How do i remove feedback from garageband

Hello, i'm having trouble removing feedback in garageband when monitor is "on".
Thing is i was using Garageband yesterday, recording from the mic of my computer, using headphones and i was able to turn monitor on ( so i could hear what i was recording).
Today i plugged in my guitar (guitar --> adapter ---> laptop), but horribly failed to make it work, so i unplugged it.
Went back to record some voice again, but apparently when i turn monitor "on" now i hear a lot of feedback, even a window pops up telling me there's a lot of feedback so i better turn it off.
I unplugged the guitar and everything, using same configuration than yesterday but im not able to turn monitor "on" again without hearing a lot of feedback.
What could have happened?
thank you
extra info: guitar is really old, only 1 pick-up is working and the plug sometimes doesn't work, so i have to move it around in order to work again, etc..

Have you found the component by now?
I made a trial install of voxReducer2 to checkk where it gets unstalled  - the only install option was in the user library, not the system library for all users. The plug-in ended up in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/voxReducer2.component/  - in the hidden user library. That is very unusual. As HangTime said, usually these plug-ins will be installed in the System Library for all users.
To remove it from the user library, you need to open the hidden library. Use the Finder's "Go" menu:
Click somewhere on the empty Desktop to bring the Finder forard, then Select "Go" from the main menu bar and hold down the alt/options key ⌥, until "Library" appears in the drop-down menu.
Then select Library, and in the window that will open, go to the "Components" folder.
You need really to get rid of his plug-in in Mavericks - I only used it for a few minutes and Garageband needed to be force quit!
-- Léonie

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