How do I input signal from turntable to convert LPs to CD?

Like many of you, probably, I have a collection of LPs I want to digitize and store on my MacBook/iPhone/iPod and/or transfer to CD. Does Apple have a simple method for doing this?
Many thanks!

Quite a lot of info is on the net about this topic. In short:
Your LP player - if you normally need to play it through your stereo, you are probably using Phono inputs on your stereo. This is needed to amplify the stylus/cartridge and provide the RIAA phono equalization. Then I would take a line level signal out of the stereo, such as TAPE OUT, or Preamp Out, and connect that directly to the Mac input.
It is possible you have a turntable with built-in preamplification and RIAA eq, in which case, it would have Line Outputs and could be directly connected to the Mac. It is also possible to have a turntable with a USB digital connection, which is another matter.
On the Mac, you must select the line input with the System Preferences/Sound/input window.
Audacity is fine for recording and editing the LPs into digital files. Use 16 bit, 44.1 kHz digitization. iTunes can be used to make CDs from these files, but options and caveats abound. You do not need to buy Toast to record and make CDs, but many people like it.

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    Maybe that is the limitation of Acquire Input vi can't identify the Unformal key.
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    There are two pictures in attached file, 2.jpg will show you the detail.
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    Using the POSIX signal java program , We can trap the JVM signals.
    Addition info
    Use sun.misc.SignalHandler - interface
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    -2 Rokit KRK Monitors
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    I used the Fantom for several years and did exactly what you want to do. I simply plugged my Fantom into a channel on my mixer, in your case the 003. I ran a firewire out of my mixer (Presonus Studio Live) into my computer using Logic Pro X. Then I just assigned that incoming channel to a channel strip in Logic. As an example I used stero channel 9/10 on my mixer, (plugged in the Fantom here). Then the signal went via my mixer firewire to computer running Logic. I assigned my channel strip input to channel 9/10.
    Does this make sense?
    I just sold my Fantom last week and purchased a new Yamaha Motif XF8. Now I am trying to figure out the same thing on it.

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    You can use a software application called MECIFView.  It uses the MECIF protocol to acquire these signals from certain patient monitors (such as the Viridia).  You can download a demo version at 

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    Then read the data and show the display.
    I defined my ECP port as bi-directional and IRQ enable.
    The problem I faced in here is how to get interrupt service in LabVIEW 5.1 without DAQ board.
    My computer's IRQ is 07 and I would like to control interrupt service by using parallel port.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Best Regards,

    I was very interested looking for possible answers to your question - no feedback from other people - o.k.
    I think, that I have some experience with LabVIEW and
    the use of printerport on different operating systems (Win9x,WinNT,W2k). But I would solve your problem with
    polling of that "filtered" bit on printerport. If some- body has a better idea - let me know. If you have questions about interfacing @ printerport - please write to: [email protected]

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    Try set in the JWEB application's Java environment such
    SYSTEM_PROPERTY: file.encoding=UTF8.
    Thomas Gertkemper (guest) wrote:
    : I encountered the following problem with a JWeb Application:
    : I tried to write a JWeb-Application for OAS 4.0, that
    : input data from a HTML form and writes it into an Oracle
    : database.
    : All processing should be done in the UTF-8 character set.
    : The problem is, that the form data retrieved by getURLParameter
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    : way to change this.
    : Can anybody tell me what I should do to get the form data in
    : UTF-8 character set?

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    When using build array to connect signals from different FP modules to the same waveform chart, the array type is not the same as if all the signals come from one Read Array. Only one digital indicator on the chart displays with the build array method. Why

    Hi gencell,
    There are two ways to plot multiple plots on a Waveform Chart, a 2D array and a cluster of doubles or integers. I would suggest that you use a Bundle to create a cluster.
    This information is in the Context Help of the Waveform Chart terminal (from the Block Diagram).
    Chad Evans

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    How can I rip MP3's from the Digital Optical input on the Extigy? The PlayCenter does not seem to have any interest in the Extigy/USB as an input source. Thank you for your help!!?

    Since you are talking about variables, I suppose that you are using CP4, right?
    There is a fine tutorial in de CP4-help, chapter 'Variables and advanced actions', 'Tutorial on scripting' which explains more elaborately what I will try here:
    Create a user variable, p.e. named 'vName'  (Project, Actions, sheet Variables)
    Ask the user to enter his name in a Text Entry Box; in the properties of this TEB, sheet Advanced you indicate that this name should be put in your variable 'vName'
    Wherever you want to show this name, create a Text Caption and insert your variable by the button 'Insert variable'; this button is present in the properties window and also in the formatting toolbar if you are editing in place (look for X and and arrow); the variable in the text caption will show as '$$vName$$' and in the published SWF you will see the username.
    Hope this could help you, but please check the tutorial.

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    By parsing the HTML.

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    If you don't have any other programs listening on the COM port, you need to let a LV program run BEFORE the signal comes, otherwise you won't be able to read it. You can have the program wait in a slow timed loop so that it doesn't use up too much CPU time, and when the required "trigger" comes, to move into the main part of the program.
    You basically need a while loop waiting for a certain string in the serial buffer. Once the string is found the while loop is exited, and the data acqquisition or whatever else you require from the progam can be performed.
    In the example attached the program wait for ANY text to be sent to the COM port. Please note that you need to configure the VISA resource before using it. Once there is something at the COM port, the loop will exit and the rest of the program will be executed.
    Hope this helps
    Using LV 6.1 and 8.2.1 on W2k (SP4) and WXP (SP2)
    Wait for serisl ‏17 KB

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    I have a site with an SWF that I can put some metrics into, such as ZIP Code, Weight, etc..    then, it takes that info and gives me shipping rates.
    I need to build a front-end site that I can have a forms page that will push data to the backend SWF, and then return the data back from the SWF to the front end.
    Any ideas how to do that?
    Front-end -> SWF (Zip Code, Weight, Size) -> *Calculates* -> Front-End
    That should be the flow..     So I need to send data to the backend, GET the data that it calculated, and return the results to my front-end.
    Thanks Much..  any questions, please ask..

    Depending on what the data looks like coming from the Flash movie, you can use the get or send method to output data from the Flash movie using URLRequest. You can look at the online help example for the URLVariables class. You will still need to use or create a server side script to read in the data, make the changes and send the modified data back. That will be a perl or PHP script and is outside the scope of this forum.

  • How to speedup receiving signal from Oscilloscope

    hello every one. 
    i have a TEK Oscilloscope(TDS 2012C) and i wnat to analyse signale in labview  that i receive from Oscilloscope. i do it, but it shows in labview so slow with delay. i want to receive signals like Oscilloscope lcd! 
    please help me.
    Tektronix TDS 200 1000 2000 Series Acquire Continuous ‏30 KB

    samle of signal
    F0000TEK.jpg ‏30 KB

Maybe you are looking for

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