How do i get my old library onto a new computer?

i just got a new computer and want to transfer my library on my old computer to my new itunes on my new computer. how do i do this??

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  • How do I get my old library onto my new computer, ELI5 edition.

    Well, my old laptop melted into a pile of slag, so I built a new computer, but every time I try plugging my Ipod in it tries to delete all the music I have on there. I've tried following the 'instructions' on the support page, but can't make head nor tail of what exactly it is they want me to do, and the only bits that do make sense all involve actually having access to your old computer and the files therein. I do not have that luxury. Thanks in advance for any help and remember, please, ELI5.

    this might help...

  • How do I get my iTunes library onto my new computer when my old computer died?

    How can I upload my iTunes library onto my new computer from my iPod or iPad? our old computer died and now I cannot move my iTundes library from my iPod or iPhone onto the new iTunes. Anyone have a workaround for this?

    It depends on what you mean by "died".
    If the old computer is a Mac, you can try starting it up in "Target Disk Mode" - it doesn't attempt to start up like a computer, it pretends to be an external hard drive so it might work even if your old computer still has power (even if it's otherwise unusable). You then use a firewire cable (or or firewire to thunderbolt adapter) to plug the old computer into the new one, and can copy the music off the old hard drive.
    OS X Mountain Lion: Transfer files between two computers using target disk mode
    Or, if you're handy with a screwdriver, open up the old computer and take the old hard drive out. How easy that is depends on what model computer it is. You can then pop the hard drive into an "external enclosure" (about $20 from any computer parts store), plug that into your new computer's USB port and copy away - and you even get to keep using the old hard drive as an external hard drive. But that's assuming it really is the computer that "died" and not the hard drive itself.
    Finally, if it's the hard drive in the old computer that died, but the computer itself is still good, you can try using a utility like DiskWarrior or TechTools Pro to try to recover the old hard drive, then use one of the above methods.
    if you want to copy the music directly from you ipod, you can try these instructions - How to transfer music from an iPod to your computer | How To - CNET

  • The computer with my original itunes account and all my music crashed and i cant get into it at all. how do i get my old music onto my new computer?

    The computer I started my itunes account on crashed. I would like to put all my old  music onto my new computer but I cant get into the old computer to import. Is there anyway to get my old music another way?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Pis your content purchased, do you have a back up.

  • Replaced my hard drive on my desktop, how do I get my old stuff onto my new computer?

    How do I get my backed up information onto my new computer...application, files, everything?  Thanks

    Use Migration Assistant:

  • How can I get my old iPod onto my new computer without my old computer?

    The hard drive on my old computer recently crashed and there was no way to recover anything from it. I was currently using iTunes 7 on that computer so everything was updated. I was using Windows XP on my old computer but I just bought a new one that has Vista. I have a lot of songs and pictures on my iPod and want to get them to my new computer. How can I do this if I don't have any computer authorized to my iPod without losing everything? Please help!

    Connect your iPod to your computer. If it is set to update automatically you'll get a message that it is linked to a different library and asking if you want to link to this one and replace all your songs etc, press "Cancel". Pressing "Erase and Sync" will irretrievably remove all the songs from your iPod. Your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list from where you can change the update setting to manual and use your iPod without the risk of accidentally erasing it. Also when using most of the utilities listed below your iPod needs to be enabled for disc use, changing to manual update will do this by default. Check the "manually manage music and videos" box in Summary then press the Apply button: Managing content manually on iPod
    Once you are safely connected there are a few things you can do to restore your iTunes from the iPod. If you have any iTMS purchases the transfer of purchased content from the iPod to authorised computers was introduced with iTunes 7. A paragraph on it has been added to this article: Transfer iTunes Store purchases using iPod
    The transfer of non iTMS content such as songs imported from CD is designed by default to be one way from iTunes to iPod. However there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod. You'll find that they have varying degrees of functionality and some will transfer movies, videos, photos, podcasts and games as well. Have a look at the web pages and documentation, this is just a small selection of what's available, they are generally quite straightforward. You can also read reviews of some of them here: Wired News - Rescue Your Stranded Tunes
    TuneJack Windows Only
    iPod2PC Windows Only
    iGadget Windows Only
    iDump Windows Only
    iRepo Windows Only
    iPodRip Mac & Windows
    YamiPod Mac and Windows Versions
    Music Rescue Mac & Windows
    iPodCopy Mac and Windows Versions
    There is also a manual method of accessing the iPod's hard drive and copying songs back to iTunes on Windows or a Mac. The procedure is a bit involved and won't recover playlists but if you're interested it's available at this link: Two-way Street: Moving Music Off the iPod
    There are various programs out there for recovering photos from an iPod, have a look at the ones below. If you search the internet you can find more:
    iPodPhotoCopy Windows only
    CopyPodPhoto Windows only
    Tansee iPod Transfer Photo Windows only
    iPod Photo Liberator Mac & Windows
    If you have full resolution copies of the photos on the iPod have a look here: Apple Knowledge Base article - Use Disk Mode to copy photos from iPod
    Whichever of these retrieval methods you choose, keep your iPod in manual mode until you have reloaded your iTunes and you are happy with your playlists etc then it will be safe to return it auto-sync. I would also advise that you get yourself an external hard drive and back your stuff up, relying on an iPod as your sole backup is not a good idea and external drives are comparatively inexpensive these days, you can get loads of storage for a reasonable outlay.

