Then you follow the directions to tell Audacity where to find the files; when all is correct, Audacity displays the version numbers instead of asking you where they are.
In the OS X version of Audacity, go to File -> Import -> Audio ... and locate the MS and XY files. Select them both by command clicking them, then select Open. I get two warning dialogue boxes about working on original files, so I work on copies, click OK both times. Audacity then shows its main window with two files, each having 2 tracks of audio. I do no processing in Audacity, but you may choose to if you wish.
I select File -> Export and in the resulting dialogue box I choose as my format AC3 files (FFmpeg). Choose a file name in the Save As box, then click Save.
Now is the hard part. I get a window for Advanced Mixing Options. Because I have four streams of sound, the window defaults to four channels. However, I need six channels, so I slide the slider over to get the six. For my Mac and Audacity versions,
   Channel 1 is left front
   Channel 2 is right front
   Channel 3 is center
   Channel 4 is low frequency effects (LFE)
   Channel 5 is left surround
   Channel 6 is right surround
By clicking the boxes you connect or disconnect MS left to Channel 1, MS right to Channel 2, XY left to Channel 5, and XY right to Channel 6. Then I click to OK button, and Audacity writes the .ac3 file with the name I gave it.
Start up Adobe Premiere Elements; I'm using 10, and I use the timeline. I import the video file and the .ac3 file. I double-click the video and shorten it to the first useable snap. Then I double click the .ac3 file and do the same.
I drag the video to the timeline and play it just o make sure it's where I want it and to watch the waveforms from the audio portion. Then I drag the audio to the narration track and sync its snap to the snap on the video's soundtrack. If I remembered to record at 48000, all is in perfect sync.
Right-click the video and select Unlink video and audio. Then select only the audio track that is with the video and delete it. Then select the video and .ac3 tracks and link them. Export to DVD, and I get a 4-channel surround sound with the video.
I understand from Audacity forums that the assignments of the various channels to left, right, center, and LFE have changed between versions. Be aware the assignments may not be correctly reported here and that they may change with later versions of Audacity.
Audacity is free, and so are LAME and FFmpeg. Audacity lives here: and its wiki is here:

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    this have two advantages:
    1)  the songs can be streched by  by cut and jumping to the end of the avi soundtrack. (no loss of music through fading out and still let it play so need less musicsongs.)
    2) And the rightclick fade function with the standaard fadingtime => "fade out" and "fade in" is easly to use because of the end track avi and begin track music timeline. (And if needed lowering the fading slope/ extend the fading time by moving the "points" on the audio line)
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    I will read about the Smart Mix function and test  it on a other project. see of its fits my kind of using and expertise. (every automatic (smart) function needs understanding of its purpes and limitations and there are a lot of them in premiere
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    I think I know exactly what you are seeking and believe it cannot be done in Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13 as it can be done in versions earlier than 11 where the Disc Layout and Project Media are viewed side by side.
    Premiere Elements 13 uses a Movie Menu customization workspace which is not allowing viewing of Project Assets in the Expert workspace at the same time.

  • How do I get surround sound after compressing a movie using compressor

    I am using compressor to create files for authoring DVDs using DVD Studio Pro 4. I want to get surround sound 5.1. How do I go about doing it? I have using Dolby 2.0 so far. Thanks for your help.

    Well, in order to get 5.1 surround sound, you would have to mix the sound in 5.1 surround. Pro Tools and Soundtrack Pro 2 (the one in Final Cut Studio 2) can both do this.

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    When I plug in the headphones into my ipad I notice the sound in the headphones becomes kinda surround-like. For instance I clearly hear keyboard clicks "at a distance" in front of me when using headphones. This "effect" is nice for keyboard clicks but totally ruins any music listening experience because any song gets distorted and is perceived at some distance when played. This becomes extremely annoying when listening to mono content. The special sound processing applied to get this surrround-like sound effect adds artefacts into the sound, please let me know how to turn this off Apple, I couldn't find any option in the settings.
    Overall, I couldn't even imagine I'd get such an annoying and unprofessional effect applied by default without a possibility to turn it off. If I knew that in advance I'd never buy my ipad since currently it's not possible to listen to music with it
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    vvtrus, did you ever consider that turning off the clicks or other sounds might have an effect? So, before telling people who want to help you that an answer makes no sense to you, you might first try it.
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    Anyway, there are no settings to turn on or off "surround sound effects".

