How do I recover all the pictures from the iPhoto version immediately before 9.4.1?

How do I recover all the pictures from the iPhoto version immediately before 9.4.1?  I have a full system backup version from about one month before the switch , and mistakenly thought the new iPhoto would default to all my pictues as they were.  I also have backups made in Time Machine.

Have you tried what's shown here?  I suspect this will solve your issue.

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    You would need to sign in to with your account and need to select the online album you want to download to your desktop.

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    The application is entirely separate from your stuff. Your stuff will be in either the trial version or the purchased version.

  • I am moving all my iphoto pictures to seperate folders outside of iphoto.  I have found iphoto slighlty cumbersome.  After I move all pictures from iphoto to a separate file how can I delete all the iphoto photos without deleting the ones in the file?

    I am moving all of my iphoto pictures into seperate folders becuase iphoto is great, but a bit cumbersome when I need to transfer all the pictures to a external drive.
    1) After I move all pictures, how can I delete the iphoto pictures without destroying the ones I have in files
    2) how can I ensure that I have sucessfully captures all the iphoto files so when I delelte from iphoto I have not forgotten any
    3) is there a way to determine what duplicate pictures I have?

    If you Control click on the iPhoto Library, you'll see a list of folders - one named "Masters". Inside of this folder are all of your original, high-res photos. You can copy them to other folders if you like.
    You can't delete iPhoto pics without deleting the ones in the iPhoto Library.
    You can copy all of your Masters pics out of the Library, ensuring that you won't forget any.
    I don't know of anyway to determine if there are duplicate photos - most (if not all) have a unique name assigned.
    Good luck,

  • How can I recover movies and pictures from a formatted iPad with no iTunes backup copy

    I updated my ioS system and forgot to make a back up copy in itunes and preceeded to restore it to factory conditions. Is it possible to recover all Data if yes what sw would be recommendable?

    Let me get this straight.....You lost your phone.  You never backed it up, either to your computer or to a cloud service.
    How in the world would you expect to get data back?

  • How can i get all my pictures from iCloud to my macbook

    okay so i got a new mac book and my last computer when i put in my icloud all my pcitures from the last 3 years synced now when i put in my icloud all th epictures from this year came back and i am unable to access my old computer due to the fact that it got stole so i would like someone to help me get all my pictures back from icloud please and thank you

    You music is not in your iCloud account, it is in iTunes in the Cloud. Whether you use iCloud personally or not, it will not have an effect on the iTunes in the Cloud functionality. If you are using iTunes, then all of your purchases through iTunes will use iTunes in the Cloud as a backup for your purchases.

  • How can i recover all my data from my HDD?

    My main External Hdd while writing to it got an error saying Cyclic Redundancy I tried using Chkdsk but it states that the data had turned RAW. Upon
    restarting my pc the disk drive H was no longer visible and the Hdd space is now unallocated space. 
    I want to recover all of the data if possible but most of the software i found was only one file type recovery software, I know that resigning the Volume
    to H will format the drive but as i dont want that i m lost . Can MiniTool Power Data Recovery help me ?

    As you said, in order to recovery deleted files or files on a corrupted disk, we will have to use a third party application.
    At this situation you may have to confirm with application provider to contact a data recovery company to see if files could be recovery. Generally a format will not affect finding the files back but as files on that disk is important, it is not recommended.
    Also if available it is good to ghost that disk and try steps on that ghost copy to product the original one. But if it is a hardware issue you may not able to get data back.
    If you have any feedback on our support, please send to [email protected]

  • How can i transfer all my photos from iMac iPhoto Library to macbook pro to iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom 5

    Just bought a 13.3" Macbook Pro Retina display Mid 2014 and would like to transfer all my Photos from my iMac to my Macbook Pro.
    I have a thunderbolt cable ?????? Would it work if i connect them together and how ? If i can get some assistance and instructions on how to do it , Will be appreciated .
    Best regards

