How do i make premier pro cs6 support m2t file

how do i make premier pro cs6 support m2t file
please help me

Change the extention to mpg or mpeg.

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  • Premier Pro CS6 and MOD files.

    I am thinking of getting Premier Pro CS6 and wonder if it will work with MOD files. My Panasonic camcorder records in MOD format.  I notice that my Media Encoder 5.5 won't work with MOD file so I don't want to spend $$$$ on Premier Pro only to find out it doesn't work tih MOD files either.

    Premiere Pro does not support mod files.
    Some are lucky by just changing the extention.
    Others have to convert:
    However Premiere Elements does support mod files.

  • How to open Adobe Premier Pro CS6?

    Hi I've downloaded the Adobe Premier Pro (video editor) CS6 and can't get help from the download assistant! There is no icon to open or any file I can access the video editor with. How do I use the trial version then?

    Philozrica you can find the shortcut for Premiere Pro in your Start Menu.  If you do not see it listed then please check your Programs & Features control panel to see if it is installed.
    It sounds like you are opening the install files.  These only need to be ran once as they should then install the software successfully.

  • How do I export Premier Pro CS6 files for use with Final Cut Pro?

    In my cloud version of CS-6, I am trying to export or convert my finished work and take to my
    co-editor that uses Final Cut Pro. In "export" on my PrP file, I have the option to export as FCP "with notes."
    When I do that, and look at the notes, they basically say "Clip one did not export - Clip two did not..."
    I saw a tutorial on the web where they had the option to convert the file in Encoder from PrP file to FCP, but
    it is not an option on my Encoder in the cloud. When I try to encode the files as .mov, they are tiny, and don't
    look good.
    Any ideas?

    You can take the project file and the source files to FCP by exporting it as an FCP XML. Other than that you may have to export the whole project as a quicktime mov or any other editable your co-editors use.

  • Forcing Premiere Pro CS6 to Index Files.

    The search bar is greyed out in the Project Panel in Premiere Pro CS6. Above the search box it says (Items to index 12). How do I get Premiere Pro CS6 to index files?

    I ended up closing the Premiere and re-opening it and that prompted it to index everything. My co-worker had a few pieces of media whose link was broken because she had moved the files. She had to re-link those files to get Premiere to re-index.
    Hope that helps

  • Does Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6 support the graphic found in the new late 2012 27" iMac?

    Hi there guys! I´m very, very, VERY close to buy a full configuration iMac (the late 2012 27" model) but I have reed in different forums that Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and other applications from Adobe such as After Effects DO NOT support the graphic cards found in the new iMacs....
    is this true??????
    i really wouldn´t understad the logic behid the decission of picking a graphic card that is not supported by one of the leading video editing sofrware used today.... specially when this computer is suppoused to be an Editing Animal....
    I hope this rumor is not real..... then I can be just... really happy and get my new desktop computer and work, work, work, work
    thanks for your attention

    Hi there Daniel, thanks for paying attention to this subject. Today I got an answer from Larry Jordan from his blog (I believe he is one of the "videoguys" from and he said that actually adobe does not support those GPU that we will find in the new late 2012 iMacs. However it seems there is a way to make that work out.....
    here is his review on his new iMac, at the very botton you will see comments from people and his answers... one of the last coments is mine regarding this subject, this is what I asked and his answer:
    mGabo Jan 18, 2013 08:50Hi there Larry, I reed in your other post on your iMac that Adobe didn´t support the Nvidia graphic cards found in this model, I have been asking in forums about this and people say Adobe does supports them……Do you know if Adobe now works fine with these cards?
    Larry Jan 18, 2013 11:10When I contacted Adobe about this a couple months ago, just after the release of the new iMacs, I was told that Adobe did not support the graphics card at that time. There is, however, a workaround, which I’m hoping to write up this weekend.Larry
    mGabo Jan 18, 2013 12:28 oh! great Larry! please post the link of that article so I can follow that!many thanks
    here is the link of this article: t-7853
    so far I haven´t find anyone who can expalin to me how can I get these Nvidia GPUs working with adobe premier and aplications alike from adobe.

  • How do I open trial version of Premier Pro CS6 & Encore CS6?

    I've downloaded and installed trial versions of both Premier Pro CS6 and Encore CS6,but when I try to open I am requested to enter a serial key, which obviously I don't have yet as I haven't bought the software.... There is no choice to select trial version at this point, any help appreciated, thanks.

    Nothing you can do. It's busted:
    Adobe trial software expired early

  • I had Premier pro given me by the college I attend and do no use wi fi and do not use cloud. My laptop completely died and will be sent back to Apple for exchange. How can I reinstall Premier Pro on a new Apple computer since the old one is completly dead

    I had Premier pro given me by the college I attend and do no use wi fi and do not use cloud. My laptop completely died and will be sent back to Apple for exchange. How can I reinstall Premier Pro on a new Apple computer since the old one is completly dead and could not be unregistered?

