How do I delete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Trial from my MacMini?

How do I delete Adobe Photoshop CS6 Trial from my Mac Mini? I was upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS6 not extended. So now I have Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CS6 extended. My computer is running very slowly. Are all these programs large? Can I delete all but the CS6 and how do I keep the photos I've done in CS5 in CS6 if I want to delete the CS5?

Your photos won't be affected by uninstalling anything.  Neither Photoshop nor Bridge keep, import or store any image files.  They are all wherever you installed them. (Unlike the crappy Apple iPhoto application, which hides your images from you inside the application package .)
Two very important caveats:
1.— Never drag any Adobe applications or their folders into the trash!  Always use the Adobe Uninstaller installed by default with each application.
2.— The time to uninstall an older application is BEFORE installing newer versions of the application.  The reason for that is that the Adobe Uninstaller can and in all likelihood will damage later version installs.
If you want to reclaim HD space, your best bet now is to uninstall all versions, including the most current one, then run the CSCleaner Tool, which you can search from and download for free from the Adobe downloads site, then Repair Permissions with Apple's Disk Utility, then re-install the latest and most current versions.  Finally, Repair Permissions with Apple's Disk Utility once again.
Remember that Photoshop 14.x, which would have been "CS7", but now will be "CC", is scheduled to be released on June 17, less than two weeks from today,

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    Not the most helpful error message from the installer?  No details on why the system was rejected?  That's something I'd consider to be some amateur-level programming in the installer.
    You don't have a 64-bit processor.  Intel Core series is 32-bit.  Intel Core 2 series (and later) is 64-bit.
    Depending on what you're looking to do, try Acorn from Flying Meat?

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    And on what system are you?

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    if you install the photoshop trial it should be the extended version. 
    if you have a license for the extended version, the trial should activate to the extended version.
    if you have a license for the standard version, the extended trial should activate to the standard version.

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    You can do licensed install on two systems same platform(Win or Mac). This depends for which platform you bought the SN for.
    Hope this answers your query.

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    I believe it is 30 days. You can then purchase directly from Adobe and enter the serial number to activate it.

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    Yes, there is. But if you use an anti-virus to check it, it will tell you that it's fine.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate
    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP Processor 3000+ GHz
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    Thanks for your help!

    GrantyPanty wrote:
    How exactly do I get more RAM or install a 64 bit operating system? How much RAM do I need?
    That depends on your computer; best ask in the shop where you bought it.
    How much do you need?  The more, the better.  I have only 4GB, and my Photoshop works decently well (for the limited tasks I use it for).  If you use it heavily, probably 8GB or 16GB would be better.
    However, you can only use this memory if you use
    the 64-bit edition of Windows
    the 64-bit edition of Photoshop
    Unfortunately you cannot upgrade 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows; you need to install it from scratch.

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    There is no such thing. All componnets are integrated in the whole package. You can't download anything separately.

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    What operating system are you using?
    There are downloads for cs6 here:

  • While downloading adobe photoshop cs6 trial 99% done and its say error 101.

    how can i change the place the install?
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    You will need to cancel the download and start again.  Please make sure to choose the default location of your User folder to download the install files too.

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