How do I  join text to shapes in pages?

how do I join text to shapes in Pages?

Just click inside the Shape and either type or paste.
select a Textbox and Shape by clicking on each with the command key held down > Menu > Arrange > Group

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    in ur script main window
    /: IF &TTXSY-PAGE& = 15.              
    ur text or standard text           
    /: ENDIF.                             
    use this.
    hope it helps if any issues revert back

  • How do you highlight text in document in Pages

    How do you highlight text in document in Pages

    but Pages is NOT a 3rd party app.  it's an application that's programmed by apple.  it's supposed to act something like Word in MS office, but that is not at all true. 
    choices for editing text, highlighting, et al., like what you find in MS Office Word, should be immediately available whenever you are inside of a Pages document, but that is not the case. 
    don't you wish that when you buy an apple app for apple/macs that is supposed to be like a windows something or another that it really is? 

  • How do I copy text from a web page in Safari?

    I've searched up and down and can't find the answer to this simple question.
    There is a UI element that I want to copy to the clipboard and then paste into Excel. The UI element is:
    static text of group 104 of UI element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 4 of window "Account Summary"
    The contents of this static text on the web page is "$1,000.00"
    How can I copy this to the clipboard?
    I've tried:
    select static text of group 104 of UI element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 4 of window "Account Summary"
    keystroke "c" using command down
    keystroke "l" using command down
    keystroke "v" using command down
    but it doesn't work. "Select" doesn't actually seem to select anything. However, when I run this from within Script Editor, in the Results Window I get:
    {static text "$1000.00" of group 104 of UI element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 4 of window "Account Summary" of application process "Safari" of application "System Events"}
    ... I'm confused as to what this is telling me. All I want is to copy this value to the clipboard. Any suggestions???

    Try this:
    set the clipboard to item 1 of (get name of (static text of group 104 of UI element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 4 of window "Account Summary" of application process "Safari"))

  • How to import a text file created in Pages (iWork '08) to Photoshop Elements

    I am totally a novice at working with Photoshop Elements.  I need help.  I want to create my business card in Photoshop Elements with a background image and then a text layer over the background layer.  The logo and text was created in Pages (iWork '08).  Can I import this text file to Photoshop Elements and if so how do I do that?  I cannot create the same logo in Elements unless someone can tell me how to draw a circle with a transparent background so that just the outline of the circle shows and the background comes through.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  I have OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and Photoshop Elements 6.

    In PSE, to draw an empty circle use the elliptical marquee tool and hold down shift while you drag to constrain it to a circle. That will give you an empty selection, then go to Edit>Stroke (outline) selection. A window appears where you can choose the width and color of the stroke.
    However, I'm not understanding why you would want to create your business card in PSE rather than in Pages or equivalent. Is there a special reason for this?
    EDIT As for the text file, it would be simpler just to retype it in PSE, since it can't be very much text. Remember that PSE doesn't do all the fancy things with text that Pages can, although it can do some things (like warping) that Pages can't.
    You could activate the text tool and use copy/paste, but you'll lose most of the formatting.

  • How do I copy text and objects from pages to and paste into Email, objects don't show in Email

    Anyone know how I copy text and objects from pages and paste into Email, objects don't show in Email, thanks

    You can't expect Mail to support all the objects of Pages which can include anything up to charts generated from spreadsheet tables.
    Even if Mail was a superset of Pages, what would the recipients who don't have either Mail or Pages, make of it?

  • How do I link text from column 2 page 1 to column 1 page 2

    I'm trying to do a newsletter now that I upgraded to 5.0 Pages.  I see no way to link the text on my first page in the right column (I have two columns of text) to continue on page 2 in the left column.  Where is the blue link box that was in the previous pages?  Or how do I do it now?

    How had you purchased Pages 09/iWork '09?
    Apple should be able to replace it.

  • How do I select text from multiple pdf pages using Microsoft Document Imaging

    Hello.  I have scanned 3 pages and saved to pdf, now in Microsoft Document Imaging I can only select text from the first page and cannot select text from the other 2 pages.  Is there a way to select multiple pages?
    Thank you.

    Why don't you ask in a MS forum? This forum is for an Adobe product and I have no idea why you are asking about Microsoft Document Imaging here.

  • How do I import an irregular shape into pages to wrap text around?

    I see in the lovely demo how pages can wrap text around an image that is an irregular shape, but they never tell us  how to actually get one onto the iPad. As far as I can tell jpg's and tff's are all that the iPad will work with and those are all square. How do I import an irregularly shaped graphic such as a butterfly or logo into my document? Thanks.

    You must need a PNG with transparent background. I just made one in iDraw and it flows great in Pages.

  • How do I change text size in auto-page tabs

    Now I'm trying to make the page tabs fit across my page. I've got several pages and will probably have more. I don't want all of them on the bar as they'll be linked in my text. I would also like to make the text smaller and maybe reformat to another font or style.
    I don't find anything on this but maybe I'm not searching the right terminology.

