How do I register for a pandora account.

I've never registered for Pandora before but when I try to registerr I receive a "we don't recognize that email" message.

Try going to Pandora's website and registering there. If you still have trouble, I'm sure they also have customer support information there.

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  • Register for a firefox account to sync my computers?

    register for a firefox account to sync my computers, but I think I just did that when I had to create an account to ask this question, is that correct??

    Nope, Its not related to that.
    Know more about Firefox SYNC

  • I'm trying to register for an iCloud account with my apple ID but it's telling me it needs to be an email address. I try and amend my username so it's the same as my email address but nothing happens! HELP?!

    Hi - I'm trying to register for an iCloud account (I've just had a baby and am terrified I'm going to lose all my photos of him!) but when I try and register, it tells me it needs an email address so I go to edit my username and try and amend it so my email address and username are the same thing but nothing is happening.  I keep going round in circles - can someone help?!

    Where are you trying to amend your username?
    It should be done at

  • HT1212 My iPhone was stollen and 3 months later the police return it back to me. But now it is locked to other iCloud account. How can I register it with my account?

    My iPhone was stollen and 3 months later the police return it back to me.
    But now it is locked to other iCloud account.
    How can I register it with my account?
    The device is still registered in My Support Profile->My Products and untit 29.11.2014 I was able to see it in "Find My iPhone" as offline.

    Was the link I provided of no use.

  • How do people register for more than one person on a form?

    We had a lot of complaints last year from organizations who sent several employees to our training.  It took a long time for them to process these one at a time.  How do people register for more than one person on a form?

    Hi thearcca,
    This entirely depends on the form you create, you can add multiple choice button and ask for the no. of employees the organization wants to register.
    Also, you can add corresponding text field for the names.
    Vikrantt Singh

  • How do I register for iMessage

    How do i register for imessage. it is not working for me.

    Do you have an AppleID?  When you go to iMessage it should ask for your AppleID for registration.

  • I recently bought photoshop and premier elem 12 open box deal  and apparently someone has already registered this box how do I register this on my account or am I screwed?

    i recently bought photoshop and premier elem 12 open box deal  and apparently someone has already registered this box how do I register this on my account or am I screwed?

    Return it to the seller or if you purchased second-hand request the seller to deactivate if still installed on their PC.

  • HT3529 How do i register for imessage on my ipod touch?

    How do you register for Imessage on the Ipod touch?

    Click on the app on your iPod while connected to wifi and follow the steps

  • I'm registered to itunes and recommended to download icloud but was told I'm not registered for icloud how do I register for icloud?

    I'm registered to itunes and recommended to download icloud but was told I'm not registered for icloud how do I register for icloud?

    To register in iCloud, you need an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac in order to log in iCloud for the first time. See >
    If you haven't got any of these devices to set up iCloud, you can't use iCloud. Anyway, probably you don't need it if you only have a PC and an iPod nano (it doesn't use iCloud)

  • How can I register for a jabber video account

    Anybody figured out how to register for the above when you already have a Cisco login?
    I have three e-mail addresses which, over the years of CCNA and network support, I've used to register with Cisco. Now, when I try to register for telepresence, it tells me the addresses are in use. There must be a way of extending an existing Cisco account to access Jabber (or am I being naive?).

    Hi Steve,
    Free Cisco Jabber Video accounts can be obtained from  If your email accounts are already in use, then use the forgot password link to reset your password.
    If you are referring to a different product of Jabber Video, please reference the link you are inquiring about.  It's possible you may have to call TAC for further assistance, but please specify further if the above is not what you are looking for.

  • Activation Problem..i Have Registered for the devolopers account and also paid 99 dollars. how do i open my iphone now? please help. this is urgent!

    this morning my iphone showed up a activation problem then it told me to go to and register for the ios developer program.. it costed me 99 dollars. but i did it.. just a moment ago.. how do i access my iphone now? please help me this is real urgent.

    this in my problem too apple say : ur request is pending now and it did not activated yet !    ?  
    what should i do?

