How do I install adobe flash update on my Mac if Adobe rejects my password?

I've tried multiple times to install Adobe Flash update on my Macbook but my password keeps getting rejected? HELP.

You don't need your Apple password; you need your Mac's administrator password:

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  • In trying to install a Flash update on my Mac (version 10.7.5), I'm getting an "unable to install metafile" message after initialization starts (at the 25% point)-regardless of the site from which I download the installation folder.

    In trying to install a Flash update on my Mac (version 10.7.5), I'm getting an "unable to install metafile" message after initialization starts (at the 25% point)—regardless of the site from which I download the installation folder.

    Hello everybody, good news: after upgrading to Mountain Lion 10.8.5 I've been able to run the installer and all went fine.
    Mountain Lion allows user to force execution through the context-menu (CTRL-click) Open command and it does work, just that simple.
    So my advice is: if you want to install or re-install Flash Builder 4.6 on a Mac with Lion installed, upgrade to Mountain Lion or better to avoid problems.
    Apple introduced some (not all) Gatekeeper functionalities in 10.7.3 and following, but apparently you need a full-fledged 10.8 to have also what you need to circumvent a Revoked Certificate error.
    Since usually OS X has auto updating active, if you are running Lion you end up with 10.7.5 and won't install FB46. If you manage somehow to hold 10.7.2 I suppose you should be able to install FB46, sincerely I didn't check it out. Anyway it's simpler and safer to move on to 10.8.x.

  • How can I install a Flash update without installing McAfee?

    I have tried twice to install and have cancelled both times because it seemed that McAfee was installing. I have Norton installed and am happy with it. I don't object to Adobe's encouraging the use of a competing product, but I do insist on the freedom to decline, and I didn't see a way of doing it.

    @coal.brian - The page in my screenshot is the page you are presented with after clicking the download button from the large gray "update" dialog you were presented.  Clicking the button launches the browser, which in turn has two pages that are displayed.  The first being the one that I used in the screenshot, the second being the download page (see below)
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, we've added code to the second page (download) so that if you were to go there first, we automatically redirect you back to the first page (opt out) so that you have the opportunity to decline the software option.
    If anyone would like to test this out, simply restart your browser and go to this download URL (note that this is the URL from the screenshot in this post): os=Windows%207&browser_type=Gecko&browser_dist=Firefox&d=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus_FireFox _Browser&dualoffer=false&type=au&browser_vers=16
    If it works as designed, you will instead be silently redirected to the opt out page (see my earlier screenshot in this thread.)

  • How do I install camera raw updates to the mac app store version of elements 10

    In the mac app store version of Elements 10 there is 'get updates' link on the help menu. And when I try to do it manually from a download I get a message telling me that 'this update no applicable'.

    Once again,  Apple only provides support for purchasing issues,not with using software purchased via the app store, any more than staples will give you tech support for a boxed version you buy from them:
    The Mac App Store handles the download, installation, licensing, and updating of all products purchased through it. If you encounter an issue with an Adobe product during one of these four processes, visit
    For all other issues, including program errors and how to questions, visit
    Apple only provides support for problems with updates released via the app store and adobe has NEVER bothered to issue updates anything offered through the app store, so you can't get any help from apple for this.
    It's more complicated to install ACR in the app store version. You have to do it manually. See this thread:

  • How do I install new software updates on my mac?

    my itunes and iphoto keep telling me I need a software update and I try to click on the software update button on the top left screen and it tells me to "install and restart" when I click that it JUST restarts and wont install anything. How do I update my software?

    What version of the OS X are you running? Go to the Apple in the upper left corner and select About This Mac and report the Version back here.

  • Can I turn off the Dashboard to install Adobe Flash update?

    Does anyone know how to turn off the Dashboard? Adobe Flash player install asks me to turn off Dashboard during an install process. Any ideas?

