How do I find my photos that are stored in iphoto on my mac?

How do I find my photos that are stored in iphoto on my mac?  I don't want to access them through iphoto, I want to access them individually.  I have always done it previously through searching for the img number.  But it no longer works!

That's half-correct. Direct access is supported.
Find the photo in iPhoto, then go to the "File" menu and click "Reveal in Finder" - it takes you directly to the image file. Or right-click on the photo, and choose "Edit in External Editor" which opens the original file in other software, like Photoshop, if you have it.
And it's dangerous to move, rename or delete the original file or folders after you found it, but safe to do other things.

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    The links below have instructions for deleting photos.
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    (With iOS 5.1, use 2 fingers)
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     Cheers, Tom

  • HT4890 How can I publish my photos which are stored on iPhoto or on iCloud Photo Stream from Web?

    Before I could publish my photos with Mobile Me from iPhoto but how can I do it with iCloud?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Unfortunately, that is not possible from a Mac as yet. You can do this from the iPhoto app on an iOS device though and publish your photos to a photo journal. Hopefully this feature will be coming to iPhoto on the Mac at some point.

  • HT4623 How do I view my photos that are stored in icloud?

    Apple's mission statement reads "iCloud does more than store your content — it lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more, from whatever device you’re on."  but I cannot seem to figure out how to view my photos in the icloud.  Anyone know how to access these?

    Called Photo Stream, read here:

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    When I plugged in my IPhone to my computer my photos in albums duplicated several times. How do I delete photos that are stored in ICloud? It's really frustrating since I am having several copies of photos on my phone. Please advise..thank you. Judy

    Hifalutin wrote:
    For example, if I delete a photo from my iPad, doesn't it stay in the cloud?
    If you have let your device upload the photo from Camera Roll to your Photo Stream in iCloud, then yes it will remain in iCloud even if you remove it from Camera Roll.  If you want to delete the photo from Photo Stream too, see my first post.
    Hifalutin wrote:
    I am looking for the place where I can go and see everything that I have backed up in the past that remains in the cloud, so I can go in and edit that. Does anyone know how to get rid of what has been backed up before?
    You cannot edit or view the contents of a backup.  If your device has things on it that you don't want backed up to iCloud, delete the items from your device and the next iCloud backup won't contain them.  Or change your backup routine to back up to your computer instead of iCloud.

  • I don't know where to find my photos that are supposed to be stored on the "cloud".  I don;t want to erase them until I can locate them.

    I don't know where to find my photos that are supposed to be stored on the "cloud".  I don't want to erase them from my iPhone until I can locate them.  I'm out of storage.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Only photos in photostream are kept in the cloud and only for 30 days. To save your photos before deleting them, sync them to a computer or an online storage solution such as Dropbox.

  • HT204053 I have just bought a new iPad but I can't see how I can sync all my iPhone photos that are stored on the iCloud onto my iPad. Can someone help?

    I have just bought the new iPad but can't see how I would sync all my iPhone photos that are stored on iCloud onto my iPad. Can someone help?

    Photos on the camera roll can be included in an icloud backup from an iOS device (if camera roll is turned on).  But getting the photos back from a backup is risky.  Many users have performed restore operations from a backup only to discover the photos were not returned.  icloud is primarily used to sync photos to other devices using photo stream - but only new photos taken after the stream is turned on in Settings>icloud will actually be synced, not old photos.
    Settings>icloud>Storage & Backups>Manage Storage,  tap the device's name and on the next screen, be sure Camera Roll is turned on.
    Photos should be regularly synced to a computer (like you store photos from a digital camera) using either USB via iTunes (on a mac use iPhoto or Aperture to move them to an album).  You can then sync the photos to the iPad.

  • HT1386 how do you sync your photos that are already on your iphone to your computer

    how do you sync your photos that are already on your iphone to your computer ?

    why use software when you can do this

  • How do I back up documents that are stored in iCloud to my own hard drive?

    The trouble is, however I search for an answer to this question, I get instructions on how to back up stuff TO iCloud.
    I want to back up stuff that applications like Pages and Numbers are already storing IN iCloud.
    See, I don't want to have to trust iCloud to safely store my documents.  Not unless there are copies somewhere that I can fall back on if (it's really only a matter of when) something goes fatally haywire in iCloud.
    It's easy enough to do with a service like, say, Dropbox, which treats my "cloud-stored" files like they are in a folder on my hard-drive.  So when I run either a local (Time Machine/Capsule) or a cloud (Crashplan, in my case) backup, those files get backed up.  So I have at least three copies of those files - in Dropbox, on my Time Capsule, and on Crashplan's servers.
    So how do I do that with docs that are stored in iCloud?  Apple wants me to store stuff in iCloud - if I have iCloud enabled and want to save a doc to another destination, there are multiple steps I want to go through.  And I'm fine with using iCloud if I'm creating documents that I want to be able to access from my iOS devices as well.
    Yes, I can do that with Dropbox, but it's less seamless than doing it through iCloud.
    But I want my own backups of those files, and near as I can tell, Apple makes that nearly impossible because iCloud does not show up anywhere as a folder that I can access or sort.
    Or does it?  Am I missing something?
    If so, let me know.... if not... is there a solution to this dilemma, or is it just one more aspect of iCloud that Apple has not clearly thought through?

