How do I remove documents from my Pages list in my iTunes that I have deleted from my Ipad?

How do I delete Pages documents from my Itunes under Pages list of documents that I have deleted from my Ipad, as they still show up under Itunes?

With your iPad connected & iTunes open, click on iPad in the left-hand source column, then Apps across the top & scroll down to file sharing, click on Pages then the file you want to delete & press the delete key.

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    How can I remove rentals from my ipad mini??  I have asked the itunes store and they cannot help.  They will not dissappear and I can`t load anymore. And one of them is just a grey box...

    I'd defiantly try a factory reset first to see how things look afterwards.
    Its safe to say IOS8 is buggy for me and I'm sure Apple will fix many of the issues soon. The main problems I have experienced to date on a factory reset iPad Mini are as follows:
    General system slow down.
    Safari is very slow to render web pages, this could be WIFI related.
    The keyboard seems slow to respond especially within Safari.
    I opened a new email earlier this morning and it caused the iPad to auto reboot. Thats a first for me on an Apple device.
    The ability to make / receive a call on your iPad always seems to fail for me. My iPad will ring when a call is received I will answer but it will immediately fail to connect. The same happens on outgoing calls.
    Battery life on first impressions seems to have suffered since the upgrade.
    Role on IOS 8.0.1...

  • How can I move documents from my iPad to the cloud?

    I am trying to move documents into the cloud from my iPad. Every time I select the upload icon, only my photos show up. How do I find my documents?

    To save a single PDF document on iPad to (i.e. one document at a time)
    Open a PDF document in Adobe Reader for iOS.
    Tap anywhere in the document to display the toolbar.
    Tap this icon in the toolbar.
    Select "Save to".
    If prompted, sign in with your Adobe ID.
    If you want to transfer a lot of PDF documents on your iPad to any cloud storage service, you can transfer them to your Windows/Mac desktop computer using iTunes first.
    How to transfer PDF documents from your iPad/iPhone to your computer
    and upload them to the cloud storage service of your choice via a web browser.
    Does it answer your question?
    Please let us know if you still have a problem with uploading files.

  • How can I remove Safari from my iPad?

    How can I remove Safari from my iPad?

    You can't remove any of the built-in apps, including Safari. You can hide it via Settings > General > Restrictions > Safari 'off', but the app can't be deleted.

  • How can I remove apps from my iPad

    How can I remove apps from my iPad? It does not have the little "x" option on the iPad like the iPhones.

    It works just the same as an iPhone. A long hold on an icon will cause them all to start wobbling, drag to move around or tap the X to remove.You can't remove any of the built-in apps so these won't get an X to tap.

  • HT1918 i want to delete my credit card info from my apple account my 3 year old has mastered purchasing apps and he knwos my password how can i remove it from mylaptop, ipad and iphone so this doesnt happen and i can enter my credit card info manually?

    i want to delete my credit card info from my apple account my 3 year old has mastered purchasing apps and he knwos my password how can i remove it from mylaptop, ipad and iphone so this doesnt happen and i can enter my credit card info manually?

    May not be just the security code >  iTunes Store: My credit card's security code or zip code does not match my bank's records

  • TS3202 How do I remove songs from my iPad which are not on my computer library. Regular synching has not removed these two songs from my iPad. These songs are no longer in my library but still on iPad !!! Any solutions ???

    How do I remove songs from my iPad which are no longer present in my library. Normal synching works for everything else except two songs ' stuck' on my iPad ??  Any solutions. ????  Thanks.

    You can remove them manually on the device. Swipe across the track to bring up a delete button.

  • How do I remove videos from my ipad?

    How do I remove videos from my iPad mini?

    What app are they in ? If the Videos app then you should be able to delete them via the Edit button at the top right of the Films or TV Programmes selection screens in the app, or via Settings > General > Usage > Videos (that also has an Edit button top right, and you can swipe/drag across from right-to-left on an individual film or episode and you should get a Delete button on it). Films and/or TV programmes in the Videos app that have the cloud symbol on them are not stored on your iPad, they are only in the cloud (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Videos 'off' to stop them showing).

  • How do I remove content from my IPAD?

    How do I remove content from my IPAD to free up space?

    Go to Settings>General>Usage>Storage. You will see all of your apps in there. You can tap on the app and you can delete it in the next window - if that is what you really want to do.
    You can also unsync content with iTunes and keep all of your purchased content in iTunes on your computer, rather than deleting it all and having to download it again.
    You can transfer all of your purchased content into iTunes, then deselect the content that you want to remove, and then sync with iTunes to remove the content that you deselected.
    Transfer purchases.

  • How do you remove ebooks from your ipad. not just arcive them get rid of them totally?

    How do you remove ebooks from your ipad? Not just arcive them but get rid of them completly?

    That all depends on which eBook app you're using. If you archive a book using the Kindle app, it is removed from your iPad. It's still available in your Kindle account should you ever wish to access it again but it's not taking up space on your device.

  • HT5622 How do i remove albums from my ipad

    Help can I remove albums from my ipad?

    Try swiping the album to the left then tap delete.

  • TS1702 How do I remove iCloud from my iPad ?

    How do I remove iCloud from my iPad ?

    fowlerryan wrote:
    just go to preferences>icloud and turn it off.
    There's no Preferences > iCloud on iPad.

  • How can I remove songs from my ipad?

    I transfered cds to my imac then to my ipad.  Now I want to remove them from my ipad how do I do that.

    Thanks stevejobsfan0123,
    I was able to delete all the songs I no longer wanted.
    Three cheers to you,

  • How can I remove pictures from my IPad

    How can I remove photos from my IPad

    Depends on where these photos came from. If they were synced from a computer, you'll need to sync them off by unchecking the folder the pictures are in from  iTunes on the computer.
    If they were taken by the iPad or downloaded you should have a little trashcan icon at the top of the screen  you can use when viewing the image.


    How do I remove music from my ipad

    So sorry, link didn't copy and I didn't check it
    Here.;_ylt=AwrB8pGby_pS01AAjkSJzbkF;_ylu=X 3oDMTIzcWRudGRnBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMwZDU5ZjhlZDM2ODRiMWZjNmFmMmNjZDYyYTgxN 2NlZQRncG9zAzIwBGl0A2Jpbmc-? 2Fimages%3Fp%3Ditunes%2Bmusic%2Bin%2Bthe%2Bcloud%2Bis%2Bavailable%26fr%3Dyfp-hrt ab-901%26fr2%3Dpiv-web%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D20&w=640&h=960&imgurl=static1.busi -that-the-song-is-available-in-icloud-but-not-downloaded-to-your-device.jpg&rurl e=86.0KB&name=We+told+you+why+we+love+%EE%80%80iTunes%EE%80%81+Match%2C+and+now+ we%26%2339%3Bre+going+to+show+you+how+to+put+%3Cb%3Ethe+%3C%2Fb%3Eservice+into+u se.+Keep+reading+for+instructions+on+how+to+set+up&p=itunes+music+in+the+cloud+i s+available&oid=0d59f8ed3684b1fc6af2ccd62a817cee&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-hrtab-901&tt =We+told+you+why+we+love+%EE%80%80iTunes%EE%80%81+Match%2C+and+now+we%26%2339%3B re+going+to+show+you+how+to+put+%3Cb%3Ethe+%3C%2Fb%3Eservice+into+use.+Keep+read ing+for+instructions+on+how+to+set+up&b=0&ni=132&no=20&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11vm f4tjb&sigb=145pn9h05&sigi=151idohqu&.crumb=AU2.cPSgNuP&fr=yfp-hrtab-901

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