How do I move PDF files out of iBooks and into Goodreader?

Question. How do I move my PDF files out of iBook and into Goodreader. ??

I may havE found why the files disappear in the first place.
In iTunes, after connecting your iPad, check on the sync list. Click the "books" tab and be sure that "Books and PDF files" is selected. Then go thru the list and be sure all the PDF files you want to save are checked.
Perhaps this wasn't done causing the PDF files to not be synced and thus restored during the conversion to iOS5.
Thanks for your help. I will stop worrying about it and in any case, I  now have several ways to recover those PDF files.

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    I think if you use the start-command, the execution is asynchronously and you won't get the correct process-id. Try to execute Acorbat directly without the cmd /c start in front of it.

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    user620950 wrote:
    Hi friends
    Can any one please let me know how to insert a pdf file into a table from a dynamic location in server. Why dynamic locations on the server?
    Make it a business case that the files should be stored in specific location(s).
    Oracle uses directory objects to point to locations on the file system and, whilst these locations can be altered, it is better practice to set up specific locations and grant permission to the correct users for those locations so that there is full control over who is accessing what on the server. Whilst filenames may be dynamic, I wouldn't recommend using dynamic locations.

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    I haven't found any native Apple solutions to this dilemma, but I believe that third-party developers will soon take up the slack and make iCloud into a much more flexible and full-featured solution.  I also suspect that Apple will add more features and possibly a new version of iDisk, or something similar to it, before iDisk goes away next June.
    As a good example of third-party developers coming to the table with solutions, the latest version of the iOS app GoodReader has been updated to use the iCloud sync features. You can open, store, and edit PDF files and they'll automatically sync with GoodReader on all other devices. Documents are stored in iCloud and will also sync with any Mac that is setup to sync with iCloud. The Mac will automatically have a folder where you can open synced files or add new files from your Mac. details of how to do this are in the GoodReader help files.
    Note: I have no affiliation with GoodReader other than as a happy customer.

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    In iOS:
    Combine the pages files into a single document, (Pages will not batch print)or
    Find an app for iOS that will facilitate combining PDF files into a singe file. (To be honest, I have my doubts about finding one).

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    Pages 5 has virtually no AppleScript support so it would be difficult to even make an Automator workflow to do what you want.
    So yes you will have to make a pdf of each one. Be warned that Pages 5 stuffs up links after the first pages of pdfs.
    Apple has removed almost 100 features from Pages 5 and added many bugs. 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick
    Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder if you had it previously.
    Archive/trash Pages 5, after Exporting your files to Pages '09, and rate/review it in the App Store, then get back to work.

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    Copy them from the original computer to the new computer.
    iOS devices are not and have never been backup devices.  They merely mirror the content of the computer to which they sync.

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    Choose Go to Folder from the Finder's Go menu, provide /Users/ as the path, drag one account's home folder to the other's desktop, and move the items inside it to the desired locations.

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    What i've tried is....
    DATA: f_name type string value 'C:\rep_output_pdf.pdf',
          x1 type xstring,
    READ DATASET f_name INTO x1.
    CLOSE DATASET f_name.
          BUFFER     = x1
          BINARY_TAB = LT_DATA.
    Im getting a short dump .
    Short text: The file is not open.
    Plz help me out.

    Hello Rajesh,
    You are trying to do use OPEN DATASET with a local file. NOT POSSIBLE
    You have to have the file in the app server to use OPEN DATASET.

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    (to no end) to plot a PDF file to a 24"x36" sheet.
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    the correct program - he assured me i did, he explained that my
    HP600 plotter should be one of the choices in the print selector
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    Hi brothergrims.
    Thanks for your post. However, this Forum is meant to discuss
    issues related to and not acrobat. To post an issue
    related to acrobat please visit the acrobat forum :
    You may also open a web case with Adobe Support. To do so,
    please visit the following link :

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    Or simply apply an oracle text index on your pdf column:
    SQL>  create table t (id integer primary key, bl blob)
    Table created.
    SQL>  declare
    bf bfile := bfilename('TEMP','b32001.pdf');
    bl blob;
    DBMS_LOB.LOADFROMFILE(bl, bf,dbms_lob.getlength(bf));
    insert into t values (1,bl);
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL>  create index t_idx on t (bl) indextype is ctxsys.context parameters ('filter ctxsys.auto_filter')
    Index created.
    SQL>  declare
       mklob   clob;
       ctx_doc.filter ('t_idx', '1', mklob, true);
       dbms_output.put_line (substr (mklob, 1, 250));
       dbms_lob.freetemporary (mklob);
    Oracle® Database
    Release Notes
    Release 1 (11.1) for Linux
    November 2007
    This document contains important information that was not included in the
    platform-specific or product-specific documentation
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.This generates a text only version of your pdf and standard text comparison methods can be applied ....

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    Adobe Reader automatically lists all the PDFs on your device in it's file browser. You can toggle between the "All PDFs" view and "Folder View" in the "Documents" tab of the file browser.
    Adobe Reader Team

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    Cannot use RSTXPDFT4 because that converts OTF to PDF and the file is already PDF.
    RSTXPDFT5 doesn't work. It picks the file up and assigns it a 'text' type and outputs a 1 line txt (1kb in size) on the server with the spool number in it!
    The program which outputs the file to the spool, in the first place, uses adobe forms and outputs to a printer of type PDF.

    Hi Gemini ,
    Please refer the below links.
    Edited by: Prasath Arivazhagan on Apr 13, 2010 4:48 PM

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    I also called the number listed on the Adobe web site for LiveCycle products. They told me they don't sell their product to non government companies and they referred me to 4 Point to get further info. I called them and only got a voice mail. I'm waiting for a call back.
    I found a product that does exactly what I need. It is called PdfCompressor Professional Edition. But, it costs more than what I want to spend. I'm guessing that LiveCycle will cost more than I want to spend also. If there are any other products that cost less than $150, I would like to know what they are.

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    thank you in advance for your help!!

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