How do I get PDF files from Windonws into my iPod Touch?

I've downloaded PDF's frm websites directly into my ipod touch, but I've got several on my PC that I want to transfer as well.
How do I do this from iTunes?

Hello Tony,
See this Apple support document for more help and information regarding how to import and transfer these files over to your iPod running iOS4 using iBooks.
Or use a third party app such as PDF Viewer to sync these over to your iPod.

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  • How do i get PDF files from email to open with 6.0.1?

    How do I open PDF files from email in 6.0.1?

    Just tap the PDF icon and will open in the viewer.

  • How can i get pdf files from my ipad to my pc?

    Please help im so lost, i need to get a pdf file from my ipad to my pc but it doesnt work with workspaces. I really need it for uni.

    If you are running the Adobe Reader app on your iPad you can upload your pdf to and then download it to your laptop
    On your iPad open your PDF in the Adobe Reader app
    Select the save icon in the top toolbar - looks like a doc with a wrench)
    Select 'Save to'
    Select the 'Get Started' button
    Enter you Adobe ID and password
    Your file should be saved up to
    Go to your PC
    Launch your internet browser
    Log into with the same Adobe ID as you used on your iPad
    Your file should be available
    Select the file and select the Download icon
    You can download the file to your hard drive
    Another option is
    Go to you PC
    Launch Adobe Reader
    Select File > Open
    From the Open Dialog select the dropdown arrow beside 'Open from online Account' - select
    You will be prompted to enter your Adobe ID and Password
    You should then see your PDF in the listings
    Select to open
    Once open you can save to your desktop
    hope this helps

  • How do I get downloaded games from itunes to my ipod touch?

    I downloaded a few games for a trip I'm going on. I've looked through the manual, and I have tried, but I don't know how to get the games on my ipod touch?

    They need to be downloaded from the App Store, and the iPod touch needs to be running version 2 or higher of the firmware.

  • How can i get the music from my old generation ipod touch on to my new windows computer

    I have an old generation ipod touch 8GB with itunes version 3.1.1 and i want to get the music that is on it on to my new computer. some of the music was downloaded from websites while some of it was rippped from CDs and my computer.

    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive: Apple Support Communities
    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities
    You will need a third-party computer app to copy non-iTunes purchases to the computer as discussed in the above

  • How do I transfer PDF files from PC to IPAD using Itunes 12.1.2.  Previous versions let me drag file in Itunes to Ipad and files appeared under Ibook but can't get it to work in latest 12.1.2 version.

    How do I transfer PDF files from PC (Windows 7) to IPAD using Itunes 12.1.2.  I would like to do files manually rather then auto synch.  Previous versions let me drag file in Itunes to Ipad and files appeared under Ibook and then I could move them to an appropriate collection title.  The interface appears to have changed in the latest ITunes version and I am not sure what the proper procedure is.

    King_Penguin - Thanks it worked perfectly.  I had my pdf files copied into ITunes on my PC but when I clicked on a pdf file to copy it I thought the sidebar would appear with my IPAD name and then I would drag it over.  I didn't realize that I needed to click-and start dragging it towards the left-hand side for the sidebar to appear.  It worked like a charm - THANKYOU!!!

  • How can I delete PDF files from my iMac desktop?

    How can I delete PDF files from my iMac desktop?

    Not on my system,When I try to dump if off in the trash it will not go. I get a message that says this file cannot be removed. I also tried going to File and clicking on Move to Trash. No dice.

  • How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?

    Dear All,
    I want to create a SINGLE page pdf file from two or more page size images that are combined to make a single page pdf. Again, this question is on pdfs that are made out of several, atleast  two color images and a black-and-white mask for one of them.
    I have such pdf files from an unknown source (the producer is edited out) whereby there are three tiff images, obtained using the well known pdfimages extractor.
    When I want to make a pdf out of tiff or png or other image formats, I right click and tell Adobe Acrobat to make a pdf.
    However, I dont know how I can give a command to select say,  three tif images and specify which is the mask for which and then join  them in a way that I get the pdf from the composite of the two color images and a mask for one of them.
    Please help me out.
    I am a little familiar with the pdf structure skeleton and when necessary, fixed xref tables in one of my favorite editors. A few years ago, I also wrote a bunch of javascripts to make some annotations and needed some automation and used some itext type libraries. However, I need your help in this problem as I am now rusty and forgot some of what I studied to solve my earlier problems. This is a new problem for me. Gentle hints from you would be very nice to help me in this problem. Please specify if necessary what manual and pages to read. in the pdfspec.
    Best Regards
    Disabled Veteran [physically handicapped]