  • Cannot find Billing System Password to register for My Verizon account

    I'm trying to register for a My Verizon account with my new business phone line, in hopes that I can see when my next bill will be due, or if it has already been sent, but I've not yet received it.
    When I click to register for a My Verizon account, I am asked for my billing system password. I have never heard of this, though a search through these forums suggested that it might be the last four digits of my SSN. I tried inputting the last four digits of my SSN, the last four digits of my Tax ID number (as this is a business account), and even my Voicemail password. Nothing has been successful, and I am now alerted by the registration page that my account has been locked and I should contact Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 to access my online account. Ironically, when I called this number, a voice-automated answering service asked for my billing system password again. After repeating the same entry attempts as I tried online (knowing they wouldn't work, but not having any other ideas), I was finally prompted that if I'd forgotten my billing system password, I should press 0 to speak with a representative. Pressing 0 brought forth another automated message, simply stating something along the lines of "Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless," and I was then promptly disconnected without the phone even ringing for a representative.
    How do I go about finding my billing system password so that I can create a My Verizon account for this phone line?

    If this is a business line (part of a business account) you may have to get the billing pw from your employer.  The billing pw is normally the last 4 of the account owner's SSN, which would be your employer, or the company's EIN #.  Depending on how the account is set up, you may not be able to have an account for your number, but I'm not sure on that point. 

  • HT5687 Its 1 year 4 months of the purchase.  How can I register for the warranty for now.  Please help.

    I bought MacBook Pro in Sep/2012.  I did not buy the warranty at the time of purchase.  Its 1 year 4 months of the purchase now.  
    I lately came to know, that we cant register for apple warranty if we dont purchase it earlier.  
    However I want to get my Mac covered under the apple warranty.  How can I do so.  Please guide & help.

