How do I edit a drop down list in a form just created?

I have created a form with several drop down lists.  During the design process, I did not enter in data for the drop down, however cannot figure out how to edit that now.  Please help!

GKaiseril - can you help me please?
I've created a fillable form in Adobe Professional and my text boxes are prefilling...I did a few tests and it promts me to use the language used in my testing.  I do not want the text boxes to show prefilled options.  I checked Options tab and it does not have any values.  I am not sure why it's prefilling and how to remove it.  Any suggestions?

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  • How to add values to drop down list in adobe forms

    how to add values to drop down list in adobe forms

    If you are using WD Java following are steps of filling values in DD Box:
    1 Create a simple type in the Dictionary.
    2 Create an attribute "CountryNew" in the Context of type created by you.
    3 Write following code in the init method of the form:
    IWDAttributeInfo countryinfo =
    ISimpleTypeModifiable Country = countryinfo.getModifiableSimpleType();
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet countryValueSet =
    countryValueSet.put("IN", "INDIA");
    countryValueSet.put("US "USA");
    4 Add a Enumrated DD box in the form and bind it to the attribute "CountryNew"
    Hope this helps

  • HT3720 How do I edit a drop down list of choices in a cell reflected in my chart

    I started out using the basic check registry template in numbers to create my budget. I have changes the data, but in the catagory pull down, it does not reflect my list of expences to choose from, but still the old list they started with is still there. How do I make this change so my data is in the drop down for choices of catagories to chage the expence to?

    You can modify the list of items in the pop-up menu by opening the cells inspector.  I would try to get this worked out now as later it can be more trouble.  Once you have updated the pop-up menu, set the selection to the "neutral" setting, copy and paste to the remaining cells. 

  • How do I edit the drop down lists of past email recipients?

    This is annoying, i get a list of past email recipients but cannot edit the list.  Seems like there must be a way to do so.  any ideas?  thanks.

    If these are suggested email addresses that are coming up .... When the contact list pops up in the mail app - tap on the blue arrow (if there is a blue arrow next to the email address) next to the name of the email address and another window will open. At the bottom of that window tap Remove From Recents.
    The email addresses that do not have the blue arrow are in your contacts list and you would need to delete those addresses in the contacts app if you want to remove them.

  • How do I make a drop down list of text in numbers as it is made in the example spreadsheet for comparing cars for buying where you can choose a value from a dropdown list for each car?

    how do I make a drop down list of text in numbers as it is made in the example spreadsheet for comparing cars for buying where you can choose a value from a dropdown list for each car?

    Where is this example spreadsheet? Without seeing it I can only guess at what you are asking.
    To make a drop-down list (a pop-up menu in Numbers-speak), format the cell as a pop-up then edit and add to the list of items.
    If the example spreadsheet is pulling in a dollar value based on what car you chose in the pop-up, it is probably using LOOKUP or one of the other lookup functions, getting the information from another table (a lookup table). If, instead, these dollar values are what you are choosing in the pop-up, then you need to create a pop-up with these values in it.
    The Help menu includes a link to a page where you can download the Numbers Users Manual. It also has a link to the Formulas and Functions guide. Both are useful to new users.

  • How can I get a drop-down list selection also be selected in another field with the same list but a different name?

    I have a street address and a billing address. A question is posed with a checkbox — "Is the billing address the same as the street address?" If Yes is checked, the street address automatically fills the billing fields. If No is checked, the user must fill in new information. In both the street address and billing addres, the State field is a drop-down list. How can I get the drop-down list selection in the street address State also be selected in drop-down list for the billing address State?

    Has anyone done this?

  • How to get prefilled drop down list in Adobe form from WebDynpro context

    Hi All,
    We all know that we can have dropdown list in webdynpro which can be automatically populated by the context node collection.
    How can we have the same functionality in Adobe form drop down list. I tried to bind the node attribute to drop down list in Adobe form but it shows me only first element. I am not able to see all the elements in the dropdown but if I am doing same thing for WebDynpro DropDown list I can see the complete List.
    Anybody with Solution?

    Hi Ricky
    I have started a thread for this problem and got an answer for it already. Unfortunately I did not have the time to check it out yet; have a look over there: [original link is broken]
    I appreciate if you tell me whether it worked for you.

  • How can I print a drop down list of favorites I have on the favorites bar?

    How can I print a drop down list of favorites i have on the favorites bar?

    Make a screen shot and print that.