  • How do I get an old library to a new computer? Old one crashed

    How do I get my library of music to a new computer? I authorized the new computer but nothing is going to the new computer Please help

    your library won't magically appear on the new machine.
    this is one option:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store
    however, the music feature is currently available in the US only.
    if you have your library on an iPod, check out this post by Zevoneer.
    you can also remove the HDD from the crashed computer, put it in an external enclosure, and try to retrieve your library from it.
    of course, the easiest way would be to restore from your latest backup. if you don't have one, start backing up once you're up and running. get an external HD and copy the entire iTunes folder (not just the iTunes music or media folder) to it. use e.g. SyncToy to keep both folders in sync.
    SyncToy 2.1 is a free application that synchronizes files and folders between locations. Typical uses include sharing files, such as photos, with other computers and creating backup copies of files and folders.

  • I have created separate user accounts for my 2 boys on my macbook. How do i get my itunes library onto their new ipods?

    I have created separate user accounts for my 2 boys on my macbook. How do i get my itunes library onto their new ipods?

    They can't.  Which came first - the chicken or the egg?  Actually, that's a bad comparison but a sync must come first.
    The library is actually part of iTunes and it contains everything.  iTunes is then configured so that you (or they) determine which portion of everything will be synced to each iPod (identified by a unique name, see below for an example of an iPod and an iPad).  iTunes can't make that decision until AFTER it knows which iPods exist.
    By the way, I (you, they) can very easily change the name of each device to whatever I (you, they) wish to call it.

  • I just got a new computer. Itunes tells me that it wants to erase my ipod and install a new library.  How do I get the old library on my new itunes/

    I just got a new computer. Itunes tells me that it wants to erase my ipod and install a new library.  How do I get the old library on my new itunes?

    Launch iTunes on the new computer. From the iTunes menu bar click Store / Authorize This Computer.
    Connect the iPod to your computer then select it under Devices left side of the iTunes window.
    Then from the iTunes menu bar click File / Transfer Purchases From..

  • HT3819 My old computer doesn't work. I how do i get my iTunes library into my new computer?

    My old computer gave up the ghost.
    How do i get my iTunes library into my new computer?
    I have a windows 7 computer.

    Put the hard drive from your old computer in an external drive bay and extract the library from it, or see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • My old computer crashed, and down with it went my itunes library. How do I get my old library into my new library (on my new mac) ?

    My old computer crashed, and down with it went my itunes library. How do I get my old library into my new library (on my new mac) ?

    did you back up your music to another hard drive? if not, the only music you can get back is purchased music from i tunes. 

  • HT1364 my computer is old and I need to replace it.  How do i get my itunes library to my new computer?

    How can I get my itunes library to my new computer?

    abombaci wrote:
       Copy the iTunes music folder to an external hard drive then plug that external hard drive onto the new computer click the folder and then install and go into iTunes on the new computer and click (add folder to library) and you should see your library in iTunes on the new computer fill up.
    This method would lose ratings, play counts, playlists, date added, etc. and any device synced with the current library would see this as a "new" library and consequently iTunes would want to erase and reload all content.

  • How do I get my itunes library onto my new Iphone 5 I keep getting the following error..Cannot connect to this Iphone. An unknown error occured (0xE8000065)

    how do I get my itunes library onto my new Iphone 5 I keep getting the following error..Cannot connect to this Iphone. An unknown error occured (0xE8000065)??


  • How do I get Photoshop 2.0 onto my new computer versions 8.1?

    How do I get Photoshop 2.0 onto my new computer versions 8.1?

    If you mean CS2  Photoshop 2 is 1991 version of Photoshop. Adobe tood down the old activation servers and made a new download available for old CS2 customers to be able to install CS2 using their new activation servers. Download Acrobat 7 and CS2 products

  • How do I get old library onto my new computer ?

    I've just bought a new computer and need to know how to download my songs etc onto the new computer. I turned on home sharing but not sure how that works. Any help out there ?

    Pruesy wrote:
    I turned on *home sharing* but not sure how that works.
    what you want to see in iTunes is this (view from my MBP's iTunes seeing the library on my Mini)
    if you then click on the house icon, it will change to this and the shared library will load. at that point, two buttons will appear in the lower right corner of the iTunes window, being settings and import
    now you should be able to import any content from any shared library by selecting the content and clicking on import.
    if the icon looks like this , home sharing has not been set up correctly.
    in order for home sharing to work
    (a) iTunes on all machines must be authorized for the same iTunes store account
    (b) all machines must be on the same network
    (c) all machines must have access to the internet.
    these reads will be useful: one and two.

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