How do I fix the "shockwave flash" error, causing firefox to lock up, slow, or crash?

continous errors about "shockwave flash", "script has stopped working" etc, causing numerous slowdowns, lock-ups, and crashes. have tried several fixes, but none have worked.....please advise

Is it a permissions problem? Here's another way.
(1) In a My Computer or Windows Explorer window, open this folder:
If that folder does not exist, then you are using 32-bit Windows, and you can open the following folder instead:
''(Note: This folder exists on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, but on 64-bit Windows Firefox uses the Flash player in the SysWOW64 folder instead.)''
(2) Check for a file named mms.cfg:
(A) ''If mms.cfg exists,'' drag it to your '''Documents folder''' where you can edit it without being bothered about administrator privileges
(B) ''If mms.cfg does not exist,'' open your '''Documents folder''', right-click > New > Text File and name the new file mms.cfg
(3) Open mms.cfg from Documents into a text editor such as Notepad. Add this on its own line (I put it last):
Save the file and close Notepad.
(4) Hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mms.cfg file back to the Flash folder to make a copy there, keeping the original in Documents
This change should take effect the next time you restart Firefox.
Hopefully that works around the permission issue.

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    This issue can be caused by an extension that isn't working properly.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
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    I'd start with disabling Hardware Acceleration, as described in the video troubleshooting guide below:
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    If that solves the problem, make sure that your graphics drivers are current. 
    If it *still* happens with current drivers, please give us detailed information on the graphics card and driver, so that we can disable hardware acceleration on this configuration and start a conversation with the appropriate vendor.
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    Hit Enter
    This should launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
    Click Save All Information (or whatever that save button says).
    Paste the contents into a reply here, or you can click Use Advanced Editor in the upper right of the reply window, and then attach the file using the link at the bottom right of the reply window.

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    media plugs I've had nothing but problems. Everytime I go to a site
    such as MySpace, upon loging in, or reviewing someones profile.. I
    recieve an error that says:
    "Illegal Operation in Plug-in
    Shockwave Flash
    The plug-in performed an illegal operation. You are strongly
    advised to restart FireFox.
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    The reason why some of the files are blocking the trash from emptying is because of specific ".app" files from third party companies like Adobe products. Not the user files or the various help documents but instead the actual mother program. Here's how to fix this problem:
    1) remove from the trash all the actual software programs like Photoshop, InDesign, DreamWeaver and so on and put them on the desktop.
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    3) the program icon will change to a "folder icon".
    4) put the folder icon back into the trash and you should be able to now empty the trash.
    If you continue to get the error code 8003 it's because you may still have one or more software programs in the trash that needs to go through this process. Remember - it's not the user files or help documents or supporting files that is causing this but instead the "actual product programs".

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    When I try to add a new event to my Lightning calendar I get this error, the calendar is locked as "read only" and when I restart the app the event is no longer in the calendar. I have seen this sort of error for as long as I have been using T-bird but it has never been so total.
    I am running under windows 8, T-bird ver 24.4.0 and Lightning 2.6.4. It appears I have enabled test pilot for Tbird and it is ver 1.3.9.
    These calendars were copied from my old computer's hard drive and I am guessing there is something different about the format??? That Tbird was stuck on an older revision which I don't know the number.

    Right click the calendar and select export as ICS.
    Then try importing and see if it helps.
    Are the "events" showing as your the owner... There were issues at one point where calendar items that were not "owned" by you were not able to be edited.
    Help menu )Alt+H) ? troubleshooting information.
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    Right click the calendar and select export as ICS.
    Then try importing and see if it helps.
    Are the "events" showing as your the owner... There were issues at one point where calendar items that were not "owned" by you were not able to be edited.
    Help menu )Alt+H) ? troubleshooting information.
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    Sorry, Firefox for Android is not currently compatible with the Flash plugin. We hope to enable plugins in a future version of Firefox. We'll be posting information on this page as we work on this:

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