    You have not specified which version of Premiere Pro was given to you. If you don't have the disc (which i suppose you don't have) you will have to download it online.
    As far as your registration is concerned, for Premiere Pro CS6 or earlier you will have to reach Adobe chat support for further help:
    For Premiere Pro CC and later, you will not have much problems reactivating it.

  • Adobe Premier Pro CS6 domain account's home folder causes crash?

    Hello All,
    Background: We set our user’s home folder in active directory so that when things get saved to their documents folder they get saved to their network folder. This works fine, and hasn’t given us problems until now.
    Adobe Premiere Pro from the CS3 suite has worked on a Win7 64bit HP  desktop computer for some time now. Recently Adobe Premiere Pro has been installed along with the rest of the CS6 Master Suite on this machine.
    Problem: Whenever we open Premier Pro CS6 as a user that has their home folder set to the network the entire application crashes immediately.
    Solution: After some Googling and expirementing I’ve determined that the problem is the home folder. If the home folder is set to the network when the user first opens Premiere Pro, it crashes and will always crash even if the settings are changed. If the home folder is not set, Premiere Pro will not crash and never will even if the settings are changed.
    I think the reason this works is that premiere stores some information in the documents folder. Since changing the user home folder settings is not an option, I’d love to find another way. I’m thinking there’s probably a way to change where Premiere Pro stores the files, but I’m not sure where this would be nor how to make these settings apply to all users. Any ideas? Or alternate solutions that I haven't noticed? –Ben M 

    This Drive C space discussion may help

  • Can This Laptop Be Used For Premier Pro CS6?

    Developed an interest in learning to edit video but have become confused in reading all of the posts about what is the true minimum hardware requirement/setup, as compared to what is listed as System Requirements by Adobe.  Probably best to start with my initial goals.
    Here is what I was looking at doing as this journey begins:
    Purchased Creative Suite 6 Production Premium Classroom in a Book(CIB) after reading a review it would be a better start than Premier Pro CIB, which I plan on getting, if one has no experience in this field.  During research feel that I would like to become a subscriber to the Creative Cloud as there are a number of products I would like to learn and use.  Basically, I am hopeful that I may use my current laptop for the beginning of my education and further down the road look at getting a more powerful system as knowledge/skills/requirements increase.  Initial video I wouild like to work with is that received from family members smart phones and will be looking at purchasing a simple video camera for short interviews and brief presentantions.  Will likely desire uploading some completed projects to the web.
    Current Hardware:
    Laptop:  Asus N53SV
    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    CPU: Intel i7-2670QM  2.2GHz Cores=4  Threads=8
    L3 Cache: 6mb
    RAM: 6MB
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1024 MB
    OpenGL: 3.1.0
    Display: 1920 X 1080
    Drives: (1) HD, Seagate 500GB @ 7,200 RPM partitioned as C: 186GB with OS and programs,  D: 254GB some documents
                  E: Optical DVD-RW
                  F: USB 3 connected 2 TB Seagate GoFlex External HD
    If this laptop can be used with current hardware, I wouild sincerely appreciate any suggestions for how to best utilize what is available to begin learning Premier Pro CS6.  As I will not have any time schedules that will have to be met I can accept that this may not be the ideal system.  Just hoping it can be a start.
    If any further information is required about the laptop please let me know and Thank You for your time with this question.

    JEShort01 wrote:
    That's not a bad setup at all to get started with small projects.
    We all have different budgets and patience. You may be OK with what you have. And if it seems too sluggish - your rig would be for me , the following would help Premiere Pro performance:
    - increase RAM to 16GB (about $140 per eBay pricing from a seller with high ratings a few minutes ago)
    - add another drive; my favorite choice with your laptop would be a Seagate Momentus 750gb drive installed in a optical bay caddy (slips into your laptop)
    Exactly what I have done, and it is great.
    You can get the caddy here: -G73Jw-G73Sw-/320881591179
    I had this setup for my old HP and have a caddy ready to install for my new Dell Precision as well. You can either get an external house for your DVD drive, or get an external one - they are quite cheap.

  • Third party plugin for premier pro cs6

    I installed a third party plugin for premier pro cs6 on my mac and it's not loading... How can get premiere to see it in the program?

    hi todd,
    cart in front of the horse syndrome - wrote BEFORE reading the article. sorry ;-)
    am coming from 10 years of vegas, unhappily so, but at my age 60+, i'm wary of anything new....

  • Premier Pro CS6, Classroom in a Book....Lesson Files, Help Please.

