How do I put a newly invited event into my iCal server calendar?

Hi There,
We recently bought a mac-mini server which is running Snow Leopard Server for our office, and we have configured the server (using iCal Server 2) to store everybody's calendars.
Everyone is using iCal to access there calendars off the server and the basics are working ok (sharing etc).
An issue arises when someone attempts to create an event and invite another user in the office, the invitation is sent correctly but when the user receives the invitation and tries to add it to there calendar it is added to there local calendar, not the server calendar.
So my question is how do I make it so any newly added event is put into my server calendar, not one of my local calendars?
thanks for any help.

Bear with me because my system is Italian, but we'll work it out together: iCAL will provide you with myriads of calendars, even those of football team schedules in Oklahoma.
In my system, I go into iCAL, click on the menu at the top "Calendario" ("Calendar" obviously) and study the roll-down menu. I found "Trova iscrizioni" which might simply be something like "find calendars" "find entries". In any case, it is the item at the bottom of the roll-down "Calendar" menu.
Be prepared for a bit of scrolling, unless there is an index I missed.

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    Hi, Trevor!
    Did you consult the online DOM documentation for something like that?
    I found the following: help.htm?href=JS_API_AcroJS.88… help.htm?href=JS_API_AcroJS.88…
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    Did not try anything.

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    Hi there old45,
    You may find the information in the article below helpful.
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Change where your iTunes files are stored
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    You can consolidate all the files in your library in the iTunes folder—for example, to make it easier to move your library to a new computer.
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    To create folders (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and so on) inside your iTunes folder, and place all your imported media files in the appropriate folders, select “Reorganize files in the folder ‘iTunes Media.’”
    Locate your iTunes files
    Do either of the following:
    Find out where a file is stored: Select the item in iTunes, and choose File > Get Info. The path to the file is shown at the bottom of the Summary pane (next to Where).
    Show the file in Windows Explorer: Select the song, and choose File > Show in Explorer.
    -Griff W.

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    You can't have content in iCloud without having it on your phone, you will need to look at deleting items from your device that you don't need. Movies and TV shows from iTunes are possibly a good start because they tend to be large and can be redownloaded at a later date.

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    Csound1 wrote:
    Into one of the domain accounts, or a specific mailbox in a domain account, that's your choice but:
    Remember that you are moving mail over the internet, and you are uploading (slower). If the quantities are large you must use caution.
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    Thanks, but impractical. Many of the folders have more than 500 emails. Total is about 2 GB (which I have free on iCloud btw)
    I tried creating a folder "Archive" in my iCloud, then tried dragging one iMac folder into the new "iCloud > Archive" folder on my iMac. I got the error message:
         Some items could not be created:
         The IMAP command “CREATE” failed with server error: Invalid mailbox name.

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    That is beyond the ability of iTunes, and requires the use of an audio editor.
    A free one that many people like is Audacity.
    After you do the editing in Audacity, you can export an MP3 and add it in to your iTunes library.  The original files remain unchanged.

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    as far as i understand iCal it is on the "receivers/subscribers" side to deal with email-updates (and not on the "senders/changers" side):
    snippet from my Re: How do you stop receiving notifications about updated calendar events? (there is a screenshot as well):
    to NOT get email notification about updated events from a shared calendar you subscribed to you have to uncheck "events affect availability" in that calendars "info" (mac os X.7 and X.8: iCal —> calendars dropdown —> right click on the subscribed calendar —> choose "get info" from the context-menu —> uncheck "events affect availability")

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    1. Double-click on the My Computer icon on the Desktop.
    2. Locate your iPod in the window that appears and select it.
    3. Choose Folder Options from the Tools menu in the My Computer window.
    4. Click the View tab in the Folder Options window that appears.
    5. Look for the Hidden Files and Folders entry. Below this entry enable the Show Hidden Files and Folders option and click Apply to reveal the hidden files.
    6. Dismiss the Folder Options windows by clicking the OK button.
    7. Double-click the iPod’s icon in the My Computer window.
    8. Move to the Finder and double-click on the iPod’s icon on the Desktop.
    You’ll discover that several more items now appear in the iPod window. Among them is a folder called iPod_Control.
    9. Double-click the iPod_Control folder.
    Inside the iPod_Control folder you’ll find the Device, iTunes, and Music folders along with the iPodPrefs file.
    10. Drag the Music folder to your Mac’s Desktop to copy it to your computer.
    As the name implies, this is where music is stored on the iPod.
    11. Return to iTunes and drag the Music folder you just copied to iTunes’ main window.
    The songs you copied from the iPod will be added to iTunes. If you’re a tidy type, before copying those files to iTunes, open iTunes’ preferences, click the Advanced tab, and make sure the Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized and Copy File to iTunes Music Folder When Adding to Library options are enabled. Enabling these options will organize your iTunes library in the way iTunes prefers.

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    iTunes includes an option to transfer iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store from an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, but this is for iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store only.
    With your iPod connected, at the iTunes menu bar go to File and select Transfer Purchases From - the name of your iPod.
    If you had Sync Music selected under the Music tab for your iPod sync preferences with iTunes, after downloading a song from the iTunes store direct with your iPod, the song would be copied to your iTunes library automatically the first time you sync your iPod with iTunes after doing so.
    Manually managing music and videos is manual all the way.

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    I have been following the iCal invitation threads but have not seen this question or answer. I ham happy with the mail invitations automatically being entered into iCal (lepoard 10.5.2) and it seems to do it reliably. The problem is that all invitations are being entered into my wife's calendar not mine and since they result as un-editable event i can't move it. Is there a way to have imail/ical automatically enter the event but direct it to a specific calendar?
    you may ask- my wife's calendar shows up first on the list of calendars in ical. i was planning on renaming it as i thought it may direct all invitations to the first on the list.

    you'll find the answer here:

  • 10.5.8 iCal cannot see CalDAV events from SL iCal server

    I posed this on the iCal discussions but receive no response. I would appreciate hearing from anyone that is successfully using iCal 3 with SL Server.
    I'm running SL iCal Server.
    I can add and interact with CalDav User and Group Calendars on all SL client machines, Web Calendars and PC's (Sunbird) .
    I can do the same with my User Calendars my iPhone.
    I can add User and Group Calendars to 10.5.8 iCal clients but I cannot see any Events posted from any other source. If I add an Event in Leopard/iCal 3.0.8, that Event shows up in all other devices that share the Calendar, except other 10.5.8 machines.
    Are any of you having success?

    Wow, you've gotten a lot further than I have.
    I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get Sunbird to work with the iCal Server on my Snow Leopard Server install.
    I've tried two ways.
    First, the way described in the Getting Started manual, following a URL pattern like this for each user:
    I set it up a CalDAV calendar.
    It asks me for a user name and password, which I enter, but then in the Sunbird interface I get a yellow alert triangle that says, "The calendar calendarName is momentarily not available."
    I've also set it up by borrowing the Server path string from iCal (which works fine). I simply add that to the root of my server's DNS name, like so:
    I get asked for authentication again, but again end up with a yellow triangle and no loaded calendar.
    I've checked my Airport Extreme, and it has the iCal ports open (8008 and 8443). The iCal Server is set up fine.
    I can see activity in the iCal Server logs from the Sunbird client on Windows, but I have no idea what any of that information means, so it's not particularly helpful.
    How did you (or anyone else) get Sunbird working?

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