    To move an iPhoto Library to a new machine:
    Link the two Macs together: there are several ways to do this: Wireless Network,Firewire Target Disk Mode, Ethernet, or even just copy the Library to an external HD and then on to the new machine...
    But however you do choose to link the two machines...
    Simply copy the iPhoto Library from the Pictures Folder on the old Machine to the Pictures Folder on the new Machine.
    Then launch iPhoto. That's it.
    This moves photos, events, albums, books, keywords, slideshows and everything else.
    If you're moving to Lightroom:
    You need to export the images from iPhoto to the Finder, then import them to your Lightroom Catalogue.
    This User Tip
    has details of the options in the Export dialogue.

  • How do i restore all my bookmarks from an earlier version of mozilla firefox?

    Firefox has been reminding me to update my Firefox version. And I did. After installing the new version, it restarted my computer. Now the first thing I did is to restore my previous tabs, the tabs that were open when i upgraded Firefox. But there were no history of my tabs.
    Then I started looking at my Bookmarks. I lost all my bookmarks. My heart is pumping now and I want to cry. these are years of bookmark collection from my various works. Am I being penalized?
    Please help me. Can I just revert back to the old version? Will this permit me to access my old bookmarks (never mind the tabs, they are still fresh in my mind)? I can't even remember the old version of firefox I am using.
    Why didn't Firefox made a warning?
    I have been a user of Firefox for a long time. This is the first time that I have lost my bookmarks. This is painful. I seek your kind support. Thank you.
    Victoria Pineda

    You can check for problems with the <b>places.sqlite</b> database file in the Firefox profile folder.
    *Places Maintenance:
    You can try to restore the bookmarks from a JSON backup (bookmarks-####-##-##_xxxx_$$$$.json) in the bookmarkbackups folder.
    You can try to restore an older copy of the sessionstore.js file via the Time Machine if you use this.
    You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:
    *Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Show in Finder

  • I'm editing a lot of wedding photos.  For some reason, I have to double click on some of the photos to actually see my changes.  It is not the case for all the photos in the folder.... only some of them.  How can I make all the edited versions show?

    I am editing a bunch of wedding photos.  Everything has been fine until today..... I opened up the folder, and for some of the edited photos, I have to double click in order to see the edited version.  So, when I look at all the photos in the browser, some of then show my changes..... others don't.  I'm worried, because I will have to post them for the bride, and I am concerned about why this is happening.  I still have the images on the memory card and also have a duplicate of all the photos in iphoto..... but I've spent hours editing these photos...... and I really don't want to start all over again.

    I am editing a bunch of wedding photos.  Everything has been fine until today..... I opened up the folder, and for some of the edited photos, I have to double click in order to see the edited version.  So, when I look at all the photos in the browser, some of then show my changes..... others don't.  I'm worried, because I will have to post them for the bride, and I am concerned about why this is happening.  I still have the images on the memory card and also have a duplicate of all the photos in iphoto..... but I've spent hours editing these photos...... and I really don't want to start all over again.

  • Instagram folder in Camera Roll (iOS 8.1.2 on iPhone 5S) - how can I recover ALL the photos that were saved there?

    Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to get back the larger photos saved by Instagram on my phone since I started using IG (the "save original photo" option). I want to print the photos, and the ones I get by downloading from Instagram are too small...
    It automatically saves them, but it does not keep them. Now the folder contains just one photo, from 2 days ago - and I cannot understand how many can be kept and for how long; and/or how can I set this up to keep all of them.
    Do you have any idea about this, any suggestion? I googled it, but nothing comes up...

    Good question for instagram since you're using a 3rd party software.
    You can also look at your instagram settings when you open the app.

  • How do i delete all my pictures from iphone

    I need to delete photos from iPhone 5.  Need to delete them ALL as I need space on the phone and I don't want to individually click 1000+ pix. They are already backed up to Dropbox. There appears to be no way to do this. Any suggestions (other than switching to android, which may be next for me)?

