How do I get my iphone Address Book contacts to a BB Torch

hey guys - I am stuck!  I cant seem to get my contacts and calendar appointments from Iphone to my BB torch. Can anyone help me? 
I am using 'ical' for calendar and 'address book' for contacts.  
Thanks and regards,

First off, you need to determine with Apple how you can extract or move to your Mac, the calendar events and Address Book contacts. I don't know how Apple provides for that.
After you've done so, you can sync to the BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
Set the Configuration up in the Desktop Software to sync to your Mac's data.
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    If you copy abook.mab or history.mab into a profile folder, they will show up as Personal Address Book and Collected Addresses. But if the mab files have names other than abook or history, they can only be imported to TB with the use of [ MoreFunctionsForAddressBook].

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    Sorry, forgot to test it when I had 10.6 available.
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    Export them from where ever they are, either as CSV or LDIF format.
    Import them to Thunderbirds address book. Tools (Alt_T) > import > address books

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    If she is using the mail app, there doesn't appear to be a way to sync contacts directly with gmail. You might see if there is a way to export to a Mac desktop and then to use iTunes to sync the contacts to the iPad. Otherwise the contacts will have to be manually added to the iPad. Another option would be to use gmail's web based mail. Her contacts should be available from there.

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    I think you might need ''history.mab'' too (this represents Collected Addresses) and any user-defined address books would have names such as ''abook-1.mab'' and so forth.
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  • How do i eliminate duplicates in address book/contacts across multiple devices?

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    Since upgrading to iPhone 4S and using iCloud, I have eliminated the duplicates in the address book, but not the calendar. Once all devices were setup for iCloud, I had duplicates in address book and contacts on my iPhone. So in settings on the iPhone for iCloud, I turned off calendar and address book. After a few minutes I turned those back on. Then, it synced with iCloud and no duplicates. At least in address book. The calendar continues to display duplicate appointments.
    It's frustrating. Maybe all of us Apple users just don't know how to do this corectly. But it seems like a bug. Otherwise, why not address the confusion in the marketplace and post online training for how to sync all your devices without creating duplicates. Since that solution/training has never surfaced, I say this is a long standing bug in the system and Apple has never figured it out. It remains one of the few complaints I have about Apple. Wish they would get it right.

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    I'd like to wipe out the contacts list on my Mac and overwrite it with the list from the phone. There is an option in iTunes to overwrite the phone from the computer, but how do I do that the other way?

    Open address book, in the Group column, select All Contacts and then, in the Name column, select all contacts to delete, press the Delete key.
    Itunes, not running, launch isync from your applications folder & under preferences, reset sync history. When finished, re-boot your computer. Then, under preferences in itunes, disable auto sync when an ipod/iphone is connected. Put ONE contact in address book, it can be fake, doesn't matter. Connect your phone, right click in the device pane & select "reset warnings". Hit the sync button, you'll get a popup regarding your contacts, asking to merge or replace, select MERGE.

  • How to sync a subset of Address Book contacts only

    Is anyone able to tell me how to achieve a complete two-way syncing between my phone contacts and a group (subset) of contacts in my Mac's Address Book?!
    I have in my computer's address book two sets of contacts:
    1) contacts I want to be mirrored in my phone contacts
    2) contacts I want to keep in my computer, but NOT in my phone
    For this reason, I created a specific group called "mobile" in my Mac's address book. When syncing with my phone using iSync, I would have a full synchronization between this "mobile" group and my phone contacts.
    I have carefully selected this specific group (instead of "all contacts") in iSync preferences for syncing my phone, but there is a problem:
    when iSync detects new contacts I added in "mobile" group, these contacts are copied into my phone correctly
    new contacts added in the phone are recognized and copied into my Mac's address book WITHOUT being inserted into "mobile" group!!!
    This means that every time new contacts are copied from my phone to my computer, I have to move (better saying "mark") these new contacts to the "mobile" group manually, because they are synced but added OUTSIDE the group.
    This is really annoying and would make me lose contacts easily from my mobile phone in case of a restore of my phone contacts after resetting or changing the phone (all contacts would be maintained in my computer's generic address book, but not transferred back to my phone).

    new contacts added in the phone are recognized and copied into my Mac's address book WITHOUT being inserted into "mobile" group!!!
    Although annoying, that is how iSync works, and always has done.
    New contacts added on the phone are not put in the selected group for syncing.
    In the options for your phone in iSync, you'll notice that whereas there is a "Put events created on phone into: {calendar pop-up}", there is no equivalent "Put contacts created on phone into: {group pop-up}".
    This has always been the case, and despite reporting it to Apple many times, it seems to be something they don't want to fix.

  • How can I merge my iphone address book with contacts

    new 4s,
    I can't seem to find out how to merge the contact phone book on my phone with the contacts on my mac (email adress book) without doing it by hand.

    If you set up an icloud account, it will sync them both to each other.

  • Notification sounds only when I get email from address book contacts

    I am getting constant sound notifications whenever I get email but very few emails really require instant attention. I do not want to hear a sound when I get an email, except when the sender is one of my contacts. What settings do I need to make this happen? Thanks.

    OK, perhaps I see the problem now.
    Outgoing Mail Server: /

  • How can i move all my address book contacts to icloud?

    I think I now understand the two accounts I have in Contacts -  one for On my Mac and one for iCloud. The On my Mac account is the complete one. Can I move the whole thing into teh iCloud account so that it syncs with my oher Mac and my iPhone?

    I jus found the answer to my question at:
    Winston Churchill Poulton-le-Fylde, UK
    Re: sync with AddressBook  
       Dec 30, 2011 10:33 AM    (in response to ralphfromworcester) 
    Many thanks Winston!

  • How can I get my iphone to update contacts to icloud?

    I reset my entire phone (4s) in order to restore mistakenly deleted contacts to the phone. The problem is, every time I do this, I just lose them again because it is synching with iCloud and instead of adding new contacts to the cloud, it's deleting them from my phone! HELP! I am only able to keep them on the phone if I turn off wifi right after I reset the phone and restore to iCloud backup.

    logically one would think that would work. It just keeps removing the contacts I restored to my phone instead of saving them to the cloud. Then it synchs to the cloud and removes the contacts. Here is my thought- should I delete all my contacts on the cloud and then wait for it to synch?

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    This seems so simple yet I cannot determine how to create a new duplicate address book contact. I have a few contacts from the same company and want to change the variable data instead of re entering the data
    I can create a new contact, copy the data of the record I want to duplicate yet when I paste the info into the new record - address book puts everything into one field.
    Why not a duplicate contact command?

    According to Address Book Help:
    To duplicate an address card:
    Select an address card.
    Choose Edit > Copy, and then choose Edit > Paste.
    Works for me

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