How do i get the difference information between two B1 version

Hi all,
   i want to know what are the difference between 2004a and 2005a , for example, any fields existin B1 2005A but not exist in B1 2004A form, any form exist in B1 2005A, but not in B1 2004
   For fields ,  Can icompare the XML? but there are may forms in B1, is there any simple way to make this work?
i appreciate any help and suggestions!
thanks in advance!

Hi Liu,
in the XML-output of the objects, you have every field.
You have to set SAPbobsCOM.BoXmlExportTypes.xet_AllNodes
for the fields to be displayed as in SQL-Server.
xet_ExportImportMode shows different names for the fields

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    There will be no more borders. However the gap exists but the look of the 2-section report might look better.
    There is an ER raised at the Oracle Support.
    Hope it helps you..

  • How can I get the Task information..? Remedy for error "-200089"

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    This would help my application to execute without hard coding the task names as well as I can close the tasks if they are running before exiting the application. 
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    I would appreciate if you could help me in resolving this problem.
    Thank and regards,

     Hi Kunalb,
     To read the tasks currently configured on the system you can use this function: DAQmxGetSysTasks.  This will return an array of the tasks on the system. In that same section of the DAQmx C Reference Help they talk about obtaining the other parameters you mention.
     Another solution would be to add security to MAX such that only engineers with proper permissions could launch and/or modify the tasks. This can be done with Windows XP in the properties of a file.
     I hope these suggestions help! Have a great weekend.
     Best regards,
     Applications Engineer
     National Instruments
    Message Edited by Matthew W on 08-10-2007 02:13 PM
    DAQmxTasks.JPG ‏97 KB

  • How do I get the user information for a page?

    I would like to display information about the person that created a page in CQ.  I know I can get the createdBy information from the page properties, but how can I turn that into a user object where I can get more detialed information about that user?

    If you are within an OSGi bundle you can use the SlingRepository Service. Now it depends how you develop your OSGi services and components. I use the maven scr plugin for this. With this plugin it is possible to get references to services with java annotaions.
            label = "SampleService",
            description = "SampleService",
            immediate = true, enabled = true, metatype = true)
    @Services({ @Service(value = SampleService.class) })
    @Property(name = "service.description", value = "SampleService"),
    @Property(name = "service.vendor", value = ") })
    public class SampleServiceImpl implements SampleService
    @Reference(policy = ReferencePolicy.STATIC)
    private SlingRepository repository;
        public void openAdminSession() {
            Session session = null;
            if (repository != null) {
                try {
                    session = repository.loginAdministrative(null);
                    //do something here
                } catch (RepositoryException e) {
                    LOG.error("Unable to open admin session:" + e.toString());
                } finally{
                                              if(session != null){
    To access a service from a JSP page you can use the reference of the SlingScriptHelper. You have to use the <cq:defineObjects/> tag.
    Example jsp:
    SlingRepository repository = sling.getService(SlingRepository.class);
    Session session = null;
            if (repository != null) {
                try {
                    session = repository.loginAdministrative(null);
                    //do something here
                } catch (RepositoryException e) {
                    LOG.error("Unable to open admin session:" + e.toString());
                } finally{
                                              if(session != null){

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    How do I calculate the elapsed time between the entries?  For ease of calculations I surmised putting the values in 24 hour format would be helpful (not sure if this is true or not).
    Here is an example:
    Start_Date = 2012-04-10
    Start_Time = 10:00
    Stop_Date = 2012-04-12
    Stop_Time = 10:00
    Burn_Time = 48 (hours).
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Guys,
    I have a requirement  to write customer exit, in which i have to get the result for a range of fiscal periods,
    that is in Between   fiscal period1 and fiscal period3,
    and i am getting this Fiscal period from other variable called version in which it consists of combination of fiscalperiod and text
    and now i have filtered the fiscal period and stored in Final_val ( this is an interger), but  how can i use dynamically this Final_val to get the results in between Final_val1 and Final_val3 ( that means if the Final_val is 2008010 then i have to get the results in between 2008011 and 2009001).
    Please provide me the solution, with the possible piece of code

    Hi Diogo,
    Here is the code
    WHEN 'ZC_PVR'.
        DATA: FIN_YEAR(4) TYPE C,
              FIN_DATE(3) TYPE C,
              FIN_VAL(7) TYPE C.
        IF I_STEP = 2.
          IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
            CLEAR L_S_RANGE.
            L_S_RANGE-LOW =  FIN_VAL.
            L_S_RANGE-HIGH =  ''.
            L_S_RANGE-SIGN = 'I'.
            L_S_RANGE-OPT = 'BT'.
    which i am using for Filter the fiscal period, after this when i tried to restrict on this "ZC_PVR" vairable and  set the offset like
    zc_pvr 1 to zc-pvr3 under value of ranges, but i am facing an error saying the " variable may be deleted or used incorreclty",
    could u plz suggest

  • How do I get the difference in time using 2 ttl pulses

    Hi everyone,   I have a question using the delay time.  What I need to find the time interval between 2 incoming TTL pulses and fire the output TTL pulse precisely the same time interval after the second TTL pulse.  I have been using Labview 7.1 with real time module and FPGA module (I think 1.0 because I can not find wait for rising edge vi).  I am using NI 7830R card.  The length of each TTL pulse is about 1-5 microsec.  Second pulse comes in at about 1 millisec after the first one.  So I need to fire aboyut 1 millisec after the second incoming TTL pulse.  Because of the non constant TTL pulse length, I would like to reference at rising edge of incoming ttl pulses.  Can anyone give me a help on this?
    Thank you very much.

    Hi Hideya,
    As is the case with many programming questions, there are several ways to go about solving this one.  The solution I have in mind is to poll the digital input line for a transition from low to high.  The simplest way to do this would be to use a loop with a shift register to store the previous digital input value.  When the current digital input value is greater than the previous value, you can get the tick count (microsecond resolution sounds like it would be sufficient).  You can then do that sequence of operations a second time.  The difference between these two tick counts can be used as the input to the wait (microsecond) function.  After that you can send your digital output pulse.
    Best regards,
    David H.
    Systems Engineer
    National Instruments

  • How can I get the rotation information of my wrists in Kinect for Windows v2 ?

    Assuming we make human wrist as the coordinate origin point of a three-dimensional space Cartesian coordinate, then when moving the wrist freely, what is the wrist rotation information in the coordinate system? Can kinect V2 describe it just like the degree
    of roll, pitch and yaw in Face Basics demo given in the V2 SDK Browser?
    Based on Kinect Studio 2.0 on 3D View model, it gives a vector arrow at each joint in real time, when I move, the direction of arrows changes correspondingly. So I think this may help me to get the information I want.  
    Here are my questions:
    1. Could I use Kinect V2 SDK to detect and output this information directly? If not, any suggestion to use the data which SDK output to get rotation information?    
    2. If the Q1 answer is yes, what is the accuracy of the sensor about the degree of roll, pitch and yaw on wrist?
    3. I have read Kinect V2 SDK documentation about the body class, the JointOrientations property description says that "the joint orientations of the body", what I want to know is the joint orientation based on
    what frame of reference? The specific value of body.JointOrientations looks what kind of data?
    Any advise or guidance would be greatly

    Thanks Carmine. It's really helps. But I still have some questions to ask.
    As you said "a quaternion value, where the
    Y component rotation is around the direction vector from the parent",and you also said "The
    orientation value is ...not the rotation from the parent",my English is poor so I am a little bit confused. 
    About the accuracy, What is the level of accuracy under ideal conditions?
    And in what circumstance
    that "value could be 180 rotated" thing could happen?
    Thank you for your time

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