    If following all of the instructions in the support document that I provided you did not help you in getting the iPhone to be recognized in iTunes, then you will need to remove and reinstall iTunes per this support document. Follow the instructions exactly, or it will just cause more problems.
    However, do not do the removal if you have not followed ALL of the instructions in the previous document. Most get hung up around step 5, but that is usually the most important one to resolve this issue.
    As far as doing anything with the photos, you can delete the contents of the DCIM folder and that will delete the photos. In the future, check the configuration of your photo import utility in Windows. You can chose to delete the photos after importing them, so you don't end up with so many on the phone to deal with. You do have the ability to delete photos on the phone itself, just not so large a group as you indicate. It is set up for a lot smaller list of housecleaning.

  • HT1688 How do I delete all my pictures from my new phone?  IPhone 5S

    Help, have a ton of pics on my iphone 5s and I can't delete them and they are taking up all my space.

    If they were taken with the device, simply delete them via the Photos app.
    If they were synced to the device via iTunes on the computer, remove them via iTunes on the computer.

  • If my iPhone stopped working, how do I recover all my pictures?

    Well you see, I dropped my iPhone 4S on the floor with the screen facing down and I picked it up and clicked on the home button but the screen turn into different colors. I tried turning it off and on but the screen wouldn't turn on. It was just different colors. I pressed on the home button and I could hear Siri talking and my phone still charged but the screen was just blank, I couldn't see anything just hear sounds it would make. I am VERY worried I can never get my pictures of my phone. Please help..

    Have you tried resetting your device (nothing will be lost): Hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time and continue  to hold them down until the Apple appears (up to 30 seconds). Once the Slide to Unlock screen redisplays, see if your issue is resolved.

  • How may I eliminate all of iTunes from Windows XP Home Edition before making a "clean" installation of iTunes?

    Hello.  I found that in Windows XP Home Edition that I had two subdirectories of iTunes: C:\Program Files\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iTunes(2).  I assume this situation has arisen by me not properly updating iTunes in the past.  When it came time to update iTunes from one of the version 10.3s to version 10.4 of iTunes, I tried to do something about the pair of iTunes subdirectories.  Via Start, Control Panel, and Add or Remove Programs I "Remove"d the only listing of iTunes; that is iTunes(2) was not listed there.  But afterwards C:\Program Files\iTunes(2) still existed, as viewed in the program Windows Explorer.  Next while offline I installed iTunes10.4 by running the downloaded file iTunesSetup(4).exe in my case.  I chose C:\Program Files\iTunes(2) as the directory for installation.  Next I uninstalled iTunes via Add or Revmove Programs.  The directory C:\Program Files\iTunes(2) then still existed.  I need an iTunes cleanup utility, if there is one, or else a way to eliminate all vestiges of iTunes, including registry entries, from my Windows XP Home Edition.  [I think this situation is the opposite of a situation in which the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (WICU) would apply.  I think the WICU is useful when a program is visible by name in the Windows Add or Remove Programs list, but can't be removed by clicking on "Remove" in that list.]  [I also noticed the directory C:\Program Files\iPod(2).  Is that directory associated with iTunes(2)?]  After that I would hope that a fresh offline installation of iTunes 10.4 to my computer's hard-disk drive would result in only C:\Program Files\iTunes among iTunes subdirectories in C:\Program Files when viewed in Windows Explorer.  Please inform me how to reach this goal.  Thanks.

    I'd also dig down into where your home user account holds temp files, as well as application preferences and support. I just know Vista began using \myaccount\AppData and multiple locations under there.
    Apple leaves behind every past installer cache, support (imporant to get rid of that also).
    The first thing I do (no iPod etc) is uninstall Bonjour and disable iPod and MobileMe.
    Windows Uninstaller Cleanup Utility also use to be a must for stubborn "partially installed" apps.
    When you are done, CCleaner and Registry.
    Another place to clean is %TEMP% (may be different in XP).

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