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    Hello there!
    I am experienced with Soundtrack Pro and can successfully export 5.1 surround.
    I'm moving over to Logic Pro to try out 7.1 surround, but I can't even export 5.1 surround successfully since dialogue for example comes out of all speakers, yet I've panned it to the front centre speaker. Please note I do not have surround speakers set up with my computer as whenever I do connect to my amplifier it just does everything through all speakers (whether using Soundtrack Pro or Logic Pro). I am using the visual surround panner as my guide. Either way the surround export in Logic Pro is not what I'm doing within the pogram.
    I believe I've got everything set up properly:
    In Preferences-Audio-Devices-Core Audio I have device Sunflower (16ch)
    In Preferences-Audio-Output- I have 5.1 (ITU 775) or 7.1 (3/4.1)
    All tracks are set with the surround panner and I can use just like in Soundtrack Pro.
    I can bounce the individual stems properly.
    It's just not in proper surround sound.
    Where am I going wrong?
    Thanks in advance.

    EMB -
    What is the function of Sunflower in your work flow? Usually its used to route audio between programs. In the case of Logic, you simply need to route to the outputs for things to work right.
    I guess we should start with your interface - do you have 6 actual separate outputs that you can use to monitor your surround sound?
    (NOTE: I no longer do surround, but used to). In my case, I used a RME Fireface 800 which had a bunch of analog outs. I used outputs 1&2 as L&R, 3&4 as Center/Sub, and 5&6 as Rs/Ls. Each of these outputs was connected to a monitor so that I could mix in surround.
    When you say you are bouncing 5.1 successfully, do you mean it is creating 6 separate files?
    BTW - what mechanism are you using to playback your surround files? I used to use a PC program to burn DVDA's, which I then played back on a DVDA-capable disk player.
    If you are looking to encode the files so that they will playback on a traditional surround sound system, you would need to put them through a Dolby Digital encoder. If you have had Logic for a few years, you MAY have Compressor which can do this. Otherwise, Dolby Digital encoder software can be somewhat expensive.

  • How to turn off surround sound?

    I am using Adobe Audition 3.0 for recording and mixing/mastering my music. I also use effects like reverb.
    The problem is, when I mix it down, it turns into an audio file that has surround sound.
    I don't want this, because you can hear strange sounds like echoes coming from the two back speakers, which causes the song to sound much more worse than when it comes just from two speakers.
    So my question is: how can I turn off surround sound?

    Since MP3 files don't inherently support Surround, I suspect that the reason for your strange rear noises has nothing to do with the format you are saving in at all, and everything to do with the way your speakers are set up to run on the PC. If you go to the Control Panel's 'Sounds' tab, you may find that there's a very simple solution to this!

  • How can I get surround sound to work?

    I have a new TouchSmart 520z.  I believe it has an integrated soundcard.  When I purchased it I was told that surround sound speakers would work.  I purchased the Logitech 5.1 speaker system.  I don't have any color coded RCA receptacles on the system.  I have a mic and earphone receptacle on the left side and a sub and another receptacle just below it with a design on the rear that I am not sure of.  I placed the green RCA plug in the bottom receptacle on the back and get sound out of the two front speakers and subwoofer.  Don't know where to plug in the center and rear speaker plugs.  I have a feeling that this system does not support surround sound.  I configured my settings to surround sound 5.1.  Need some help.  Thanks.

