How do i get my contacts Back, i can see them when composing a new text message but not in my contact list?

A couple of days ago all the contacts on my phone were deleted, for some unknown reason (i think it was something to do with iCloud). When i look in my contact list, on my phone, i can not see any of my contacts. But when i go to compose a new text message (or email) i can see the name of the contacts and the number.
If i then click on one of them it just comes up as a number in the: to box.
If i try to sync my phone with my computer, which has the contacts on, and click replace contacts on phone (with icloud turned off) it just deletes all the contacts that are left (the ones i added since i lost them) and does not replace them.
I have tried syncing through Icloud, the computer, Yahoo, Hotmail, and gmail with no luck.
So my qustion is can i get my contacts back?

In iTunes, uncheck Sync contacts.
Sync the iPhone.
Then recheck Sync contacts and sync the iPhone.

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    Apart from the "text tone" that you can select from SETTINGS - SOUNDS, you can also customize the reminder/notification in SETTINGS - NOTIFICATIONS - MESSAGES
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    I am new to Apple!
    Ah, new to routers too.
    Perhaps it's best to have a local computer support person come set you up?
    To explain everything would require writing a book here.
    But this is what you want basically.
    Router, new Wireless N, firmware updated.
    1: Two accounts, one admin, one guest Internet access. Random +30 plus character lenght passwords each preferred.
    (guest password to max password length of any iDevices)
    2: Encryption: WPA2 AES. No Ping. No remote access. No MAC filtering. Visible.
    3: Guest access on devices and computers only.  Passwords written down and stored.
    4: OpenDNS preferred but not mandatory.
    If you get OpenDNS, you can log into their website for free and set parental controls on things like inappropriate sites for children. So whatever device is used on your network can't access a large portion of those sites (nothing is perfect) by most users who are not technical oriented.
    What your doing now is running the bare bones unsecure router which can be used harmfully against you.
    Even a Apple Airport router has to be very well secured. The defautl cd and out of the box setup is not a secure solution.

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    Sign out of the iCloud control panel and then back in.

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    This issue can be caused by the McAfee SiteAdvisor extension.
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    Try contacting iTunes support via this page : - click on Contact iTunes Store Support on the right-hand side of the page, then Purchases, Billing & Redemption
    Note that audiobooks are currently a one-time only download from the store, so you may want to take a backup copy of it

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    I accidentally purched the same book twice, just wondering how i get the money back for one of them..

    You can try and get a refund... Contact iTunes Store Customer Service:
    Apple - Support - iTunes Store - Contact Us
    ( But it is stated that all Sales are Final...)

  • HT4993 How do I get deleted apps back? Can I get them back from icloud?

    How do I get deleted apps back Can I get them from icloud. If so, how?

    Download past purchases - Support - Apple

  • HT5624 how do i get  my pictures back if i backup them?

    how do i get my photos back off of my computer?

    You imported the photos from the Camera Roll with your computer followed by deleting the photos from the Camera Roll after the import process was completed?

  • Different contact options when creating a new text message

    Hi all,
    On my Q10, I have the following "issue":
    When I want to type a new sms message to somebody listed in my contacts, I get not only the mobile phone number linked to that contact person but also e-mail addresses, fixed number...
    Is there any way I can change a setting for this so that only mobile numbers are displayed while creating a new text message (SMS)? Fixed phone number and mail addresses are just not relevant.
    On the other hand, when I want to create a new e-mail, I only see the mail addresses of my contact I am sending to.
    In my blackberry HUB I have following account (most probably the reason why I see other contact details while creating new text messages):
    Please advise.
    Many thanks in advance!
    Kind regards,
    Mod Edit: Removed personal information to comply with Community Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of Use.

    I've not found a way to remove that additional contact information when composing an SMS.
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    Downloading past from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Storepurchases

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    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Camera roll photos may take a while to repopulate your new phone, are you sure you have given it long enough.

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