    Hello everyone, new guy on the block here and having problems.
    I recently purchased Premier Pro CS6 software and the accompanying book mentioned in my posts title above.
    I am trying to work through the book and the associated projects but keep coming up against the dreaded Offline Files problem....that has seemingly been the bug bear of others in the past.
    I have read a few posts here of others experiencing the same but still can't seem to solve the problem and it's really starting to bug me.
    I downloaded the DVD contents and saved them to my HD in my Adobe CS6 folder as instructed in the book but no media files transfer over during the import into CS6, the shells/wrappers are there but no content, each wrapper say's that the Media is Offline.
    So I then go to the location where the files are saved to which is - Libraries, Documents, Adobe, Premier Pro, 6.0, Lessons and then go to the corresponding Lesson file and dbl click and upon opening there seems to be nothing there ??
    Can anyone give some guidance as to where I'm going wrong ?
    Many Thanks & Best Wishes

    Hi Jeff, the actual media content is not available in the Project panel although the wrappers of the files are showing with a question mark in the thumbnail.
    I then went to the media browser and located the file 16B_SER5...which I was using incidently because the question marked thumbnail icon was present for that file in the Project Panel, and copied the file/footage over but not into the already present wrapper, it created another thumbnail....should that happen like that or should it fill the already present wrapper ?
    So I then try and link the playable media file by right clicking on the thumbnail, but that option is greyed out in the menu for that file.
    I then checked the un-playable media file that I mention above and the option to link media is available for that so I tried that but seem to get nowhere.
    I get a windows explorer box come up and then go to my Adobe files in my documents (where the DVD contents are) and go to Lessons, Assets, Double Identity, P2 Media, Contents....I then have 6 folders to choose from, I have looked in the Clip file and it is blank until I change the file type selection that is near the bottom right in the explorer window from P2 Movie (mxf) to all files and then there are files available but the files are ending XML and XMP.
    I have then checked the contents of the Video folder and there were MXF files available under the P2 Movie selection but the file numbers do not correspond with the files that I am looking for ?
    I then change the Windows Explorer file search to All Files and files with corresponding file numbers are now present but the files are ending in .pek, I then select the 16B_SER5 48000.pek file and then get an Adobe dialogue box come up informing me that File Import Failure, file format not supported.
    I hope you were able to follow what I have been trying to explain above, I'm sure it's fairly evident that I am not a computer whizz kid so if you require me to take screenshots etc to clarify what I'm doing I can manage

  • Why do my photos and text disinigrate quality (appear fuzzy / blurry / lo res) in premier pro cs6?

    Premier Pro CS6 Question.....
    Why do my photos and text disinigrate quality when imported to premier pro cs6?
    I have still shots that have text and they look clean and crisp when I view them in photoshop. Why does the photo and text look so fuzzy or blurry and not crisp when I import the still files into premier pro cs6?
    Is there a setting in premier that I am setting incorrectly? That is possibly blurring my photos and text? The problem appears in both my PR file and my final exported work.
    Is there a way to retain the quality of the image and text that I see in my photoshop file?
    Note: I am not enlarging anything after import, I am reducing though, but I would think this would only make images and text sharper????
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Im getting tired of doing all my work and delivering blurry / fuzzy / what appears to be low resolution images and text when I complete my project.
    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Hi Jim, thanks so much again for chiming in to my questions.
    Specs of Stills - Photoshop file - 677 x 1014px, 150dpi, 1.96M file size, 150dpi, this is the size of the file I originally imported and reduced to approx. 65%, the one sized properly in photoshop imported fuzzier.
    Sequence Settings -
    Export Settings, FLV, attached are settings.
    FINAL PROJECT IS DELIVERY OF FLV FILE TO EMBED IN INTERACTIVE FILE. Ive tried different settings for different jobs, just feel all text and photos fall apart when pulled into and exported to FLV for embedding final.
    Ive done several slideshow and video's in premier pro, have so much to learn still, Im thinking I keep diving into my projects and possibly making a total mess out of my settings for the desired final destination? is this possible?

  • Verifying 64-bit in premier pro cs6 teacher edition

    I have just bought adobe premier pro cs6, teacher edition and installed it in my 64-bit os windows.  Everything came on fine until I tried to insert the clip into my powerpoint and I got this message: "Powerpoint cannot insert video from the selected file. Verify that the necessary 64-bit codec for this media format is installed, and then try again."  How do I verify that this codec is installed.  Is there a premier pro cs6 for 64-bit?    Chudi

    Premiere has been 64bit exclusively ever since CS5. Whatever issues you have are mundane CoDec issues, but since you have not provided any details on what render settings you used, what system, what version of PP, how you try to embed the video and a gigazillion otehr things, nobody can know.

  • After exporting in Premier Pro CS6 my text flickers in the video

    After exporting in Premier Pro CS6 my text flickers in the video, how do I fix it?

    I have the exact same problem, but I'm actually using CC. I don't have an option for "match source high bitrate." Is anyone responding to forum questions out there?

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