How do i reinstall mountain lion on fairly new machine i have really messed it up i have no key or original login do ihave to to pay

how do i reinstall mountain lion on fairly new machine i have really messed it up i have no key or original login do ihave to to pay

You never have to pay to reinstall a Mac's original OS. If that was Snow Leopard or earlier though, you need its original discs.
If the Mac was built after Lion was released, about August 2011, boot OS X Recovery - using two fingers hold the ⌘ and R keys while starting your Mac. When the Mac OS X Utilities screen appears, select "Reinstall Mac OS X".

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  • How do i reinstall mountain Lion after installing maverick. Maverick  is not compatible with FileMaker 13 server. Maverick is now objecting to reinstalling Mountain Lion. Where do I go from here? Help?

    How do i reinstall mountain Lion after installing maverick. Maverick  is not compatible with FileMaker 13 server. Maverick is now objecting to reinstalling Mountain Lion. Where do I go from here? Help?

    If you can download the ML installer you can make a bootable install media by using:
    If your Mini came with ML you can also boot to Internet Recovery
    OS X: About OS X Recovery
    and it will install ML. Make sure you boot to Internet Recovery and not the Recovery Partition. If to the partition you will only get Mavericks.

  • How do i intall mountain lion on a new hard drive

    How do i do it?
    I bought a new 13" MBP a few weeks back and have now got my SSD. I realise that Apple no longer give out OS install discs and i don't have mountain lion purchased on my app store as it came with my laptop. So how do i install mountain lion on my new hard drive without having to buy mountain lion.

    Option 1  - Newer Mac's like your come with internet recovery. Which means if your drive fails or is corrupted or in your case your install a brand new drive, internet recovery will let you reinstall the OS you are eligible for. So replace your drive and boot your system with cmd + R keys pressed down for 15 secs or so and your machine hooked to the internet. This will install ML from apple in your case.
    Option 2 - Clone or backup (your entire system using time machine) your hard drive to a external USB disk. Replace your drive and then restore the new drive from the clone or backup.
    Check this site for related articles ....

  • How long does it take to reinstall Mountain Lion on a new hard drive?

    Due to performance/corruption issues, I erased my MacBook pro's hard drive. Now, I'm attempting to reinstall Mountain Lion (then do the upgrade to Mavericks). However, after about 5 hours of it doing the reinstall and downloading files (I have it connected to a network cable), I went to bed.
    At some point during the night, the process seems to have timed out. Evidently, I will need to start from the beginning of the installation process.
    My Questions:
    How long should I take?
    Is there a way I can prevent the MacBook from going into sleep mode so I can leave it unattended?
    Since I've worked in corporate IT, I'm more than familiar with the Windows reinstall process and generally know what's going on and how long portions of an installation should take. Is there a way I can have the installation tell me what's going on?
    Any other tips/tricks or general information?
    Thank you for any assistance.

    Wish I had your DSL speed.  iTunes suggests I have about 7 1/2 hours still to go!  Just glad it is giving it it's best shot.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • How do I reinstall Mountain Lion in English on a system that was originally in Chinese?

    I'm trying to help a friend who was given a used 13" MacBook Air (A1369) by the Chinese exchange student staying with him. It needed a screen repair, which was done, and we were able to change the display menus to English which is fine for general use. BUT... The previous owner had all kinds of Chinese games and programs as well as a partitioned HD. The plan was to just erase and reinstall Mountain Lion (which it came with, we THINK) and he'd have a fresh start.
    Using the Recovery system would be great, except that since the comp was from China, and the ID associated with it is in Chinese, all of the instructions, menus and EVERYTHING are in Chinese. We can get online fine, and tried booting from a USB drive but everything is still in Chinese. We got as far as making a bootable USB and it looked like everything was OK, and started the erase/restore process but it got stuck in Chinese instructions and menus!!!
    Is there a way to buy new copy of Mountain Lion with a new Apple ID that will be in English and then install it on a computer that was already running Mountain Lion? It seems I should be able to DL the OS to a USB drive and then just boot and install from that. But I'd have to DL on another Mac with its own ID running Lion. (Or use a Linux PC which seems like an even worse option.)
    Any ideas? Suggestions? Laughter?

    Try posting again in the forum for ML, since it hardly seems to have anything to do with your hardware.

  • Hard drive died... How do I reinstall Mountain Lion onto an external drive?

    I have Time Machine and two extra external drives but now I cannot boot from the Hard Drive to reinstall Mountain Lion. I have a recovery partition from TechTool but it does not include Time Machine or the App Store. My computer boots into the TechTool disk but my hard drive is not shown. Disk Utility does not see my hard drive either.
    Any suggestions?

