How do I make changes in face time?

How do I set up or make changes to which email addresses in my address book are the ones to set up for face time?

When I launch it all I see is the video window and the contacts list to the menu

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    How could I make face time available in my iPhone 5 setting? I bought it on United Arab Emirate and use it in Afghanistan, with Etisalat GSM connection.

    You can not do so. It is permanently removed from all iPhones sold in UAE and KSA. This is a requirement of the goverenments there. Apple has no choice in the matter.

  • How i can change my face time for the green one??

    how i can change my face time to the green one??

    No way that I know of.  It appears that Apple change the color with the last update.  I tried resetting the iPod and it did not change to the old green.

  • How can i know if the face time is working on the iPad before i buy it?

    How can i know if the face time is working on the iPad before i buy it?

    I am plan to buy new ipad2 and i want to check before i buy it, if there is facetime or not?
    As far as i know if it is from KSA there is no face time in, but if it from US there is facetime in?
    And i have the serial number.

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    Streaming videos "burp" otherwise and I have to make the cpu change manually via Task Mgr

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    Hi There How do I activate and use Face Time?

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    More information would be helpful. Are you doing this in an application? If so, what application.

  • FaceTime call to my iMac will only ring once then hang up and won't let me answer. How do I make it ring more times?

    FaceTime call to my iMac will only ring once then hang up and won't let me answer. How do I make it ring more times? I can call my iphone 4 from the imac with no problem but when I call my imac from my phone, it won't let me answer.

    This article is pretty long but it has a troubleshooting guide near the bottom, and especially mentions your problem with a few things to try. e-set-up-use-and-troubleshooting-problems/

  • Can not make call on face time

    Can not make call on Face time. Mac book pro with mountain lion. Camera ok, face time starts fine, validates apple id ok. Showes list of contacts. when I select one nothing happens!! Face time is on, apple id is ok wi fi is fine (verified with lion macbook pro), also can not access face time preferences, it shows grey????

    try posting in macbook pro forum. or ML

  • How do I can't get Face Time to work on my iMac.

    I have OS X 10.9.4 on my iMac computer. Face Time quit working. Tried to buy the 99 cent app, but was told my computer has a newer version installed. Was told I would have to uninstall what I have and then download the 99 cent app, if I want to change. Looking for answers as to what to do.

    When I try to use Face Time, I sign in and click next. I am told about choices to reach me by phone and e-mail. I chose phone and e-mail and click next. This takes me back to sign in. I try clicking on the number I want to call from my contact list and nothing happens. My favorites no longer appear on my screen. Do you have any suggestions? Will be out of town until Sat. and will check back for your help. Many thanks.

  • How do I make changes to birthdays in iCal?

    When I tried to delete a birthday, it says "Only the calendar administrator and any delegates with permission can make changes to read-only calendars. To make changes to the calendar, contact the calendar administrator."  I thought I was the administrator....  How do I access the permissions?

    Lorraine, I presume that you do not have a contact named "Norma:)" or any similar version of that name?
    This is the warning I get when I try to delete a birthday from the "Birthdays" Calendar:
    Is Norma:) associated with any particular calendar besides the "Birthdays" Calendar?

  • HT204380 How to delete all contects from face time

    I just wanna delete all contects from face time

    Hi this is Dr Shabd
    The only and easiest way is
    1-Go to Setting - Switch off the Face Time
    2-Go to Settig - Switch off the iMessage
    3-Go to Setting - General Settings- Reset Network Settings
    4 - Go to Setting Switch on FaceTime - Sign in with your existing Apple / iCloud ID
    You can see the Mobile number is changed now.
    For more queries do write me or Whatsapp me.

  • How do I make changes to an external drive connected to my Mac mini from my Windows 7 PC

    I have an external drive which I learned had to be FAT32 for the read write option to be set in the Mac Mini.  I did that and moved all the media files back on the external HDD.  On the Mac Mini, I shared the 4 folders I needed (Ebooks, Movies, TV Shows, and Transfer).  Also on the Mac, I added a user account "Ephraim" because that is the login I have for the WIN7.  No Passwords are used right now.  The current login being used on the mac is "Media".  With the change to FAT32 I have set the permissions on the MAC to Read/ Write for Everybody.  Everything listed shows read/write.   From the WIN 7 "Ephraim" login, I mapped drives for every folder on Mac external.  So, "TV Shows" is drive letter Z:.  I can access all the folders/drives to view the files but, still get an error when attempting to change a name or move a file.  "You need permission to perform this action.  You require permission from the Computer's administrator to make changes to this file".  On the Mac and the PC, the user accounts "Media" and "Ephraim" are set to administrator.  SMB and AFP are selected under options.  Under Get info, permissions show read write.  I created a media login on the PC but could not see the mac mini at all.  FYI the Mac mini is connected via ethernet.

    In addition, I just realized I can make changes to sub folder names and move sub folders in to other sub folders. For Example: I have "Dexter" folder and Sub folders named "Season 1" and "Season 2".  I move "Dexter Season 3" into "Dexter" folder, and I change the name to "Season 3".  That can be done but I still cannot move a video file from an existing folder or change video file name itself.  For example: I cant move a movie file from a sub folder to Gen Pop of the Movie folder, or change the name to my format.  I want all files under movies with no other folders present, and I want the name to follow a format (Name Year Ex: "Flight 2012"). I have the mac mini in the living room and need to be able to make changes or additions from my desk, so as to not disturb people who are watching Cable TV by changing the input to work on the Mac files.

  • How do I make changes in the page source of my web page?

    What feature of firefox do I use to make changes in the page source of my web page?

    Please see this thread:
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