How do I delete a previous deleted user's files off my macbook?

I have just bought a secondhand mac from a friend and he did a terrible job of deleting his stuff on here. He deleted his user account but nothing else. I was wondering if there is a way I can delete his home folder as it is taking up all the storage. I have tried everything and I really hope someone can help me. I am running lion!

Make a note of your AppleID and password, then hold command r keys while booting the computer.
Get online with a fast reliable Internet connection.
Chooce Disk Utility and Erase with Zero option the Lion OS X Partition.
When finished, download a new Lion OS from Apple servers, reboot the machine and your presented with a new setup whcih you can then do what you like, it's like a brand new machine.

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    Hi lottolord1,
    You can use the Creative Suite Cleaner Tool to remove the previous trial downloads.
    Note : Trial periods can't be extended. After a trial expires, you need a serial number to install the software as a licensed version. Or, you can install trial software on another computer.

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    user_pref("browser.keywordURLPromptDeclined", 1);
    user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "{1E0C325A-0757-4B3D-94CE-D7C8580D8748}&serpv=6");
    user_pref("", 1);
    user_pref("browser.newtab.url", "");
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    My macbook air won't turn off because of skype! What do i do ? Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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    Help me ASAP plz!!!

    Hi, you have to open the song file in GB, and use the menu option “Share/Media Browser”.  GB will bounce the song and create a song preview that will be stored in the song file package.  The song file MUST be stored in the /Music/GarageBand/ folder, to appear in the iMovie “Content Library/GarageBand” screen.

  • How do I free up space in the other file on my MacBook Air?

    My laptop is full and when I check the storage, over 50GB is taken up by 'Other'. What types of files are in Other and what else could i delete to free up more space?! I've deleted loads of photos/videos/etc. but obviously other is some other category!


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    Which Adobe software or service would you like to accomplish this task with Jerry?

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    I moved a 40GB file off my MacBook Pro to make room so that I could enable the iCloud Photo Library. I optimised the storage but during this process it used 10GB of space and so I cant now put back the file I took off my mac. I though that once I had optimised the storage I would gain space not loose it!. So i'm wondering how can I delete photos off my MacBook and not off all my devices and so I can get this 40 GB file back on ??

    Hi, that's how it works. photos in Photo Stream are these ones that actually exist on your Camera Roll. Photo Stream is an iClous service that helps you to share photos. Just think about Dropbox or any other cloud services, isn't it that you delete a file on your computer, then found the file no longer exist on your other devices?
    If you want to keep the photos while making them occupy less space, I suggest you try SafeEraser's Photo Compressor feature. It compress the photos and make it easy for you to keep them on your iPhone without losing much quality.

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    I want to know how can I unpack a previously compiled installer (exe file) made with Inno Setup to extract and recover some DLL files into the installer. I found a tool called InnoExtractor
    that supposedly
    does this, but I don't know how is work. Any help is appreciate. This tool can by downloaded from here:
    Regards and I'll wait your support. Thanks in advance.

    Hello GonKong,
    I am afraid that this is not the proper forum for this issue, since it is related to the tool which belongs to third-party.
    I would recommend you consider connecting with the publisher of Inno Setup or InnoExtractor to get supports.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • How to find out the user iD that previously deleted?

    My client has deleted some user ID in SBO v2004b. HOwever, when the client did that, he forgot to "deselect" the license that granted to the users going to be deleted. What's worse, he forgot the user ID that he deleted.
    It makes the license available decrease. So, how can i find out the user ID that i previously deleted? Or any method to retrieve the correct number of license originally. ?
    Thanks for your advice

    Have a look at the FAQ weblog, Missing licence topic:
    Ibai Peñ

  • How do i delete my previous users i cloud account on the phone

    how do i delete my previous users i cloud account on the phone

    Removing a device from a previous owner’s account:

  • How do i delete a previous apple account and replace it with my appleid

    how do i delete a previous apple account and replace it with my appleid

    Are you saying you have a previously owned iPhone that is still Activation Locked to the previous user?
    if so, that user must release the iPhone.  Until that happens, the iPhone will remain Activation Locked and useless to you.

  • How to find roles of a Deleted User.

    Dear Gurus,
    Please assist me that how to find all the previous roles once the user has been deleted accidentally.
    Kalyan Kumar.

    Hello Kalyan,
    you can find out the User classification and the status of the user (locked , deleted or active) in System measurement.
    i.e.... "usmm" T-code for System measurement, this will show you the list of deleted users.
    after finding out name of the deleted user/users, you can search for the customized profiles created in your system land scape.
    in my organization, we will create profile for the end user based on SOD (list of T-codes, Organisational data and activity on the T-codes.
    i.e... if user name is "kalyan" we will create a profile by following nomenclature.
    "zKalyan" or "Ykalyan".
    you can search your SAP system for the list of profiles avaliable, and also go through the user matrix.
    "scum" is central user administration, here you can find more information on the users.
    Best regards,
    reward points, if helpful to you##

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