    Hello Again.
    On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 12:20 PM, lrosenth <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Re: How to create a pdf file from multiple images ?
    > created by lrosenth in PDF Language and Specifications - View the full
    > discussion
    > ________________________________
    > No clue who Irving is…
    I was hoping to have your first name so its easy for me to address you.
    > I have no clue what OS platform, programming language, etc. you use so
    > can’t really narrow things down.
    I would gladly mention that I am working on windows platform, preferably XP.
    I can also work on linux for free products that come with it.
    >  Also, as this is an Adobe forum, we only
    > recommend Adobe products – so there may be other options that even my list
    > wouldn’t include.
    But adding other products, for the help of an adobe products user,
    even if it outside adobe, shall add greater prestige to your company
    and give impression of user-centeredness.
    > If you read ISO 32000-1:2008 (aka the PDF standard), you will find the
    > information about Images and Image Masks well described.  I didn’t think I
    > needed to repeat any of that information.
    Well, just add the few pdf stanzas since you are proficient on it and
    I am presently a little rusty as I mentioned. Just asking a little
    extra yard, not even to go an extra mile.
    > And, if you read that same document, you will see that there is NO SUCH
    > THING as a “text only PDF”.   All PDF documents are structured binary files.
    Well, ascii format or uncompressed format that is human readable. I
    know its a binary file, but human readable ascii version of it.
    I hope you can give me some stanza and various other approaches
    possible so I can select or combine things for myself. I see only a
    miniscule number of posts claiming to have written masks in this forum
    and then with no details.
    Message was edited by: dying veteran
    because the adobe posting system went crazy and truncated all except the first line ... dunno why

  • How can I read pdf files from LabVIEW with different versions of Acrobat reader?

    How can I read pdf files from LabVIEW with different versions of Acrobat reader?
    I have made a LabVIEW program where I have possibility to read a PDF document.  When I made this LabVIEW program it was Acrobat Reader 5.0.5 that was installed on the PC. Lather when the Acrobat Reader was upgraded to version 6.0, there was an error when VI tries to launch the LabVIEW program. And Later again when we upgraded to Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 I must again do some changes and rebuild the EXE files again
    It isn't so very big job to do the changes in one single LabVIEW program, but we have built a lot of LabVIEW programs so this take time to due changes every time vi update Acrobat Reader. (We have build EXE files.)
    The job is to right click the ActiveX container and Click "Insert ActiveX Object", then I can brows the computer for the new version of acrobat Reader. After this I must rebuild all the "methods" in the Activex call to make the VI executable again.
    Is there a way to build LabVIEW program so I don't have to do this job every time we update Acrobat Reader?
    This LabVIEW program is written in LabVIEW 6.1, but I se the problem is the same in LabVIEW 8.2.
    Jan Inge Gustavsen
    Show PDF-file - Adobe Reader 7-0-5 - ‏43 KB
    Read PDF file.jpg ‏201 KB
    Show PDF-file - Adobe Reader 5-0-5 - ‏42 KB

    hi there
    try the vi\platform\browser.llb\Open Acrobat
    it uses DDE or the command line to run an external application (e.g. Adobe Acrobat)
    Best regards
    CL(A)Dly bending G-Force with LabVIEW
    famous last words: "oh my god, it is full of stars!"

  • How can I transmit PDF files from my Mac to my iPad, How can I transmit PDF files from my Mac to my iPad

    How can I transmit PDF files from my Mac to my iPad, How can I transmit PDF files from my Mac to my iPad

    Yes you can definitely do this. You'll need an app on the iPad that handles PDF viewing and editing. There are many around - two of the best I've seen are GoodReader and PDF Expert.
    In iTunes when you iPad is connected to your PC, go to the Apps tab and scroll down and you'll see the File Sharing section. You can drag files to there to share them to your iPad.
    You could also look at online file sync services like PDF to ePub Maker if you prefer not to have to connect your iPad to a PC

  • How do I get GarageBand files from an older mac onto my iPad 2?

    How do I get GarageBand files from an older mac onto my iPad 2? I can open the GarageBand Documents folder through iTunes while the iPad is sync'd but I can't seem to "add..." any of my old .band folders to the iPad to be able to view those music projects. When I tried I could only sync individual data files contained in the .band folders over to the iPad and there was no way to organize them into .band project folders. What can I do here to get these GarageBand projects onto my iPad for further use?

    This is not currently possible. You can transfer an iPad project to the Mac, and transfer songs/loops from the Mac to iPad, but not GB files from Mac to iPad.
    Send feedback

  • How do i get my files from windows laptop to my new iMac?

    how do i get my files from laptop to my new imac?

    You can use Migration Assistant or Manually move files using an External Hard Drive.
    see > Switch Basics: Migrate your Windows files or system to your Mac
    You can also use your home network to share files with the new iMac. 
    see > Mac Basics: File Sharing

  • How to copy a pdf file from a windows PC to an iPad?

    how to copy a pdf file from a windows PC to an iPad?

    You can use iTunes to sync the file to the iPad using File Sharing.
    About File Sharing

  • How to transfer my PDF files from computer to iphone 5s

    How to transfer my PDF files from my laptop to my iPhones 5 s and how to make folder to store those files?

    The iphone does not have a file system to create a folder in, instead apps themselves are responsible for storing their files,
    Use an app like ibooks or acrobat reader.
    You can then transfer the files via itunes or email them and then use the open in... option and select your chosen app.
    They will then be stored within that app.

  • How do I read PDF files from the SARS website

    How do I read PDF files from the SARS website
    Got the latest version xi.0.08 of Abobe Reader
    Operating system is win XP Sp3

    You need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reading application installed on your system. Then just double click on the form or publication wanted and follow the prompts as needed.

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