    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It changes nothing, for better or worse, and therefore will not, in itself, solve your problem.
    If you don't already have a current backup, back up all data before doing anything else. The backup is necessary on general principle, not because of anything in the test procedure. There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional. Ask if you need guidance.
    Below are instructions to run a UNIX shell script, a type of program. All it does is to gather information about the state of your computer. That information goes nowhere unless you choose to share it on this page. However, you should be cautious about running a program at the instance of a stranger on a public message board. If you have doubts, search this site for other discussions in which this procedure has been followed without any report of ill effects. If you can't satisfy yourself that the instructions are safe, don't follow them.
    Here's a summary of what you need to do: Copy a line of text from this web page into the window of another application. Wait about a minute. Then paste some other text, which will have been copied automatically, back into a reply on this page. The sequence is: copy, paste, wait, paste again. Details follow.
    You may have started the computer in "safe" mode. Preferably, these steps should be taken in “normal” mode. If the system is now in safe mode and works well enough in normal mode to run the test, restart as usual. If you can only test in safe mode, do that.
    If you have more than one user, and the one affected by the problem is not an administrator, then please run the test twice: once while logged in as the affected user, and once as an administrator. The results may be different. The user that is created automatically on a new computer when you start it for the first time is an administrator. If you can't log in as an administrator, test as the affected user. Most personal Macs have only one user, and in that case this paragraph doesn’t apply.
    The script is a single long line, all of which must be selected. You can accomplish this easily by triple-clicking  anywhere in the line. The whole line will highlight, though you may not see all of it in your browser, and you can then copy it. If you try to select the line by dragging across the part you can see, you won't get all of it.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
    clear; shopt -s extglob; Fb='%s\n\t(%s)\n'; Fm='\n%s:\n\n%s\n'; Fs='\n%s: %s\n'; Fu='User %s%%\t\tSystem %s%%'; PB="/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c Print"; A () { [[ a -eq 0 ]]; }; R () { o=; [[ r -eq 0 ]]; }; Pm () { [[ "$o" ]] && o=`sed 's/^ */   /' <<< "$o"` && printf "$Fm" "$1" "$o"; }; Pc () { o=`egrep -v '^[[:blank:]]*($|#)' "$2"`; Pm "$1"; }; Pp () { o=`$PB "$2" | awk -F'= ' \/$3'/{print $2}'`; Pm "$1"; }; Ps () { o="${o##+( )}"; [[ ! "$o" =~ ^0?$ ]] && printf "$Fs" "$1" "$o"; }; id | grep -qw '80(admin)'; a=$?; A && sudo true; r=$?; t=`date +%s`; clear; { A || echo $'No admin access\n'; A && ! R && echo $'No root access\n'; system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType | sed '8!d;s/^ *//'; o=`system_profiler SPDiagnosticsDataType | sed '5,6!d'`; [[ "$o" =~ Pass ]] || Pm "POST"; o=`pmset -g therm | sed 's/^.*CP/CP/'`; egrep -q 'No th|pms' <<< "$o" && o=; Pm "Thermal conditions"; o=`pmset -g sysload | grep -v :`; grep -q '= [^GO]' <<< "$o" || o=; Pm "System load advisory"; o=`nvram boot-args | awk '{$1=""; print}'`; Ps "boot-args"; d=(/ ""); D=(System User); for i in 0 1; do o=`cd ${d[$i]}L*/L*/Dia* && ls *.{crash,hang,panic} | tail | awk -F_ '{$NF=a[split($NF,a,".")]; print}'`; Pm "${D[$i]} diagnostics"; done; o=`syslog -F bsd -k Sender kernel -k Message CReq 'GPU |hfs: Ru|I/O e|n Cause: -|NVDA\(|pagin|SATA W|ssert|timed? ?o' | tail -n25 | awk '/:/{$4=""; $5=""; print}'`; Pm "Kernel messages"; o=`df -m / | awk 'NR==2 {print $4}'`; [[ o -lt 5120 ]] && Ps "Free space (MiB)"; o=$(($(vm_stat | awk '/eo/{sub("\\.",""); print $2}')/256)); o=$((o>=1024?o:0)); Ps "Pageouts (MiB)"; s=( `sar -u 1 10 | sed '$!d'` ); [[ s[4] -lt 90 ]] && o=`printf "$Fu" ${s[1]} ${s[3]}` || o=; Pm "Total CPU usage" && { s=(`ps acrx -o comm,ruid,%cpu | sed '2!d'`); o=${s[2]}%; Ps "CPU usage by process $s of user ${s[1]}"; }; s=(`top -R -l1 -n1 -o prt -stats command,uid,prt | sed '$!d'`); s[2]=${s[2]%[+-]}; o=$((s[2]>=25000?s[2]:0)); Ps "Mach ports used by process $s of user ${s[1]}"; o=`kextstat -kl | grep -v com\\.apple | cut -c53- | cut -d\< -f1`; Pm "Loaded extrinsic kernel extensions"; R && o=`sudo launchctl list | sed 1d | awk '!/0x|com\.(apple|openssh|vix\.cron)|org\.(amav|apac|calendarse|cups|dove|isc|ntp|post[fg]|x)/{print $3}'`; Pm "Extrinsic system jobs"; o=`launchctl list | sed 1d | awk '!/0x|com\.apple|org\.(x|openbsd)|\.[0-9]+$/{print $3}'`; Pm "Extrinsic agents"; for d in {/,}L*/{La,Priv,Sta}*; do o=`ls -A "$d" | egrep -v '^(\.DS_Store$|com\.apple\.)'`; Pm "$d"; done; o=`find -L /S*/L*/E* {/,}L*/{A*d,Compon,Ex,In,Keyb,Mail,P*P,Qu,Scripti,Servi,Spo}* -type d -name Contents -prune | while read d; do ID=$($PB\ :CFBundleIdentifier "$d/Info.plist") || ID="No bundle ID"; egrep -qv "^com\.apple\.