How do I refresh a table with a bind variable using a return listener?

I am trying to refresh a table with a bind variable after a record is added.
The main page has a button which, on click, calls a task flow as an inline document. This popup task flow allows the user to insert a record. It has its own transaction and does not share data controls.
Upon task flow return, the calling button's return dialog listener is invoked which should allow the user to see the newly created item in the table. The returnListener code:
    // retrieve the bind variable and clear it of any values used to filter the table results
    BindingContainer bindings = ADFUtils.getBindings();
    AttributeBinding attr = (AttributeBinding)bindings.getControlBinding("pBpKey");
    // execute the table so it returns all rows
    OperationBinding operationBinding = bindings.getOperationBinding("ExecuteWithParams");
    // set the table's iterator to the newly created row
    DCIteratorBinding iter = (DCIteratorBinding) bindings.get("AllCustomersIterator");
    Object customerId = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getPageFlowScope().get("newCustomerId");
    // refresh the page
    AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance().addPartialTarget(this.getCustomerTable());But the table does not refresh ... The bind variable's inputText component is empty. The table flickers as if it updates. But no new values are displayed, just the ones that were previously filtered or shown.
I can do the EXACT SAME code in a button's actionListener that I click manually and the table will refresh fine. I'm really confused and have spent almost all day on this problem.

Both options invoke the create new record task flow. The first method runs the "reset" code shown above through the calling button's returnListener once the task flow is complete. The second method is simply a button which, after the new record is added and the task flow returns, runs the "reset" code by my clicking it manually.
I'm thinking that the returnListener code runs before some kind of automatic ppr happens on the table. I think this because the table contents flicker to show all customers (like I intend) but then goes back to displaying the restricted contents a split second later.
Yes, the table is in the page that invokes the taskflow.
Here are some pictures:
Step1 - invoke new record task flow
Step2 - enter data and click Finish
Step3 - bind parameter / table filter cleared. Table flickers with all values. Table reverts to previously filterd values.

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    There are two kinds of pedestrians -- the quick and the dead.
    If this question is answered, please mark the thread as closed and assign points where earned..

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    for Date Difference........
    TimestampDiff(interval, timestamp1, timestamp2)
    ex:TimestampDiff(SQL_TSI_DAY, cast('1-apr-2011' as date), current_date)
    The specified interval. Valid values are: SQL_TSI_SECOND, SQL_TSI_MINUTE, SQL_TSI_HOUR, SQL_TSI_DAY,

