How do I remove the pop up on log in We do not support community tool bar on this version of safari?

How do I remove the pop up message on Safari log in, we do not support this version of community tool bar ?

Your problem is with the Community Toolbar.
It's a terrible app/plugin that messes up Macs like the plague.
Did you ever install a customized toolbar? Like a Facebook one? Or for watching sports?
Here's how to search and destroy:
Close Safari.
Check here for CT Loader
Locate and delete:
HD/Library/Application Support/Conduit
HD/Library/Receipts/<Toolbar name>.pkg
HD/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/CT2285220.bundle
HD/Users/<User name>/Library/Application Support/Conduit
It may not be in every single location, but get it out where ever you find it.
Restart Safari. Any Better?

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  • Safari browser version you are running does not support community tool bar. what's that mean and where is it coming from or how do I get rid of it ?

    I keep getting the message "Safari browser version you are useing does not support community tool bar." Where is this coming from and how do I get rid of it ?

    That toolbar/ct plugin causes problems for all who install it!
    Close Safari, then locate and delete the following files and it should be gone:
    /Library/Application Support/Conduit
    /Library/Receipts/<Toolbar name>.pkg
    /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/CT2285220.bundle
    /Users/<User name>/Library/Application Support/Conduit
    where / is the root library on your Hard Disk.
    If you are running Snow Leopard you should also look here:
    Library/Application support/conduit plugins
    Note: Safari does not support any third-party toolbars except those supplied as an extension to Safari via the Extension Gallery.

  • TS3212 how can you remove the pop-up blocker when dowload itunes using google chrome

    how can you remove the pop-up blocker when dowload itunes using google chrome ??

    Set that domain as '''Allowed'''. <br />

  • Does anyone know how to turn of the pop-up iCloud log-in window on iPhone. I have no desire to use iCloud. I have turned off iCloud in settings but the pesky little critter is not deterred.

    Does anyone know how to turn off the pop-up iCloud log-in window on iPhone 5c. I have no desire to use iCloud. I have turned off iCloud in settings but that does not seem to deter the pesky little pop-up from continually asking me to log-in

    Pop up usually meant that icloud activation lock is still on on Apple servers. In order to deactivate you need to turn icloud back on by signing in and then sign out properly. For your sake I hope that you know the password.

  • TS3408 When I open safari from the dock it opens as a small window at the top of the screen that is totally white and does not have a tool bar or exit options.  All I can do is force quit to exit.  What do I do?

    When I open safari from the dock it opens as a small window at the top of the screen that is totally white and does not have a tool bar or exit options.  All I can do is force quit to exit.  What do I do?

    With Safari open, press Command ,   (comma) to open Safari Preferences then select the Extensions tab.
    Turn that off, quit (or force quit) Safari then relaunch to test.

  • How do I remove the Windows partition? Boot Camp Assistant does not allow me to select the remove option.

    I am using an iMac, 8.1, early 2008. I installed Windows XP at that time. I am now using OS 10.8.5 and want to remove the Windows partition to free up disk space. Boot Camp Assistant does not allow me to select the "install or remove" option. How can I get rid of the Windows partition?

    You can try removing it in Disk Utility.
    To resize the drive do the following:
    1. Open Disk Utility and select the drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list.
    2. Click on the Partition tab in the Disk Utility main window. You should see the graphical sizing window showing the existing partitions. A portion may appear as a blue rectangle representing the used space on a partition.
    3. Select the bottom rectangle/partition. Click on the Delete [-] button below the sizing window to remove it. Click on the Apply button. Wait until the process has completed.
    4. In the lower right corner of the sizing rectangle for the remaining partition is a resizing gadget. Select it with the mouse and drag it all the way down to the bottom. Click on the Apply button and wait until the process has completed. 
    You should now have a restored single volume on the drive.
    It would be wise to have a backup of your current system as resizing is not necessarily free of risk for data loss.  Your drive must have sufficient contiguous free space for this process to work.

  • Can anyone tell me how to solve Flash Player on iPad 2. I understand Adobe not supported is there away around this or Apple alternative

    Having just purchased ipdad 2 I am noticing that Flash Player is not supported can anyone please tell me how to get round this or suggest apple alternative. It's very annoying considering that flash is used in so much digital display

    The Skyfire browser is the best solution I have found, so far. It's a browser that converts the videos on the fly. It doesn't work for other types of flash (games, ads, etc) but it does a good job with videos.
    I see your location is UK, I'm not sure if the app is available in the UK.

  • How do you remove the pop sound in between looped samples?