    Right.  You didn't read the post, you only read the title.
    The title came from an earlier step in the process when I was posing a question to the systen.
    The pertinent part of the question is "How to I back up documents that are stored in iCloud" 
    That the destination for the backup is NOT my internal HDD should be clear from the rest of the post.
    And frankly, even if that is where I want to back up to, that would at least give me two copies, at least giving me one duplicate of the stuff on iCloud.
    So please stop wasting my time if you can't answer the actual question: How do I backup content that is stored in iCloud.  The destination of the backup is irrelevant.

  • I am using an Macbook pro in conjunction with a Time Capsule. I back up all my aperture librarys on it, but how can i view these images that are stored on the capsule please ??

    I am using an Macbook pro in conjunction with a Time Capsule. I back up all my aperture librarys on it, but how can i view these images that are stored on the capsule please ??

    If you want to see what is in a file that is backed up by time machine then you have to restore the entire file. Having said that I have had good experience with Time Machine and individual files... if the file is there then all of it's components are almost for sure there. A way to get around this in Aperture would be to use referenced images. The images then still exist as individual files and can be backed up and restored individually. You would have to do so on a file by file basis though and your album information would still only be saved within the Aperture library.

  • I want to be able to access my photos that are stored on iCloud – I see mail and contacts but not my pictures?   I have been backing up for a long time -  Where are they?

    I want to be able to access my photos that are stored on iCloud
    – I see mail and contacts but not my pictures?
    I have been backing up for a long
    time -  Where are they?   

    You can't view them on  And photos (and other data) stored in your device backup can't be viewed, other than by restoring the backup to your device.
    If you want to view your photos on the web, for the time being you will have to add them to a shared stream (album) with the Public Website option enabled.  This will give you a private url to view them from a browser.

  • Where do I find my photos that are saved when the backup is done?

    Where do I find my photos that were saved when my latest backup was completed on my device?

    Backup -- from what device to what device?
    What device are you looking for the photos on?

  • How can I delete those photos that are just plain oops from my photo stream on all of my devices.  The photo stream does not have a delete option on the iPhone

    please help me delete the photos from my iPhone in photo stream that are on my iCloud server.  It is not clear how to delete

    I just looked at mine. When I go into photostream, and click on a photo, on the bottom right corner I have a trash can.
    I have iPhone 5 running 6.0.2

  • How do I find all photos that can be '"reverted to original"? Help please!

    Hi. I hope that someone can help me with this!
    I am trying to go through my iPhoto Library of about 1000 photos and find all of the photos that have the option to be "reverted to original", ie. I have made changes to them. I realise that I could go through them one by one, but I am trying to avoid that!
    I have realised recently that I should duplicate a photo before changing it, so that I leave the original untouched. However this doesn't help me with all of the old ones that I DIDN'T duplicate.
    Is there an Applescript or a method of finding all of the old photos that I am looking for?
    Thanks so much in advance for any help,

    I don't think it can be done from within iPhoto but there's a way you can do it from outside. First download and launch QPict. Then do the following;
    1 - open your iPhoto Library folder and type Command-F.
    2 - in the search window create these two search criteria:
    a - Kind is Folder
    b - Name contains Original
    3 - In the search results window click on the size column to separate the empty folders from those with files in them.
    4 - select all of the folder that are not empty and drag into the open window of QPict.
    That will open the original files in QPict so you can view them there and compare to those in iPhoto. Just remember do not move any of those folders out of the iPhoto Library folder. Just move them into the open window of QPict.
    G4 DP-1G, 1G RAM, 22 Display, 2-80G HD, QT 7.0.3P   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   Canon S400, i850 & LIDE 50, Epson R200, 2G Nano

  • LR3 Syncronize folder finds "missing" photos that are not missing

    Having switched to LR3 I made some new catalogs and syncrnized some folders.  LR3 kept find a ton of missing photos though and I was sure they were not missing.  SO I clicked on the "show missing files" button and sure enough it just showed me hundreds of photos that were not actually missing.  I checked them by right clicking on them and using the "show in finder" option to check that they were indeed still on my disk.
    Whats happening ?  It seems to do it every time and I have tried it with several folders.  Every time it thought it found hundreds of missing photos.

    I did not upgrade my catalog from LR2 to 3 , instead I started an entirely new catalog. I was hoping then to import some old LR2 catalogs into the new LR3 one but alas that plan has fallen foul of the import bug that effects importing catalogs with the same folders in them so I cant do that..... but thats all in another thread.
    I think maybe I was not clear enough becuase it sounds like you didnt quite catch my point.  My point is that the photos are not missing at all, they ares still clrearly displayed in the catalog and I can double click them and open them no problem.  I do not have to locate them at all. They are still there.  It is just lightroom saying they are not there when i sync a folder.
    So to clarify, when i syncronize,it tells me that X number of files are missing.  If I click the button to "show missing files"  all the photos that it shows, are still there.  It does not display them as missing, it displays them as normal.  Now this would not reall be a problem except that the sync default is to remove missing files.  So if you leave that option selected, LR removes a ton of files that were not missing!
    Does that make it clearer, sorry i was not so clear the first time.

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