How do I get the value of a field object programatically after loading a report

I'm using CR 11.5 and VS2005 in a console application, there is no GUI. I have a report with a page header that has 3 field objects. These field objects, their values change for every record and I want to be able to capture the value of these field objects in code for further processing outside of CR. Is this possible?
Thanks in advance!
I should explain a little more, the information I'm trying to obtain is in the Page Header section of the main report. There are subreports. Basically what I'm trying to put together is a list of how many pages are part of each record, the number of pages fluctuates per records so I need to be able to cycle through. Any other suggestions?

When accessing the fields on the report through the SDK you will only get what database field they are using for data.  The internal data collection that is used by the report can be gathered using the rowsetcontroller from the ReportClientDocument.

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    In your backing bean you will need to add a new variable to bind your control to, I think this variable needs to be of teh "HtmlSelectManyCheckbox" type. The on your jsp page you can add binding="#{myBean.myVariable}".
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    Just think of dynpros as windows into the global memory of your program... so if you want the value of a field on dynpro 1234 to appear on dynpro 2345, then just pop the value into a global variable (i.e. one defined in your top include), and you will be able to see it in your second dynpro (assuming you make the field formats etc the same on both screens!).

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    wow, many, many, many.... and many thanks!
    Just add a tiny modify to check out the Batch_type
    doc_id = (select batch_id from gme_batch_header where batch_no='&batch_number' and batch_type = 0)
    Because the batch_no can be duplicated as we also create Batch and Filrm Planned Order.
    Many thanks for your support!
    P/S: Sorry for my terrible English :P

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    You can use an WHEN-LIST-CHANGED trigger, attached to the list-item itself. And, in this trigger, you can use the name of the item to refer its value.
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    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for direction. Let me give more context on this as I'm interested to get more details..One of the issue was to read cross entity field values on UI based on user action and set other entity field behaviour...It is similar to what is being posted here.
    For ex: Reading MTART from Basic Data UIBB in MM MDG UI and set the field properties in some other custom entities say ZZETEST. This cannot be done using UI BADI as it only supports single entity at a time and not cross entity. So alternatively we found a solution where we can enhance existing PLMB feederclass cl_mdg_bs_mat_feeder_form by reading the model and the entity as needed as it it proved that it supports cross entity UI field behaviours and so business requirements.
    This is a workaround for now.
    So the question is How do we achive it using governance API for cross entity field behiaviours.?or what is the right way doing this.
    Can we do that using governance API and its' methods?
    In the Governance API doc you provided below has referring to below external model as part of gevernance API.
    The active or inactive data (before or during the derivation or the check) can be read
    with the external data model interface IF_USMD_MODEL_EXT with the method READ_CHAR_VALUE and
    the corresponding READ_MODE parameter. To avoid unnecessary flushes (derivations), the NO_FLUSH
    parameter should b
    e set to ‘X’.

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    myforum wrote:
    how can i get the value stored in the session object using its sessionid by running stand alone java applicationThis does not seem to make sense! You need at least to give a lot more detail of what you are doing.

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    Hi ,
    U can loop through the VO to get the value of attribute3,
    need to extend the controller ,use below code
    OAViewObject vo = (OAViewObject)oawebbean.getApplicationModule (VO1);
    OARow row = null;
    int fetchedRowCount = vo.getFetchedRowCount();
    RowSetIterator Iter = vo.createRowSetIterator("Iter");
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    Iter .setRangeStart(0);
    Iter .setRangeSize(fetchedRowCount);
    for (int i = 0; i < fetchedRowCount; i++)
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    What I want to know is that , is it possible to get the value of a static content of one jsp into another jsp,something like getParameter() method that we use to get the value of a field in the jsp to a servlet,or to another jsp,the only difference here is I do not have a field here but a static jsp content .

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    Please help me here Or Please forward this issue to any of the PHP developer who solved this issue and let me know.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Vikas,
    you can use this badi MRM_WT_SPLIT_UPDATE, the method will be WHTAX_SPLIT_UPDATE
    in this badi please see the importing and exporting parameters, you will get the  values of withholding tax code  as TE_RBWS in export parameters.
    Please search in google or SCN you will get how to use it.

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    Look at "SimpleDateFormat" and "parse" in the archives.

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    I looked into that, and you right.
    I will replace the Class.forName() with ClassLoader.loadClass() and instantiate a new ClassLoader everytime I need a new version of an existing class ( up to a limit of, say, 100 times, after which the server will notify the client that it has to be restarted before that class can be updated ).
    Now, another question: What happens when I load 10 different versions of "Msg404.class", using different loaders ?
    Will the JVM give me the latest version, when I instantiate Msg404.class ?
    ( That is what I would expect to happen ).
    Thanks, Fredrik.

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    Hi Sravan,
    when i am using the below code to generate self defined functions i m getting a error .
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      DATA: lo_self_functions TYPE REF TO if_salv_wd_function_settings,
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           lo_self_function TYPE REF TO cl_salv_wd_function,
                  l_text type string.
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      lo_self_functions ?= l_value..
      lo_self_function = lo_self_functions->create_function( 'CONFIRM'  ).
      CREATE OBJECT lr_button.
      CLEAR l_text.
      l_text = 'Confirm'.
      lr_button->set_text( l_text ).
      lr_button->set_image_source( '' ).
      lr_button->set_image_first( 'X' ).
      lo_self_function->set_editor( lr_button ).
    Error when processing your request
    What has happened?
    The URL was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system CGD : WebDynpro Exception: IDs Can Only Contain Characters of Syntactical Character Set
    The error occurred on the application server cgslsvr3_CGD_20 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: RAISE of program CX_WD_GENERAL=================CP
    Method: CONSTRUCTOR of program CL_WDR_VIEW_ELEMENT===========CP
    Method: CONSTRUCTOR of program CL_WD_TOOLBAR_BUTTON==========CP
    Method: NEW_TOOLBAR_BUTTON of program CL_WD_TOOLBAR_BUTTON==========CP
    What can I do?
    If the termination type was RABAX_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination in the system CGD in transaction ST22.
    If the termination type was ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination on the application server cgslsvr3_CGD_20 in transaction SM21.
    If the termination type was ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can search for more information in the trace file for the work process 0 in transaction ST11 on the application server cgslsvr3_CGD_20 . In some situations, you may also need to analyze the trace files of other work processes.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    Error code: ICF-IE-http -c: 110 -u: CT-0024 -l: E -s: CGD -i: cgslsvr3_CGD_20 -w: 0 -d: 20080414 -t: 105835 -v: RABAX_STATE -e: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
    HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
    How can i resolve it?

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