    I have recently purchased the thor synthesiser for use with Garageband on the ipad. When I record a bassline and then loop it, There is an audible pop/click noise as sample repeats.This is really annoying as its an obvious impurity in the sound. I have the same problem looping recordings made using the ikaossilator.
    Does anyone know an easy way to get round this? Or any way at all?
    Many thanks

    The pop at the end/beginning of a loop occurs when you don't have a "zero point" at the end of the sample, i.e. when it's not quiet or at least the audio wave is zero at this point so it can pick up seamlessly. Try to play your sample so that this is the case!

  • Can I remove the option of 'New Private Window' entirely from a computer's tool bar so it is not even an option?

    I would like this option fully removed because now it is easy to have two windows open, one as private, one as normal, and one can view inappropriate things more easily by quickly closing the private browsing session so I feel I cannot monitor my kids activities as easily...

    Didnt realize that you have a mac.
    Sadly, cor-el is right. Macs are very limited due to the craziness of their application management.
    After discussion with a few members of the support team, we think it'd be better advice to tell you to monitor your children's activities using parental control software, or, simply trusting them. The Internet can be a dangerous place, so I can understand you wanting to watch what you son/daughter does, but honestly, you'll be able to tell if they do something they're not supposed to behind your back :)
    Look out for quick spontaneous movement of the mouse, that usually indicates that they're doing something which they're not supposed to.
    If you really want to get rid of private browsing, consider using parental controls. Nothing gets passed them

  • How can i remove the previous icloud acount from my iphone4?

    I recently purchased a second hand iphone4 not jailbroken and i already restored it to factory settings but i can't log in to icloud using my account because it states that  "The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone". How can i remove the previous icloud acount from my iphone4? Hope someone could help me on this. Cheers! :)

    My dad gave me his old iphone as he got an upgrade. I can't seem to change his icloud account to mine. I'm getting his updated calender and his mail - and there seems to be some confusion between both our accounts. He seems to be acquiring some of my contacts - some of which have names which have led to some probing questions... So basically this needs to be sorted out! How can i delete his account from the iphone but not his whole icloud account? he would not be happy if i did this...

  • HT1206 I need a work iTunes account for my work system, but used my work email address as an associated email to my personal iTunes account. Now I can't use the work email to create the new iTunes account.  how do I remove the email from my personal accou

    Since I upgraded to Mavericks from Snow Leopard I need a work iTunes account for my work system, but used my work email address as an associated email to my personal iTunes account.
    Now I can't use the work email to create the new iTunes account.  how do I remove the email from my personal account?

    You can long into an account via this page and update the email addresses that you have on it :

  • I have extra tracks of the same song,plus extra albums showing of the same album in their relevant lists how can i remove the extra ones safely?.

    Please advise, i have somehow downloaded some extra tracks  of the same songs, plus their relavant albums showing in songs/albums lists on my ipod nano 7th gen,how can i remove the unwanted extra songs/albums  safely. Please note i am a newcomer to using a ipod nano/uploading,downloading music.

    Hi Myketyke,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    Since you are syncing your iPod nano to your computer, the best option is to remove the duplicates from the iTunes library on your computer.  Then resync your device.  The article below will show you how:
    How to find and remove duplicate items in your iTunes library
    - Judy

  • Photosmart 8230. How do you Remove the print heads for cleaning?