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    How about creating a custom AMImpl method, that takes parameters as required, and set the bind variables for all the desired VOs and perform executeQuery on them.
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    6.168901 50.348392,6.168972 50.348330,6.168994 50.348279,6.168985 50.348228,
    6.168896 50.348179,6.168784 50.348150,6.168664 50.348151,6.168569 50.348183,
    6.168460 50.348251,6.168366 50.348257,6.168278 50.348243,6.168197 50.348184,
    6.168052 50.348109,6.167844 50.348082,6.167660 50.348059,6.167611 50.348019,
    6.167600 50.347887,6.167544 50.347873,6.167432 50.347869,6.167338 50.347921,
    6.167093 50.348021,6.166934 50.348044,6.166768 50.348062,6.166625 50.348084,
    6.166568 50.348065,6.166487 50.347984,6.166261 50.347901,6.166006 50.347879,
    6.165871 50.347912,6.165865 50.347968,6.165883 50.348059,6.165868 50.348090,
    6.165755 50.348041,6.165562 50.347993,6.165450 50.347974,6.165355 50.347980,
    6.165253 50.348048,6.165263 50.348109,6.165328 50.348184,6.165282 50.348231,
    6.165218 50.348252,6.165148 50.348319,6.165166 50.348395,6.165135 50.348431,
    6.165032 50.348463,6.164905 50.348460,6.164818 50.348507,6.164701 50.348610,
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    6.160953 50.349478,6.160949 50.349300,6.160915 50.349240,6.160850 50.349185,
    6.160730 50.349156,6.160627 50.349173,6.160470 50.349292,6.160369 50.349380,
    6.160331 50.349451,6.160316 50.349482,6.160268 50.349488,6.160219 50.349443,
    6.160131 50.349434,6.160045 50.349506,6.159926 50.349539,6.159839 50.349530,
    6.159669 50.349466,6.159493 50.349428,6.159278 50.349411,6.159237 50.349381,
    6.159220 50.349325,6.159266 50.349278,6.159322 50.349278,6.159426 50.349292,
    6.159594 50.349325,6.159649 50.349304,6.159640 50.349243,6.159567 50.349193,
    6.159326 50.349130,6.159142 50.349107,6.159078 50.349078,6.159068 50.348986,
    6.159074 50.348925,6.159050 50.348895,6.158905 50.348841,6.158722 50.348844,
    6.158532 50.348908,6.158368 50.349032,6.158345 50.349088,6.158319 50.349297,
    6.158201 50.349375,6.158122 50.349392,6.158057 50.349377,6.157977 50.349353,
    6.157874 50.349370,6.157565 50.349466,6.156989 50.349667,6.156790 50.349685,
    6.156702 50.349682,6.156550 50.349648,6.156383 50.349651,6.156230 50.349612,
    6.156095 50.349599,6.156040 50.349635,6.156025 50.349706,6.156059 50.349777,
    6.156188 50.349852,6.156246 50.349912,6.156208 50.350009,6.156130 50.350051,
    6.155971 50.350089,6.155940 50.350120,6.155925 50.350155,6.155975 50.350221,
    6.156137 50.350300,6.156140 50.350407,6.156118 50.350504,6.155938 50.350633,
    6.155742 50.350763,6.155647 50.350780,6.155559 50.350771,6.155486 50.350737,
    6.155469 50.350686,6.155491 50.350604,6.155552 50.350507,6.155549 50.350380,
    6.155522 50.350304,6.155438 50.350290,6.155343 50.350321,6.155273 50.350387,
    6.155197 50.350465,6.155157 50.350534,6.155038 50.350574,6.154890 50.350603,
    6.154675 50.350606,6.154411 50.350587,6.154088 50.350565,6.153878 50.350522,
    6.153637 50.350468,6.153367 50.350438,6.153135 50.350464,6.152772 50.350519,
    6.152581 50.350529,6.152377 50.350513,6.152038 50.350445,6.151744 50.350396,
    6.151587 50.350356,6.151550 50.350303,6.151542 50.350239,6.151512 50.350193,
    6.151445 50.350168,6.151355 50.350157,6.151240 50.350087,6.151102 50.350073,
    6.150917 50.350095,6.150792 50.350104,6.150714 50.350075,6.150634 50.349996,
    6.150627 50.349950,6.150590 50.349901,6.150529 50.349879,6.150368 50.349897,
    6.150267 50.349894,6.150194 50.349846,6.150180 50.349781,6.150184 50.349697,
    6.150176 50.349613,6.150113 50.349504,6.149984 50.349418,6.149737 50.349330,
    6.149503 50.349287,6.149288 50.349290,6.149097 50.349335,6.148890 50.349407,
    6.148666 50.349521,6.148502 50.349660,6.148486 50.349725,6.148511 50.349778,
    6.148572 50.349823,6.148609 50.349869,6.148610 50.349918,6.148546 50.349988,
    6.148392 50.350043,6.148126 50.350150,6.148036 50.350163,6.147970 50.350145,
    6.147957 50.350111,6.147966 50.349973,6.148038 50.349770,6.148167 50.349673,
    6.148279 50.349599,6.148290 50.349545,6.148252 50.349465,6.148161 50.349425,
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    Very happy with IMac version 10.4.11 Paired a wireless Bluetooth headset with the intention of using it to listen to radio podcasts. However, cannot connect headset. Any suggestions??

    Perhaps this "hint" might resolve your problem:

  • How to refresh a table with multiple joins

    First at all, I'm newby in ADF, and my english is no so good, sorry for that...
    I'm using JDeveloper 11g Release 2 ( I have a table created from a view object that have multiple joins with other entities. When I insert a new row programmatically in one of the entities of the joins (not in the entitiy of the view object itself), the new row is created in the database correctly but the table don't show it. What can I do to refresh the table to see the new row created?
    Thanks in advance!

    You have to update the iterator the table is based on for the ui last. You do that by executing the query on the iterator again.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Display text in script  at the bottom of the main window

    Hi all, I want to display a long text in the main window at the bottom. In case of single page output the text should be displayed in the main window at the bottom. But in case of multiple page output I want the text to be displayed only in the last

  • ISCR question

    I have a mastered CD with ISCR codes written in Waveburner. If I import tracks from that CD to WB, ISRC codes don´t show up. My question is: If I import this CD to iTunes or Toast and burn copies. Are ISCR codes included in copies? Thanks! JanD

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