How do I export photos used in a project (calendar) to a flash drive?

iPhoto 9.4.2
calendar has been purchased but I would also like to give the photos (including the unused ones) on flash drive for use on digital frame
approx 350 photos total, but I can't figure out how to select/export even small batches
I have tried "Select All"

I've tried this and it oly puts 150 of my 377 photos in the new album.  It appears to be including my "Placed Photos" only.
The calendar seems to have a memory. Sometimes I am getting all photos in the album, sometimes only the placed photos.
You could try the following:
Select the calendar in the source list and duplicate it with ⌘D
Then select the duplicate calendar, click the Photos tab of the calendar, set it to "Show all photos in Project", and click "Clear all placed photos".
Quit iPhoto
Launch iPhoto again
Select the copy of the Calendar and use the command "File > New Album" again.
If a no photos are placed, the album always has all photos in the project, at least, when I try.

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    ALbums in iPhoto have manul sorting. When you export from iPhoto you send the files to the Finder and that doesn't. It can sort in many ways, but perhaps the most usual is by name. So, rename the photos and then export them using the title as filename or the album name and number or even Sequential.
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    Hi there,
    The iPad Camera Connection Kit can only import images from cameras or SD cards, onto your iPad. It cannot operate the other way.
    It does not support most flash drives anyway.
    I urge you to submit feedback to Apple on this matter:
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    A library contains events, which contain your clips and projects.
    This is seen by the Finder as a single document, and can copy or move it just like any other file. It is recognizable by the icon with the four stars in it.
    You can control-click on a library in FCP X and use the "Reveal in Finder" command to locate it.
    I recommend you follow some of the great tutorials explaining the new library model, and media management in 10.1. I can assure it is vastly superior to the old ways. I can't imagine going back.

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    Photostream can't be only one way. It can only hold 1,000 photos. It doesn't have to have any photos added to it from your Mac, that happens because of your iPhoto preferences, you can change them.
    To move photos from your iPad, connect it to your computer with a USB cable, open iPhoto and select the photos to import.

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    You can copy photos and videos from the camera roll in the iPad's Photos app to an external drive via your computer - on a PC you can use the windows camera wizard, on a Mac you can use Image Capture, iPhoto or Aperture
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    You can not use PhotoStream - your software does not support it -
    Your only choice is to use iTunes - google is your friend -

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    If you're using iPhoto, choose Export from the File menu and specify a location on it.
    If you're using loose photos, drag them to a location on the thumbdrive.
    In either case, Mac OS X needs to be able to write to the drive; if it's formatted as NTFS, this requires additional software.

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    Not using the correct structure. Camera's use a very exact structure and the only way the camera will see photos on the card is for them to be in that exact structure

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    No one can help you any more than has been done
    Your camera is not a general purpuose photo display system - it is designed to take photos, let you look at those photos and allow you to download them to your computer or other places - if you wnat to use it view photos then you have to put the photos in exactly the correct place with exactly the correct names or it will not see them
    And this has absolutely nothing to do with iPhoto in any way - iPhoto sotres and proecesses yoru photos and allows you to export them - once you export them it is totally out of the picture - you can easily get photo prints by using the iPhoto print service, using an internet print service, burning photos to a DVD and taking them to a print service or putting them on a SD card and taking them to a print service - to view them on your camera you have to exactly reporduce what the camera is looking for - not at all sure what the pirnt even is

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    How can I export photos from APERTURE with a new sequence and ignore the embedded JPEG number? Have tried renumbering to no avail.
    has anyone resolved this issue?
    This is now the second big Problem with using Apple's Appeture with NO apparent FIX...
    Aperture has NO DIRECT way to Burn to a CD/DVD & apparently NO way to RE-SEQUENCE the numbering system????
    ANYONE... I wish APPLE would address/fix these 2 problems... LIGHTROOM I guess is next?

    Hi David,
    Coming in and whining loudly is rude.  We are all volunteers here, voluntarily sharing our expertise so that users like you can make the most of their time with Aperture.  Speaking just for myself:  although I do care about your success with software (it's why I'm here), I don't care what software you use.  If you want to use Lightroom, do so, and post your questions in an appropriate forum.
    Burning files to a CD is a file operation done at the system level (it is built into OS X).  Aperture lets your create sharable image-format files from your Images.  You then use OS X's tools to burn those files to a CD.  Iirc, you can set up a "Burn Folder" in Finder, into which you can export files created from your Images, and with a single click burn your CD.
    Naming the files you create by exporting your Images can be tricky.  There are _many_ possibilities.  Some things can't be done.  Sequencing can be done in a number of ways (see Léonie's answer above).  What have you tried?  What was the result?  In what way did this differ from what you expected?

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    I am not sure, which answer you found - so just in case:
    If you sync your iPhone with the iPhoto library, the photos will only stay on the iPhone until the next sync and they are not in the Camera Roll. If you transfer using the Photo Stream, they will only be vidsible in the stream, until they are replaced in iCloud by newer content.
    So, if you want to transfer the photos permanently, save them to the Camera Roll.

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    how do i export photos from matchbook pro to iphone5

    You use iTunes to sync them from the computer to the phone: iTunes: Syncing photos

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    Help please....
    How do I export photos from my mac pro to my ipad?

    Through iTunes. Use iPhoto to store your photos. iPhoto is part of your iLife applications. Connect your device to the computer and open iTunes. Select your iPad under Devices in iTunes' sidebar. You can now configure what you want to sync to your iPad. When you've dones so click on the Sync button.
    Please get iPad User Guide - iOS 6

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    Sorry but your iPhoto library is not on an iPad or iPod - you may have photos there (most likely low resolution copies) but not an iPhoto library - dying computers (along with software and human errors) are why you always must have a backup - now is the time to load it

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