    Hi guys, I have a Photosmart 8230. After a few lines of printing the black ink fades to almost nothing, all the colours are perfect. There are no error messages. I have done the self cleaning and alignment procedures and wasted a lot of expensive ink. The test page comes out with streaks on the black only. It has been suggested that I take the print head out and immerse it in hot water as a last resort. The question is, how do I remove the printhead? or should I use it as a sea anchor!!
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    I just did this to a HP Photosmart 8250 which is in the 8000 series range. I assume they are similar. I was an appliance repair man and have done a lot of other tings in my life, so I decided to take a shot at repairing my 8250 rather than junk it. For 3 Years it was great, only one paper jam, and fast great photos, so I didn't want to give up on it. HP will not repair printers for us, I think because it is too labor intensive, and they can sell a new one for what it would cost.
    I actually fixed my HP Photostat 8250. Its working but the color printing is not as good as it was, yet, but I am hoping that will improve as all of the colored inks work their way through the system.
    Taking one of these apart and putting it back together is like a Chinese puzzle, so its appropriate that they are made in China. Most of the parts inside can be easily damaged if you are not careful. The covers have very clever ideas to their design and how they snap in place. Take your time with the covers and use small tools.
    Getting it back in working condition is another matter. There is a 6 circuit pump and more than a few feet of tubing. I had the side covers off while I tested it and this pump seems to work in both directions. This pump is inside the left side cover. There is another motor with a timing wheel of some kind that stops and starts in both directions at the same time the printhead carriage is whipping back and forth printing. There are other motors also. These things are ingenious. It is surprising that I bought it for less than $100 on sale. It looks like a $1000 piece of equipment inside.
     It would probably be a good idea to not remove the left side cover, but if you do, be very careful around the clear timing wheel. it looks delicate. Below is from an email I sent to a friend and I am revising it to make sense. Remember this is something that really requires training to do this, but I see people today that have the guts to tackle all sorts of projects, so for what its worth, and you asked.
    Under the right side cover is a motherboard, with a bunch of cables plugged into it, small, larger and even ribbon cables. I found it necessary to remove the motherboard. I had a bit of experience working on Canon printers and I would also suggest you take digital pictures as you go so you can view them on your PC. I am also going through this because I don't like being told we can get anything repaired correctly today, its ridiculous that these printers have become just more throwaways. If you want to do this, as a guide, I must have spent 8 to 10 hours doing this, but now I could do it again in 2, that is the learning process.
    Once you get the top off the printer, you will see the printhead carriage. The carriage will be to the right side. The printhead is retained by two screws at the front, (take pictures) a spring clip at the rear and two screws that hold a plastic cover over the six ink hoses that plug into the printhead, its a manifold strip affair. You have to unplug the manifold to remove the printhead, but now I am not 100% sure its necessary to remove the printhead? The ink gunk you will see after you move the printhead to the left is no doubt most of the problem.
     Probably after the hot water treatment as described below, the built in printhead cleaner will be able to resume cleaning the printhead, after the hot water cleans the gunk from IT.
     I removed the printhead like I say below, but first do this. Under the printhead there is a little carriage with a patch of foam rubber that cleans the print head nozzles.This little device works back and forth while cleaning, but while it is parked, with the printer off, it is forward and you won't be able to move the printhead. Use a flashlight to be sure and you will see how to push the cleaner carriage  to the rear and then move the printhead carriage to the left. THEN, you will see the gunky ink mess that has accumulated. This gunky mess I think is the main problem. There are also some felt pads below the cleaning device to absorb some of the ink gunk. I don't know how the HP techs do this, but I used the hot water method below, I had nothing to lose. I would move the printhead first and then you can decide about removing it. I would make sure not to get any of the electronics wet and why I removed the motherboard and why I say take photos. Its hard enough to remember where the different screws alone go, when you are doing this. It can be done, mine is working, even if not perfectly, YET.  You need to be very careful with your fingers, because it is hard to find space to hold onto the printer and whay it might be a good idea to not remove the left side.
    They are so complicated, its just a matter of time before they get gunked up with ink and the printhead begins floating in the mess. I had nothing to lose so I removed the printhead, carefully, taped up all the hoses so they didn't dry out, Then I removed the motherboard to keep it from getting wet, THEN I held the messy ink end under the HOT water in the laundry tub and flushed out enough ink to dye a bathtub full of water. The hot water worked well. Then I let it all dry out. There are some delicate procedures to all of this and it takes time. I think that is why its very hard to find anyone to fix them. Its labor intensive and probably why HP won't repair them.  The print section is the problem, and why I won't buy an All in One printer, Fax, and Scanner. I do buy the extended warranty's now. If you tackle this, take your time, take photos, and good luck. By the way, the 8250 uses O2 print cartridges, is that the type of printer you have, but a lot of this applies to other printers and other brands, and I bet I am not the only one to do this. Before I started this the diagonstics showed no problems, so I assumed it was the the ink aspect of the printer, and not an electronic of mechanical problem. I hope this helps.
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  • How can I remove the 'apps' toolbar (the one below the bookmarks toolbar)?

    '''In FF4, how can I remove the 'apps' toolbar?'''
    (My computer screen is now smaller than before due to this new black strip. A 'right click' doesn't help. the "+" on the left only takes me to 'conduit'. I am not interested in this feature at all.)
    Thanks, Reg.

    I had the same problem and was able to remove the empty apps bar by doing the following:
    1. Click on Tools in Mozilla; 2. Click on Add-Ons; 3. Click on Extensions; 4. Look for an add-on called Conduit app; 5. Click to the right of Conduit app to Remove Conduit App; and 6. Restart Firefox: hooray - it's gone!

  • How to remove the pop-up window ''Wireless Radio Status" for t430s

    Hi, I have owned my t430s for now about 2 years without any major complaints recently I've had to use the fn + f5 function quite frequently, because of my poor internet connection. so that way i can reset which signal I want to choose because the default signal I am connected to is not mine. My problem is similar to what is posted here: I really want to get rid of the pop up for this feature, I've tried to follow what the other thread user's have done and try out their solutions but it does not work for my t430s i tried changing the pmev thing to what was posted in the thread. Can anyone help me? Thanks!  

    I already tried that as mentioned in my original post, it doesn't work. I still get the pop up message: this is me pressing fn + f5 

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