How do I paste a hyperlink into the new version of Numbers and show the link name rather than its URL?

I used to be able to do this using paste and match style, but now instead of showing the link name as on the website of origin it is pasting the whole URL. thanks

Hi Debbsy,
Hyperlinks in Numbers 3 are a bit of a mystery. However, here is one way that works.
Debbsy's question
For example, the URL to this thread in Cell A2
In Cell B2, insert the HYPERLINK function
=HYPERLINK(A2,"Debbsy's question")
Hide Column A.

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    Apple has removed over 90 features from Pages 5. 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick
    Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.
    Archive/trash Pages 5 and rate/review it in the App Store, then get back to work.

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    I have been doing the same process for months and until recently I could just add text to a pdf, click save, adobe would ask me if I wanted to replace the current file, I'd say yes and we would be done.  Now I get a message that says "The document could not be saved.  Cannot save to this filename. Please save the document with a different name or in a different folder." It does this about 70% of the time.  The rest of the time it works like it used to.

    You cannot skip arguments, you can either use the function with one
    argument (just the required argument), or you have to provide all of them.
    Also, it looks like you are trying to specify 20 parameters, even though
    the function only takes 19. Try the following:
    Call jso.addWaterMarkFromText("Test Text",,
    jso.Font.Helv, 16, _
        jso.Color.Black, 0, 0, True, True, True, _,, _
        100, 100, False, 1, False, 0, 1)
    I just typed this in without running it through the compiler, so there may
    be typos in the code, but you should get the idea of how the code is
    supposed to look like.
    Karl Heinz Kremer
    PDF Acrobatics Without a Net
    PDF Software Development, Training and More...
    [email protected]
    On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 1:55 PM, I Love Mustangs

  • I want to bring in text from Word (and the web) that is already hyperlinked into InDesign. How do I do it while keeping the links active?

    I want to bring in text from Word (and the web) that is already hyperlinked into InDesign. How do I do it while keeping the links active?
    Whenever I copy/paste from web or Word it removes the hyperlinks.  And when I try to do it by "Place"ing a Word document into my InDesign project it keeps the formatting with it, the rectangles around the text.
    I have the latest version of InDesign.
    Any help is appreciated. 

    Copy-and-paste may not include formatting. A regular import using Place is the best way.
    The rectangles around the hyperlinks are just to indicate they are links -- they do not print, but they do show up in your PDF.
    You can remove them by double-clicking the hyperlink in the Hyperlinks panel and select "Invisible Rectangle" as type.
    Typically, Word hyperlinks are formatted -- blue text, underline -- with a Character Style. If you want to remove or change the formatting, all you have to do is change the character style. My experience, though, is you must check all hyperlinks because for no apparent reason sometimes they appear in the document without the character style.

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    Not sure this would address your issue, but the Crop Tool works that way: set the width and height, plus resolution, and Crop does everything. You could then paste the result into another file if that completes your process.

  • How do I share files uploaded into the Creative Cloud with other creative cloud members?

    How do I share files uploaded into the Creative Cloud with other creative cloud members?

    Should be easy.  Try this...
    In Thumbnails view, click the little triangle (pointing downward) in the lower-right corner of the asset you want to share.
    In the blue icon bar that appears, click the Share icon (the third icon from the left, just right of the trash icon). The Share dialog should pop up.
    In the Share dialog, enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the asset, then click the Send Email button - they'll receive an email with a link to your asset. OR
    You can also copy a link to the asset and then paste that into your own email client if you prefer.  To do that, click the Link icon (looks like a "chain", and is to the right of the email "envelope" icon) - then click the Copy Link button.
    Note that the Share options won't be available if your asset is set to "Private" - you can control whether an asset can be viewed (or downloaded) by others by clicking the Public/Private control (green or red "lock" icon).
    You can also access the same Share controls if you click on the file to see it one-up (you can do this from either Thumbnails view or List view); click the Share icon near the upper right corner of the browser window (to the right of the asset name).
    Hope that helps.

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    How do you load artworks automatically into the indeisgn CS3. Is it through a script or any other way.

    "artworks" is a bit vague...can you expand?
    File > Place is the usual way, but there are times when cut and paste is fine or better.

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    How to use one report column into the another report in obiee

    i dont want to use column as a filter for another report it should be report column for another report

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    I have an issue where my 'Desktop/Screensaver' prefs seem to be corrupt somehow. When I click on that icon in System Preferences, it stalls and I get the spinning ball, thus resulting in a force quit. After reading a Mac Format magazine where someone wrote in with a similar issue, they said to trash various prefs (did that and made no difference) and if that didn't work, try creating a New User account (therefore creating brand new system prefs) and move your stuff over.
    Well, I've created the New User account, but I can't figure out how to move/copy my stuff into the user folders. After copying and attempting to move stuff in, I see folders with a red circle with a white line through it (like a 'no entry' sign).
    Any clue as to how this can be done? All I'm trying to do is to reinstate the system prefs so they are not corrupt anymore on my log-in.

    No. Not the main Library folder. Make absolutely sure you are in the Home Library folder and not the main Library folder.
    Your Home Library folder is hidden in Lion. To get to it, in the Finder menu, select GO and hold the option key down. Select Library in the submenu. The Finder window will open in your Home Library. This is where your user prefs are stored.
    Once there, you will see the Preferences folder. Open it up, select all items within it and move them to the trash. You will need to restart in order for the new Finder preferences to be recreated.
    Once you restart, then you will be back to the default preferences to the system and all applications. And yes, it will affect all settings including your Dock, just as logging into a new user. You will have to reset everything there also.
    If you wish to do a selective method, instead of deleting all preferences, try deleting the one associated with your problem. Screen saver problems should be affected by the system preferences, so try deleting this:
    Note that when you delete system file preferences, a restart will be required. For applications, just quit the application before trashing preference files.

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    Best regards

    Hi guys,
    thanks so far. I managed to show prompts in the report. But still my problem is nor 100% solved
    I would like t achieve that the filtered criteria in the report title is separated through a comma like in the report filter summary - e.g.: {001, 002, 003, 004} followed by just 1chart/table that is including the whole information.
    When I however just drag a variable into the report it automatically created different sections, right? Like ........ table, chart, whatever... .......table chart whatever........

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    Firefox 6 will not allow you to paste a cookie into the addressbar like all previous versions have. I use software to replace web chat and must do this and have been able to do it in all past versions. What's the deal?

    Thank you for your response.
    After searching around for any pointers to my problem, the above fixes I listed were the things that came closest to maybe addressing the issue, that I was able to locate. But since none worked, and as you pointed out, it is now clear they will only help towards viewing sent images rather than helping with inserting any images in the body of the email, which is the problem I suddenly started facing today.
    Coming to your suggestion, on opening the Write window, the Insert choice on the menu bar is indeed available. And I had already tried using that, by clicking on the '''Insert ----> Image''' option listed. That opens
    up the "Image Properties" box but using that has not resolved the matter either. It results in an image box getting inserted within the email but without the actual image itself.
    Plus, normally I am able to use the '''Paste''' function in the Edit menu or through right-click, but today the (Cut/Copy/Paste) functions have gone inactive, thereby disallowing me to use that to place an image within the email.

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