[^x]|Accusys|ArcMSR|ATTO|HDPro|HighPoint|driver\.stex|hp-fax|\.hpio|JMicron|microsoft\.MDI|print|SoftRAID" <<< $ID && printf "$Fb" "${d%/Contents}" "$ID"; done`; Pm "Extrinsic loadable bundles"; o=`find /u*/{,*/}lib -type f -exec sh -c 'file -b "$1" | grep -qw shared && ! codesign -v "$1"' {} {} \; -print`; Pm "Unsigned shared libraries"; o=`launchctl getenv DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES`; Pm "Inserted libraries"; o=`find {,/u*/lo*}/e*/periodic -type f -mtime -10d`; Pm "Modified periodic scripts"; o=`scutil --proxy | grep Prox`; Pm "Proxies"; o=`scutil --dns | awk '/r\[0\] /{if ($NF !~ /^1(0|72\.(1[6-9]|2[0-9]|3[0-1])|92\.168)\./) print $NF; exit}'`; Ps "DNS"; R && o=`sudo profiles -P | grep :`; Pm "Profiles"; for f in fstab sysctl.conf crontab launchd.conf; do Pc $f /etc/$f; done; Pc "hosts" <(grep -v 'host *$' /etc/hosts); Pc "User launchd" ~/.launchd; R && Pc "Root crontab" <(sudo crontab -l); Pc "User crontab" <(crontab -l); R && o=`sudo defaults read LoginHook`; Pm "Login hook"; Pp "Global login items" /L*/P*/loginw* Path; Pp "User login items" L*/P*/*loginit* Name; Pp "Safari extensions" L*/Saf*/*/E*.plist Bundle | sed 's/\..*$//;s/-[1-9]$//'; o=`find ~ $TMPDIR.. \( -flags +sappnd,schg,uappnd,uchg -o ! -user $UID -o ! -perm -600 \) | wc -l`; Ps "Restricted user files"; cd; o=`system_profiler SPFontsDataType | egrep "Valid: N|Duplicate: Y" | wc -l`; Ps "Font problems"; o=`find L*/{Con,Pref}* -type f ! -size 0 -name *.plist ! -exec sh -c 'plutil -s "$1" >&-' {} {} \; -print`; Pm "Bad plists"; d=(Desktop L*/Keyc*); n=(20 7); for i in 0 1; do o=`find "${d[$i]}" -type f -maxdepth 1 | wc -l`; o=$((o<=n[$i]?0:o)); Ps "${d[$i]##*/} files"; done; o=$((`date +%s`-t)); Ps "Elapsed time (s)"; } 2>/dev/null | pbcopy; exit 2>&-
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    When you launch Terminal, a text window will open with a line already in it, ending either in a dollar sign ($) or a percent sign (%). If you get the percent sign, enter “sh” and press return. You should then get a new line ending in a dollar sign.
    Click anywhere in the Terminal window and paste (command-V). The text you pasted should vanish immediately. If it doesn't, press the return key.
    If you're logged in as an administrator, you'll be prompted for your login password. Nothing will be displayed when you type it. You will not see the usual dots in place of typed characters. Make sure caps lock is off. Type carefully and then press return. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you make three failed attempts to enter the password, the test will run anyway, but it will produce less information. In most cases, the difference is not important.
    If you're not logged in as an administrator, you won't be prompted for your password. The test will still run. It just won't do anything that requires administrator rights.
    The test may take up to a few minutes to run, depending on how many files you have and the speed of the computer. A computer that's abnormally slow may take longer to run the test. There is no indication of progress until it's done. Wait for the line "[Process completed]" to appear in the Terminal window. If you don't see that line within half an hour or so, the test probably won't complete in a reasonable time. In that case, close the Terminal window and report your results. No harm will be done.
    When the test is complete, quit Terminal. The results will have been copied to the Clipboard automatically. They are not shown in the Terminal window. Please don't copy anything from there. All you have to do is start a reply to this comment and then paste by pressing command-V again.
    If any private information, such as your name or email address, appears in the results, anonymize it before posting. Usually that won't be necessary.
    When you post the results, you might see the message, "You have included content in your post that is not permitted." That's because the forum software falsely identifies something in the post as a violation of the terms of use. If that happens, please post the results on Pastebin, then post a link here to the page you created.
    Note: This is a public forum, and others may give you advice based on the results of the test. They speak only for themselves, and I don't necessarily agree with them.
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  • How do I register for the timeout Event dynamically

    I found this example:
    I want to do the same thing, except that it's not the mouse move event that I want to toggle (register/unregister) but the timeout event.
    The timeout is in the drop down list of events I can register for, but it is greyed out.
    How can I do this?
    Go to Solution.

    Use a shift register to hold what your timeout should be.  Use -1 for never time out.  Wire the value in the shift register to the timeout input on the Event Structure.
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  • How do I register for the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Up-to-Date Program?

    I purchased my Mac on Friday and saw on the Apple website I can register for a free upgrade to Mountain Lion when it comes out.
    Sadly I cannot work out how to do this, can someone please help.

    That web site won't be available until Mountain Lion ships. You have 30 days from the ship date of Mountain Lion to claim the download code.
    The offer will likely be available here:

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