    Did some tests...
    If I change the default audio device to the integrated audio device in the mainboard I get the same. Changing the bitrate in itunes or in the windows settings does not help either...
    Anyone has a similar problem?
    Or anyone has a similar setup and actually gets surround sound from itunes?
    I rather keep renting and buying films through itunes and not switch to some other shop...

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    I haven't had the need to use surround sound recording yet, but see that it's a feature of Logic Express (and up to 7.1) ... but I can't find it. Do I need to activate it somewhere first? In the manual, 'Surround' appears in the channel strip setting menu, but I don't get that ...what am I missing? Where do I find it?

    a-ha! I new I wasn't going crazy!
    go to
    and down the page on the left, with a pic of the Surround Panner is:
    "Mix in surround.
    Logic Express offers end-to-end surround capabilities, so you can record, edit, mix and encode projects in surround up to 7.1. Graphic surround panning lets you precisely position audio in a Quad, LCRS, 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround field. Surround support includes multichannel signal routing and you can submix surround tracks or use sends to route audio to surround auxiliary tracks." my question remains open

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    I've had some issues with audio playing in FCP 7.  I finally found that if I use an aiff audio file 48 16bit it would play okay in the Timeline.  I'm able to create an aiff audio only file in Compression, but if I use ProRes 422 for the Video it will use "passthrough" audio, which won't play in FCP.  I can turn passthrough off, but then I don't have the option of using an AIFF file, just a bunch of other stuff.  Tried the first available option, but it was either silence, or a screeching audio sound so loud it probably woke the neighbors.  There is something called "Apple Lossless", but that doesn't have the right bit rate it seems.
    Anyway, does anyone know how I can create a ProRes 422 file with the correct audio?  Or maybe the only option is to put the video in the FCP Timeline, delete original audio, then add audio that works?  Then perhaps export THAT and compress again into one file?
    Hope any of this makes sense, I have a small project I would rather edit in FCP7, but if I can't get it to work at all, I could just use Premiere Pro for this one.
    Any ideas?  Thanks! 

    Hmmm, this is weird.  I had already converted once to the format you suggested.  When I imported the file into FCP even the original didn't play right.  With the sound on my computer turned all the way down, there was no real audio, just a screeching sound so loud it would wake the dead.  I had to turn off the sound completely to not have my ear drums burst.  Put a small portion of the clip in the Timeline, there was no beeping, but instead no sound at all.
    I thought maybe I had done something wrong, so I chose a much smaller clip (45sec instead of 1:30 hours) that was in the exact same format the larger clip was.  That one played just fine in FCP after conversion, so I re-did the longer clip but got the screeching sound again as soon as I tried to play the clip after import.  When I play that same longer clip in Quicktime, the audio is normal, no screeching at all.
    Any idea why this might be happening?  It must somehow have something to do with the length of the clip.  But how could that be??

  • How can you create a multi-page pdf document in photoshop elements 13?

    I previously had pse 11 and was able to create multi-page documents as pse files. However, pse 13 does not allow. How can I create multi-page pdf files from pse 13?

    Alas, for one of those mysterious adobe reasons, it's gone in recent versions. Only multipage file you can make is a photobook.

  • Surround Sound/multi-channel audio out

    My brother has a set of 5.1 "surround sound" logitech computer speakers that we hoped to plug into the mac... but they seem to require 3 jacks... not the single (2 channel) jack out that the powerbook offers.
    Anyone have a workaround?

    Ok so i order to help anyone who is interested.
    The only ironic solution to this problem i found was to use a plugin called xto7 to convert the xml to the old fcp7 format.
    i then imported this into premiere pro.
    this was then able to export an OMF that when imported into logic 10 that was using the correct 6ch mono setting as separate tracks.
    Insane but it works until Apple fixes the incorrect meta data import in FCPX that sets the xml export to the default import that is always surround.
    this is the only way i was able to send stems with all the edit points and fades for the sound editor.
    If you don't have premiere lying around you maybe able to do it with fcp7 too we just didn't have it in this studio.
    Fingers crossed Apple fixes the fcpx xml export.

Maybe you are looking for