    Sorry, I'm confused.
    The recovery partition from Tech Tool, this is on the internal HD or on a CD/DVD?
    Is this the same thing as the TechTool disk that your computer can boot into?
    Where is the Disk Utility that cannot see your hard drive? Is it on the Apple recovery partition on your internal drive?  Are you saying that Disk Utility on your Apple recovery partition cannot see your boot partition?
    It sounds like your internal boot partition won't work, but the internal drive itself is OK (i.e., Disk Utility, on your Apple recovery partition, doesn't see the normal boot partition), or at least OK to the extent that the Apple Recovery partition can run.
    If you install Mountain Lion on your external drive and use it as the boot drive for your computer,  it will be very slow, and you won't be happy. I'd forget that idea.
    Assuming I am thinking correctly about your situation, I would try to repair your HD. Your options would be:
    a safe boot Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode? and then disk utility
    boot into single user mode and see if you can repair your hard drive Repair Your Hard Disk in Single User Mode | Everything Macintosh
    internet recovery OS X: About OS X Recovery
    recovery disk assisant, if you have made one already OS X Recovery Disk Assistant v1.0
    If none of that works, then I'd try and wipe the entire drive and start over. I'd try to do that from internet recovery. Hopefully one of your external drives has backups on it.
    If that doesn't work, then I'd replace the drive.

  • How do I Reinstall Mountain Lion on a used Macbook Pro?

    So I just recently purchased a 2011 Macbook Pro off of Craigslist.  A friend picked it up for me, installed an extra copy of Windows 8 he had for me under my name, and made sure the OSX Mountain Lion side worked fine.  Somehow, after the first time I restarted OSX it would no longer boot up, but Windows worked fine.  So I booted up in the recovery partition, reformatted the OSX partition, and attempted to install Mountain Lion.
    The problem is that I don't have it listed under my Apple I.D. as purchased, which makes sense because the last Macbook I bought came with Leopard.  I tried to buy it on the Windows side through iTunes, but I'm not able.  So my question is can I just buy Mountain Lion on someone else's Mac through the App store under my I.D., and will I then be able to reinstall Mountain Lion through the recovery partition?
    Or will I have to resort to resetting my Macbook Pro to factory defaults, losing the copy of Windows 8 I was given, and reverting back to the original OS, which I'm guessing is Lion?

    Well, you need to log in to the App Store on a Mac, using your AppleID, and purchase Mountain Lion. Then, on the konked out Mac's Recovery Partition you'll be able to sign in with the same AppleID and download the ML installer you are now eligible to use.

  • How can I reinstall Mountain Lion on new hard drive?

    I've had to install a new hard drive as old one was failing.
    Have loaded Snow Leopard from disc onto the new drive but can't install Mountain Lion which I was running prior to drive failure; very frustrated.
    Have tried several options.
    1. Tried to reboot from OS X Utilities but whenever I restart, holding the cmd + R keys, I can only ever get the standard screen. I've tried pressing keys early in restart, later in restart, keys on either side of the keyboard, cmd + alt/option + R but still can't get to the OS X Utilities.
    2. Having given up on 1 I've tried to download ML from my purchase history in iTunes. I can see the purchase recorded but there appears to be no way to get to a reload option - at least not in the iTunes loaded from Snow Leopard
    3. I tried downloading ML updates, hoping that might allow me to bypass 1 and 2. The download wasn't recognised by my machine.
    4. I've be willing to just buy the **** OS again from scratch but iTunes won't allow me to do that either, at least not using my current Apple ID.
    Does anyone have any bright ideas? I hate bloody computers.

    enigmatix wrote:
    Do you have any suggestions why I can't open OS X  Utilities.
    How old is your Mac, if it came with 10.6 installed it is too old to have Internet Recovery (command-option-R) And as it has a new hard drive you won't be able to use Recovery (command-R) either until a new copy of Mountain Lion is installed and ceates a recovery partition on the drive.

  • Reinstalling Mountain Lion on brand new MPB Retina??

    Hi Everyone,
    I bought my first MBP retina literally 2 days ago. Anyways, last night I saw that I had an update in the iTunes store. The update was for iOS7. Without much thought, I downloaded the update. When it was finished downloading, I clicked "restart now". A few minutes went by and nothing happned. The cursor was gone and everything seemed frozen. So I manually restart the computer.
    When the computer rebooted I kept getting some kind of kernel panic on the boot screen. Nothing would happen. So I rebooted and held command + r. I then proceeded to reinstall a new copy of mountain lion because that was the only thing I could think to do.
    Everything appears to be fine now but I have a few questions.
    1) I didn't run disk utility and erase the disk before reinstalling a new copy of mountain lion. Is that a problem? Do I have two versions of the OS saved on my hard drive or did the new download just overwrite the previous version?
    2) Why was an update for iOS7 showing up in my itunes store?
    3) Should I worry about having to reinstall mountain lion after literally using the macbook for only a few hours.
    Thanks for your help

