How do I really and completely close a window/tab ???

We are using APEX 4.0.1, starting to work with SSO.
I have set up a main application (App A) to call another APEX application (App B) via a link (link-to-App-B) on the Navigation bar in App A (Target Type:URL, Target URL:" target="_blank"). My browser is set to open new windows in a new window, and not a new tab.
After I am done with App B I click on a 'Logout' link on the Navigation bar for App B, and it (Target Type:URL, Target URL: javascript:window.close();) closes the window as expected (or, closes the tab on the window if other tabs were opened). This is exactly the behavior that management wants for logging out.
However, if my, or any user, browser was set to open new windows in a new tab instead of a new window (or if a user were to right-click on the link and select 'Open Link in New Tab') and I clicked on the link-to-App-B link, App B would be opened in a new TAB in the window that App A is in. IF the 'Logout' link on the Navigation bar for App B is clicked on, THEN instead of closing the tab that App B resides in as I would like, the app just sits there.....laughing at me (figuratively speaking).
Is there any way I can set up a Navigation bar entry such that it will close the application in both scenarios - whether the app is in a new window or in a new tab????

Unless I am missing something...I right-clicked on the link, and opened a new tab at the page titled "Closing tab instances or single-tab windows not opened by javascript" and tried (clicked) each of the four buttons labeled 'Close this window...". However, not one of the four actions ended up closing the tab that the page was in.
I am testing under Firefox 3.6.10 on both Windows and Ubuntu Linux. We use Firefox a lot here. I saw a lot of postings that Firefox has issues with the developer trying to close a tab/window. Basically it was a design decision that was done for 'security' reasons. I am still not too certain why it was considered a security concern, since if I can not close a tab and then end a session, I am left with taking the user to a logout page with no links on it at all and trying to find a way to disable the Back button in Firefox to prevent someone from going back into an application that was logged out (some PCs are common and shared).
However, just to see if there was a difference, I opened the link you referenced in MS IE 8.0 (on Windows of course), and the 1st 3 buttons prompt me to ensure I wanted to close the tab, and the fourth just closed the tab.
Thank you for your thoughts, I'll keep looking...

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    3) is there any other way to connect ro MS SqlServer from Oracle other than using ODBC/Gateways?

    For 64bit Windows you need to have a 64bit DG4ODBC - DG4ODBC 64bit for Windows was first released with 11.2.
    1)Is there OD4ODBC software avaliable for 64-bit windows? if not 32 - bit software works with 64-bit windows OS and 11G Database which is also 64-bit?
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    Thanks again for replying, but I dont think you understand. I have boot camp assistant and all drivers installed. I will explain a little further why i can not do xy&z. This is my installations process.
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    2. Login to the university's server and download the university's custom bootcamp installer.
    3.My university's custom installer creates a partition on my mac and images that partition over the network with windows 7.
    4. The whole time ive never seen a dvd, iso, or microsoft, apple anything. Its all done automatically and i have no option of downloading the image myself and doing it manually.
    5. I create a account and password in windows and im stuck with windows on a partition on my mac.
    So as you see above i dont have a dvd to pop in my computer or the ability to create one in order to delete the hdd and install windows only.
    I need a way of deleting osx after windows is already installed. Becouse osx is to the left of windows in windows disc management this is(for all i can figure) impossible with just a repair disc, disc utility, and windows disc management. Im looking for a possible third part tool that can accompilsh this.
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    Navin Kumar Bolla

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    You can create a custom pop up window. Just create a view that contains all
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    new window that only contains this new view. Use the mentioned method to create
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    No problem here. Can you say any more about the situation?

  • Mailto: hyperlink opens both a new email message and a new browser window/tab

    The subject line sums it up.  I have  form with email hyperlinks, which work fine except that when you click on them they seem to open both a new message in the registered email client, AND a new window/tab in the default web browser.
    I prefer using mailto: hyperlinks instead of some other hack to open a new email message.
    Does anyone know of a way to get these to work without a new browser tab/window being opened?

    The SMTP settings are separate from the POP or IMAP settings within (which can be a little confusing), and the SMTP settings are incorrect.  That could be some combination of the username or password, the SMTP server name, the TCP port, whether or not SSL is in use or not.  It's more common to have SSL enabled.  All have to be correct.  The required SMTP server settings do vary by mail provider, unfortunately.  You can use Connection Doctor to get more details on the particular error; Window > Connection Doctor, then open the drawer for a look at additional details.  If you're not able to resolve the error from that output and from the mail provider's available documentation, and establish the connection, please scrub any personal details from the detailed diagnostics, and post that output here.

Maybe you are looking for

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