How do I determine if a VI is running in the runtime engine or LabView Development Environment?

Is there a function or VI that I can call that will tell me if the program is running in the LabVIEW Runtime Engine or if it is running in the LabVIEW developement Environment?  I am using LabView 8.5.
I have a menu item, File/Exit,  and I would like to call the Exit LabVIEW vi if running in the runtime engine when that item is selected.  However, in development, I don't want to shut down LabVIEW when I select that menu item.
Maybe there is a more appropriate way to exit the program.  However, I am looking for something elegant.  I'm sure I could find some other way to accomplish the same thing, but I'm looking for a clean way to do it.

Here is a small VI with this exact function.
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    dadpope wrote:
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    I have developped an application with LabView 8.01 and build an executable for a customer, this works great, if I have administrator rights. But my customer don't have full administrator rights and they are not able to install the software (Runtime Engine). In LabView 6.0.1, to solve this problem we added the lvrt.dll and some support files directly to the application builder as support files and it worked without to install the runtime engine in the operating system.
    How can this be done in LabView 8.0.1 and which files are needed?
    I am thankfull for any advice.

    you always need admin rights to install software.
    I think it's not possible in labVIEW 8.01 to install the runtime without admin rights.
    The costumer only has to  the runtime one time, so he should try to contact his system administrator.
    I've found no workaround for it.
    Best regards.
    Christoph Strasser

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    Before "you" start an instance you set env variable ORACLE_SID. This identifies an instance. When you go into sqlplus and issue STARTUP, Oracle starts the instance named by the sid. Thus the instance running on the server is controlled by you. This changes as noted below.
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    If the already running VIs are clones of the same basic VI, open and run with the option "Prepare to call and forget", how can I find out the names and index of each clone? 

    I had an application where I spawned (= ran with Start Asynchronous Call) multiple (reentrant) copies of VIs, and would occasionally "lose control" of them.  I needed a way to find all VIs that were running "Top Level" and stop them (so I didn't have to log off from Windows).
    I used the Application Property "All VIs in Memory" to get an array of (wait for it ...) All VIs in Memory.  I took each name, opened a VI reference to it (simply wire the name string in, as the VI is, by definition, "in memory"), looked at its VI Execution State, and if it was Run Top Level, Invoked the FP.Close and Abort VI Methods.  [To prevent the VI that did all this from "committing Suicide", I compared the name string with the current Call Chain, and did nothing if there was a match].
    I think you could adopt this idea to do what you need.

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    WHERE r.job = j.job;hope this helps.

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    qnx wrote:
    1) Stop trying to make spyware. -> I don't do anything like this!
    2) Stop re-posting the same questions. -> didn't know they are the same, sorry.
    3) Stop taking us for fools. -> what? Honestly, I don't think that I realy deserved this :)With a limited posting history and the type of questions you are asking they are unusual.
    There are very few legitimate problem domains that would require what you are asking about. There are illegitimate ones though. And the legitimate ones would generally require someone with quite a bit of programming experience and would also be required (the fact that java can't do it would not get rid of the requirement.)
    Thus one might make assumptions about your intentions.

  • How to prohibit the restart of the j2ee engine by a developer?

    Hello SDN,
    how could I prohibit a restart of the j2ee from the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio by a developer?
    Best Regards,
    Olaf Reiss

    Hi Olaf,
    If you have your Netweaver Server installed on a remote machine, then I think its not much of a problem; or if the case is that whoever developer you are talking about, accesses the portal and other Netweaver tools from a machine which is different than the server machine.
    If such is the case, then all you need to do is that your developer does not have rights to login into the server machine. He can restart the server only if he is allowed to login into that system.
    In an ideal scenario, the server should be installed on a dedicated machine.
    Reward points if it helps!!

  • How to debug an application crash that only occurs within the executable and not in development?

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    Looking for ideas on how to debug an application that crashes only from within the executable.
    Is there anything useful that this error report can be used for, thanks in advance.
    #Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 3:10:18 PM
    #OSName: Windows 7 Enterprise
    #OSVers: 6.1
    #OSBuild: 7600
    #AppName: LabDAQ
    #Version: 11.0 32-bit
    #AppKind: AppLib
    #AppModDate: 08/23/2011 18:59 GMT
    #LabVIEW Base Address: 0x30000000
    8/23/2011 3:10:48.331 PM
    Crash 0x0: Crash caught by NIER
    File Unknown(0) : Crash: Crash caught by NIER
    minidump id: a1c0be18-ad05-4b09-b914-afe4a3073daf
    ExceptionCode: 0xC0000005± N
    0x3072C874 - lvrt <unknown> + 0
    0x3072CC28 - lvrt <unknown> + 0
    0x7C37FDB4 - MSVCR71 <unknown> + 0
    0x77330DF7 - ntdll <unknown> + 0
    0x772F9ED5 - ntdll <unknown> + 0
    0x00000000 - <unknown> <unknown> + 0
    Go to Solution.

    I've been playing that game all morning
    You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are. ~ Alice

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    fusion server, how do I do this? Does coldfusion come with

    In the C:\Windows folder, locate the file called php.ini and
    open it in Notepad.
    <?php phpinfo() ?>
    I answered it myself. Maybe it can help someone else.

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