How do i reset my Final Cut Pro 6 to factory settings

I am working on a video shoot and as i start normally i import all my .mov files and edit... When i finished i export my movie to the same sequence settings as i was working on...
My problem is after i import my .mov files and start editing die it is as if the program is REALLY slow freezes for a sec and then continues and when i just play it back there between clips it freezes for a sec again and then does not play smoothly... and when i export the exported mov does the same thing and for some of the clips it sort of crashes what i mean is it will suddenly make the mov flash all the colors of the rainbow... green ext... and not show the clips... i came to realize that FCP exports the final mov with that glitches...
So is there anyway i can fix that problems or just reset my FCP to the factory settings??? o yea... when i render the mov or export it, it takes forever!!! like i tried to export a 76 min mov that i edited and it took 37 hours to export and same with the render... a small 1 min clip that needs to be render takes more than a hour to render...
Please if there is somebody that can help me let me know...
Kind Regards
Marco van Vuuren

kaz-k Thank u very much.... your advice REALLY helped me out!!! but now still when i play my edited clips in my timeline it still freezes and then it tells me there was dropped frames and when i export it die same place where it gave me dropped frames, the exported movie also freezes and still on the end of the exported movie it does not show my credits but still gives me that glitches where the colors flashes...
any ideas???
Meg The DogThank u very much.... I will download the program as soon as possible but tell me... Does it only fix the FCP preferences or the MAC itself?
Studio XThank u very much.... I copyed the files from the camera as .mts files and FCP does not work with that format so i have a converting program on windows (Format Factory) and converted it to .mov files... Is there a program witch i can download for imac version 10.4.11 and most impotent macpro version 10.5.8 (the 1 with FCP) that is a full program and that won't take so long or put a watermark or something on the files???
Kind Regard to all
Marco van Vuuren

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    The other option is to get Xto7, which may be much easier than Resolve and faster.
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    Open the Mac App Store, sign into your account (Store menu), go to the Purchases pane and download your app.
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    MPEG-4 is  delivery framework and should never be used in production. At the very leasgt you should optimize the media when you import it.

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         You might do some web searching on "FCPx  torrent ".  I would think that if you have a legitimate copy of FCPx there would be no legal/moral issue with pulling down a 10.0.7 version via bittorrent, but I'm not a lawyer. And of course there are other issues relating to such software but as Tom implies, you can't get an older version from Apple so you'll have to find somebody, somewhere with a 10.0.7 copy that you can install.

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    AFAIK Logic 9 can't import the form of XML that FCP X outputs.
    There may be other ways to bridge the gap, but since I don't  use Logic 9 I can't help further.

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    You do NOT need Motion in order to use those transitions, effects, etc.!
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