  • How to display a static drop down list for af:query

    can anyone tell how to display a static drop down list in af:query panel. JDeveloper version
    Thanks in advance

    Here is my Usecase
    My View Object consists of (Student ID, Name,Roll No) now i want to include one more attribute say No.of Rooms(i added it as a Transient attribute).
    Now i want to display the transient attribute values in the form of LOV.

  • Does anyone know how to Add a date drop down list to a pdf file?

    Can someone tell me how to add a Date drop down list in a form

    There's no built-in function that does that in Acrobat, but there are some third-party tools that do.
    The two most known ones are by FormRouter, which is free and based on form fields (but also a bit buggy), and a non-free version created by Max Wyss, which is based on a dialog object.

  • Populating Drop-down List in Interactive Forms for Java

    I need to populate a drop-down list in Interactive Form.
    I tried to do it by using Dynamic Properties of the drop-down
    list,but didn't give nothing.At the same time I have successfully
    populated a simple drop-down list(on webdynpro view),which I
    replaced near my InteractiveForm.
    What may be the problem?

    Use the DDL from the Web Dynpro pallette. Bind the same/ similar attribute of the DDL you used in the web Dynpro view in the interactive form also... this should work..
    Thanks and Regards,

  • How do I add a drop down list of options to a column in a Numbers spreadsheet?

    I need to be able to select from a drop down list in a column in a Numbers Spreadsheet . . ..  how do I create this?

    Pop-up menu, as it's called i Numbers is a Cell Format option.
    Select the cells that you want to format as Pop-up
    In the Cells Inspector, Choose "Pop-up menu"
    In the Cells Inspector, the default menu is 1, 2, 3 - Edit these entries to your liking. It will apply to all the selected cells.

  • How to assign drop down list in XML form to properties

    Hi ALL,
    When i was creating <b>Edit form</b> in XML Forms Builder,for <b>Bulletin Board</b> Application, i had to assign two drop down list boxes to properties created under Content Management Configuration > Global Services > Property Metadata. Can any one help me how to ASSIGN it or provide any related documents.
    Suitable replies will be rewarded, for sure.

    Hi Shankar
    Please have a look at this document, especially the part about the cookbook. It explains how to add properties in a dropdown list to your XML form.
    Good Luck!

  • How do I use one drop down list to refresh the list in another drop down?

    I am using a drop down list full of years (i.e. 2008, 2009..etc). When I make my selection from this drop down list (say for instance I select 2009) I want it to update the available data in the second drop down list. I have the query statement set up within the JSP page but it needs to be a dynamic SQL statement based off the value I selected in the first drop down.
    String sql = "SELECT GameId, GameDescription FROM Games WHERE Year = " + year;
    The variable "year" is the value I need to figure out how to assign. Now this variable is a Java variable (attribute) and Im unsure how to get the value from the previous drop down and assign it to that. Basically I need the JavaScript value from the first drop down assigned to the Java attribute "year".
    Anyone able to help me with this???

    Here are my two drop down lists. As you can see I build the second list dynamically based off the value of the year. I want to be able to assign my year to the value I select in this first drop down. How do I do that?? I only want to show games for the year I select. I currently have the year hardcoded to "2009" as you see below. How can i change that to be assigned to the JavaScript value i extract from the first select box?
    <select name="season">
    <option value='2009' selected>2009</option>
    <option value='2008'>2008</option>
    <select name="gameselect">
    String year = "2009";
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/ElmwoodExpos";
    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "root", "thejedster");
    String sql = "SELECT GameId, GameDescription FROM Games WHERE Year = " + year;
    Statement s = con.createStatement();
    ResultSet rs = s.getResultSet();
    <option value="1"><% out.print(rs.getString("GameDescription"));%></option>
    catch(Exception e)

  • How do I get my drop down lists in alphabetical order?

    Got a new computer and installed Firefox 3.6.10. I moved over my bookmarks, etc. from the old computer. However, all of my drop-down lists are not in alphabetical order any more. And if I use one of the entries, it will sometimes move to a different order than it had been when I clicked on it. How do I get them back in alphabetical order?

    The entries for form field are in current Firefox version is the order that you add them and not ordered alphabetically.<br />
    Maybe an extension like Autofill Forms can sort them.
    I'm not using it, so you need to check that yourself.
    Autofill Forms:
    See also

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    Hello there, this is my first time on this message board, so I apologize if I am in the wrong section or anything. Anyway, here is my problem I need help with. I'm designing a website for a person. For the navagation bar, they wanted the button links