    Installing the Flash Update on your Mac
    This is what I had to do to install it; I'm using OS X 10.9 Mavericks; you may get different results if you're still using Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion (earlier OSs)
    I encourage you to do backup your system, download and install the Free, most current operating system for Macs, Mavericks OS X 9.
    At some point, Adobe Flash will offer you the opportunity to update itself. It's a good idea, to do so.
    Step 1 will be to download the Update .dmg file, which installs the update.
    It will probably be in your Downloads folder; double click on it.
    When the folder presents itself in a new Finder window, double-click on it.
    At some point in the Install, it will pop up a notice to Shut Down Safari/Opera/Chrome/Firefox (all Browsers).  That's easy.
    It will also likely insist that you shut down a Dashboard Client.  Only the Dashboard Client won't show when you try Force Quit (Option-Command-Escape).
    Here's what I had to do, to make it work; there may be a more efficient way, but I didn't find it.
    Here's what worked for me, and I'm going to spell it all out the Dummy way, 'cause that's how I need things done for me! : )
    Click on an empty space on the Desktop to activate Finder. In the Finder Menu (top) click on the GO tab (top menu) and scroll down to Utilities. Click on the Activity Monitor. In the CPU tab (any of them will work), Click onDock and, holding the Command button (Splat) next to the Space Bar, click on all incidents of Dashboard Client.  They're easy to find-- they all have a little grey folder icon to the left of them.
    Click on VIEW in the top menu, scroll down to Select Processes, and click on that. The window will simplify and isolate, showing only the selected processes that are keeping you from installing the Flash update.
    Then click on the big red stop sign at the top (Quit Process).... (This didn't work for me. No 'Stop' sign.)
    Alternately, once you've 'collected' the appropriate files, click on and select each one individually, go up to View in the top menu, scroll down to Quit Process. After a brief pause, it will quit. Quit all of the processes selected.
    Make sure everything else is closed and then try to install the Flash Player again. It should work! (Fingers crossed!)
    'Always a good idea to Reboot, afterwards, and you should be good to go.

  • Download Adobe Flash update on Mac with Yosemite

    I am attempting to install the Adobe Flash update on my Mac Book Pro with Yosemite.  On every attempt the download bar stops at 30%.  I have uninstalled Adobe and reinstall it and I get the same result.  I would appreciate help in resolving this issue.

    I just downloaded the installer... took all of 3 seconds to download.  It's only a 1.2MB file.
    Check to see if it has downloaded it anyways.  Should see something like AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller_17au_Itrosxd_aaa_aih.dmg if it's there, quit Safari from the menu bar, run the installer.
    If it's not there, try a different browser.  If that works, it's something in your Safari that's stopping it... could be an extension you have installed or adware.
    You can also try a direct download from the Adobe site: (Under still having problems) tml

  • Is the adobe flash virus affecting the mac operating systems?

    Is the adobe flash update virus affecting mac operating systems?

    The latest Flash 11 works fine for me on Mavericks, on every site that plays videos.
    I have no idea what Xat Flash Chatrooms is (and really have no interest), but it sounds like the issue is with that site, as Flash in general works for literally tens of millions of people on most other sites.

  • How do i install adobe flash flyer to my mac book pro laptop im unable to watch any video on you tube or ay where

    How do i install adobe flash flyer to the mac book pro laptop .it states my adobe is out dated i need to install a newer version. 

    Go to this link to download the installer and this link to determine which version you have installed. Always get extensions like this from the publisher (in this case Adobe) and not from some website that says you need an extension and offers to install it for you since you may end up with malware instead.
    BTW, once the current version of Flash is installed, you can set its preferences to update automatically in the background.

  • I want to install an updated version of adobe flash player.  I am being asked for my password which I have forgotten.  What is the best way to reset my password on my macbook pro?

    I want to install an updated version of adobe flash player.  I am being asked for my password which I have forgotten.  What is the best way to reset my password on my macbook pro?

    Thanks for your response.
    When using the second option as I have forgotten my do I get into the boot mode?

  • Adobe Flash update only saves file, how to activate it?

    After receiving message from Firefox that I should download the Adobe Flash updater, I tried to complete this action. The only popup I get after I select this option is to Save the File or Cancel the action. After I save the file, nothing happens. How do I install Adobe Flash Update 10?

    Make sure Firefox is closed. Then double-click on the Flash_setup file that you saved to start the installation.

  • How can I install Adobe Flash Player on my Mac/Yosemite?

    How can I install Adobe Flash Player on my Mac Pro/Yosemite?

    Zoeykm wrote:
    How can I install Adobe Flash Player on my Mac Pro/Yosemite?
    Download the DMG installer from Adobe here and run it.

  • How to install adobe flash player to my mac w mavericks

    how to install the latest  adobe flash player to my mac w maverick

    Download from

  • When I installed the most recent Adobe Flash update (MacBook Pro, OSX), all my app tabs and recent sessions were cleared. Is there a fix for this?

    This has happened a couple times when I installed updates to Firefox or Flash, but most recently: I am running Firefox 7.0.1 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.8. I installed the Adobe Flash update to Flash 11 and when I restarted Firefox, all my saved tabs were cleared, including the App tabs I'd pinned.

    What's the URL of the page?
    In the mean time clear the cache and reload the page.

  • Installing Adobe Flash Update?

    Anybody have a good way to use ARD to run the latest Adobe Flash update to 60 desktops? It's not a package so you can't use the Install Package tool. I don't want to login to each desktop individually if I don't have to.

    Install it on your master computer, and use LANRev InstallEase to create a package from the newly installed files. Push that package out to the desktops.

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