    New2Mac12 wrote:
    1) I didn't run disk utility and erase the disk before reinstalling a new copy of mountain lion. Is that a problem? Do I have two versions of the OS saved on my hard drive or did the new download just overwrite the previous version?
    2) Why was an update for iOS7 showing up in my itunes store?
    3) Should I worry about having to reinstall mountain lion after literally using the macbook for only a few hours.
    Thanks for your help
    No it is not a problem and the new installation simply overwrote the previous one
    The iOS 7 upgrade is ONLY for iPhones and iPads and should have had no effect on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I am not sure what you actually did because the normal process for installing iOS 7, or any iOS update or upgrade including iPhone and iPad apps downloads to a folder in the iTunes folder. In fact the iTunes store is the only place to get new or updated software for the iPhone and iPad. Do not confuse the iTunes Store with App Store which is a separate application for downloading and installing Mac OS X updates and software. There is an update to iTunes 11.1 that must be downloaded before attempting to download and install iOS 7. I suspect that is what you actually installed, but I have no idea why it could or would mess up Mountain Lion.  For the last couple of days the Apple download servers have been completely swamped by all the iOS 7 downloads and reports of the downloads taking two and three hours are common. The problem may have been related to that, but that is purely a guess.
    No you should not be concerned about the reinstallation. As I said I do not know what happened, but you should not have been able to install anything to do with iOS 7 on your new Mac.
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  • I need to reinstall Mountain Lion from a Time Machine backup, but it says that the last backup is 6 months old

    Hi, I need to reinstall Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro, so I made a backup yesterday and today I tried to reinstall everything from that backup.
    To my surprise, Time Machine says that the last full backup was made on February!
    I've always made regular backups during these months on my Time Machine HD, what can I do to reinstall everything from the backup I made yesterday?
    Thank you very much.

    Most likely, some folders were inadvertently excluded from your backups, and as a result you can't restore your data in Recovery, Setup Assistant, or Migration Assistant.
    Starting from a fresh installation of OS X, set up a new administrator account and log in. Follow the instructions on this page to associate your existing backups with the new installation.
    You should now be able to enter Time Machine and restore your user data from a snapshot.* I suggest you do this in two stages. Quit all applications except the Finder before you begin.
    Restore all the visible items at the top level of your home folder.
    Hold down the option key and select Go ▹ Library from the Finder menu bar. Enter Time Machine and restore all items in the Library folder. Log out and log back in as soon as the restore is complete.
    Any other invisible folders or files at the top level of your home folder that you want to preserve will have to be restored separately. For most users, that isn't necessary.
    You'll have to reinstall all third-party applications from scratch, or restore them from another kind of backup, if you have one.
    *If you don't see any snapshots in Time Machine, exit the time-travel view and then hold down the option key while selecting
    Browse Other Backup Disks...
    from the Time Machine menu, which has an icon that looks like a clock running backwards. Select the backups of your computer by its previous name. If you don't have the Time Machine menu, open the Time Machine preference pane in System Preferences and check the box marked
    Show Time Machine in menu bar

  • How can I reinstall Mountain Lion (already bought before) after I restore my MacBook unibody (restores it to snow leopard)?

    Originally I had upgraded my MacBook unibody to mountain and used time machine to back up my data. I then wanted to restore my MacBook so I did but it restored my MacBook to snow leopard. After restoring to an old time machine backup some of the apps aren't compatible because they require mountain lion but my system got restored to snow leopard. How can I reinstall my already purchased mountain lion if snow leopard doesn't have an App Store?

    10.6 Snow Leopard will get the App Store when you update it to 10.6.8. Download the 10.6.8 combo updater to bring it up to 10.6.8.

  • How do i reinstall mountain lion? not available in app store anymore.

    Went through reinstallation procedure only to find mountain lion not available in the app store anymore. when it asks for apple id login the message states, not available. please help!

    If you purchased Mountain Lion as an upgrade, it will always be in your list under the Purchases tab of the App Store app. Click Download to reinstall it.

  • How do i reinstall mountain lion?

    I format my macbook and it got to lion. i`m trying to install the mountain lion but i don`t see it on the utilities after (cmd+r).
    help please?

  • How do I install Mountain Lion on a new hard drive

    Bit of a novice here.
    13inch MacBook Pro mid 2009 unibody user. Upgraded to Mountain Lion via download. I need to upgrade my HD for more space. No longer have the install CDs that came with it.
    How do I go about installing the OS on the new HD?
    Many thanks.

    As an additional thought:
    You may want to consider contacting Apple for replacement install disks anyway for whatever OS it came with because:
    Your license for Mountain Lion purchased at MAS is not transferable - it is forever tied to your Apple ID (and the machine ID). If you sell/gift your Mac, you will need to erase the Mountain Lion and reinstall the original OS; otherwise the buyer will have an illegal copy and will not be able to reinstall (because the Apple ID is not the same as it was when purchased).

  • How can I reinstall Mountain Lion?

    I've been encountering random bugs every now and then and I'm planning to reinstall it again.

    I've been for quite some time now but to no avail.

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