    You're referring to the navbar.  You can remove any page from the navbar by going to the Inspector/Page/Page pane while viewing the page and unchecking the box to include that page in the navbar:
    To change the font size of the navbar text see this post by Cyclosaurus: How do you change the size and font of...: Apple Support Communities.
    Wyodor also posted a way to change the font size: Darkroom Navigation Font Size: Apple Support Communities.
    If you only have a couple of pages you can create your own text based navbar and complete control over the font, size, rollover color, etc. This demo page has an example: Text Based Navbar. Be sure to use Web Safe Fonts. 

  • How do I highlight text in the new Pages?  It's not clear.

    I have the new version of Pages.  And it appears that highlighting of text is an issue.  This is a basic function.
    I found there is one quick key version, but doesn't clearly explain how to change highlighting colours.  How to get into it.
    I have to explain this to my 80 year old mom, who we told to get a Mac because it was easier!
    So if anyone has it laid out step 1, 2, 3, that would be helpful, because it's not clear to me either.
    Apple - please to a quick fix for this one, it should be the same as changing the size or the font or like bold or italic.  Simple, clear, fast and doable..... for anyone!

    TO Peter,
    Thanks for the list. I had found it in LibreOffice, tucked away in the Background tab of the Character pane opened by the Character... menu item in the Format menu, and named "Background Color. A few steps further down than in Pages. Apache OpenOffice has it in the same place. But both also have a hilight icon in the toolbar.
    I didn't fin highlighting or Color fill in Text Edit (v1.8). Might need a further search.
    But this well-equipped party of (one) oscurantist did find a shorter path to highlighting text in Pages '09, cleverly hidden in plain view! See the image below.
    TO hscortez,
    I'm aware that changing the text colour is not highlighting.
    But YeOldMacFan pointed out how to change text colour AND how to change background colour of text, using Character fill, found in the Advanced Options (Pages 5) or the More (Pages '09) tab of the Text Inspector.
    Character Fill fills the space around the character with the chosen colour. As shown above, it's essentially the same effect as dragging a hiliter pen along a line of printed text.
    Unfortunately, whats shown above is the Character fill well on the format bar of Pages '09—right out in the open like the highlighter pen button in LibreOffice, and presumeably in MS Word. I don't have Pages 5 (avoiding it until a few more of the missing features arrive), but I do note that Pages for iOS offers highlight as one of the options in the contextual menu that appears when a block of text is selcted.
    The process appears to be:
    tap twice to select some text.
    drag the handles at each end of the selection to adjust what's selected.
    tap Highlight in the menu that has appeared on the screen.
    One thing missing appears to be colour choice. The default is a 'hiliter yellow'. I didn't see a way to select a different colour.
    "Hopefully, this will make it on their upgrade list. "
    Hope is good, but taking action is useful.
    Pages menu > Provide Pages Feedback > Make your request that this be added to Pages 5. Requests made through Provide ...Feedback go directly to Apple. Comments and questions here are read by users like yourself, and we don't have the ability to change the way the apps work. Not directly,anyway.

  • How can I introduce text in a web page with automator?

    I want to create a workflow with automator for httpS web pages in which I have to introduce the user and password. how can I do?

    Try this:
    set the clipboard to item 1 of (get name of (static text of group 104 of UI element 1 of scroll area 1 of group 4 of window "Account Summary" of application process "Safari"))

  • How do I rotate text within a table Pages 4.3?

    Does anyone know how to rotate text within a cell in a Pages 4.3 table?

    You would have to use a floating text box over the cell. Make sure text wrap is turned off.

  • How to change area text in the area pages of ESS

    Hi ,
    i need to change the text of the areas(like employee search,personnel information..etc) in ESS.
    i am working on EP6.0& ECC 5.0.
    Can anyone help me..

    Hi karthik
    SPRO->IMG->cross-application components->Homepage framework ->Areas -> Define Areas ->Double click on Define Areas (Add Entries)
    double click on area which u want to add information
    EMPLOYEE_PERSINFO-> double click on it
    under Area Description (summary)
    u can change text from
    Manage your addresses, bank information, and information about family members and dependents.
    Here you can change the address and personnel
    information of the employee.

  • How to create label & text items in a page dynamicly(TOP URGENT)

    Dear all;
    did any1 tried before to create a PLSQL which can create labels or text items?!! i have a page which i want to create labels according to the count of rows in the Database table?

    I would first try creating an 'On Load - Before Header' PL/SQL Computation to count the rows, and store the result in a hidden page/application item, e.g. P120_ROW_COUNT.
    Then in the label of the item, put &P120_ROW_COUNT. as the Label Text.
    I haven't tested it - but it should work.

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