How do I resize a UML shape?

how do I resize a UML shape?

Go to Developer tab> Shape Design Group> Protection> Select None.
Now, we can resize the UML shape.
George Zhao
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  • How can I disable making live shape rectangle in the first place but normal one instead in Illustrator CC?

    How can I disable making live shape rectangle in the first place but normal one instead in Illustrator CC? When I create rectangle I can't transform it by dragging and it's only the problem with rectangle, not with circle, star etc. I try show/hide edges/bounding box reset preferences and reinstall whole illustrator CC and it's the same. I can only make this right by expand this rectangle, which is shape as is turn out to rectangle by clicking object>shape>expand rectangle. But this is so frustrating. Help!:) oh, and I use OSX. My friend has the same specs and it's works. I mean she can use live shape corner transformations and changing size by draging:(

    I’ve created my own plugin (available for free for personal and commercial use) which imitates behavior of the ‘old’ Rectangle Tool. It doesn’t replace the Live Rectangle – it works completely independent!
    My Plain Rectangle Tool correctly snaps to grids/objects/points and correctly aligns to grid/points on resize. Of course it supports the SHIFT and ALT/OPTION keys, Snap to Grid and Smart Guides options. In other words it works almost 100% the same as the Rectangle Tool we know from CC (17.1), CS6 and earlier.
    The installation package (zxp) adds ‘Plain Rectangle Tool’ icon into the Ai panel (of curse you can assign your custom keyboard shortcut to it as well)
    Note: The Plain Rectangle can be easily converted into the Live one using Object > Shape > Convert to Rectangle
    Grab your copy at Feel free to share with your friends. It’s completely free.
    I’ve also created a separate discussion for the Plain Rectangle Tool. If you have any comments or request please post it there. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Pawel Kuc

  • How do I resize the window of pages in the new version? It takes up most of my desktop. I would like to make it tall and narrow, which was possible in the old pages, but I cannot seem to do it in the new version.

    How do I resize the window of pages in the new version? It takes up most of my desktop. I would like to make it tall and narrow, which was possible in the old pages, but I cannot seem to do it in the new version.

    I agree it is a very bad and wasteful design especially for users on small laptop screens.
    You can drag it to whatever shape you want from the bottom left corner.
    Click on the paintbrush to make the Format side panel disappear. However you will need to use that side panel for most formatting.

  • How can I resize the PDF I created with a magazine template?

    Hello! I used a template that`s a different size than what I need. How can I resize (make it smaller) the PDF that I just created with this magazine template?

    So you picked a template in A4 format, and now you need letter. The printer can scale the PDF to 11" and it will get even narrower, leaving large margins. Does it have bleeds? That woudl be a disaster.
    Frankly, the best thing is to start over using the correct page size, but you can go to File > Document Setup... in ID and change the shape of the exisiting file. Expect to do a lot of work moving and resizing objects and refitting the type.

  • How do you resize multiple artboards in Illustrator at the same time?

    This is a question that has been bugging me for a while.  I'm currently on CS6 but I'm looking for a solution that can also work on CS5 for a co-worker.
    Having multiple artboards has been established since CS4 and I have yet to see an official way of resizing multiple artboards, if anything there should at least be a plug-in.
    As great of a feature it is, it seems a little short sited.  If one has multiple artboards one should be able to manage multiple artboards, right?
    I totally love having multiple artboards but I should be able to resize and manage multiple artboards as well.
    This is great for building icon sets but how can I resize the set all at once?
    I was considering trying to do an action but odds are I still would have to select an artboard one by one to do which doesn't save much time if you have like 30 artboards to apply this to. 
    I don't even see a batch render for artboards and Photoshop has that for its files.
    I'm well aware of the solution that is displayed here:
    Which is a script.  I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put it.

    mec_os wrote:
    you can resize the artwork on export. no need to draw it to size.
    Unfotunately when I looked into that does not seem to be the case.  However I can resize when I "Save for Web" but that appears to only work for one artboard at a time.  I can Save As or Export multipe artboards but not adjust the size.  Believe me I would be happy if I could resize multiple artboards upon export but apparently that is not an option.
    mec_os wrote:
    you can put the scripts in illustrator's folder/presets/en_us(or whatever localization you have)/scripts. you can then access them in illustrator from the menubar/File/Scripts/
    there are also applications that will let you execute scripts with assigned shortcuts. i believe sparks is free.
    Thanks for pointing out the location. 
    Do I save it as a txt file or something else?
    (I was guessing that I would copy the script into notepad or something)

  • I am using a doc formatted on excel --- how do i resize the doc to fit on one page?

    I am using a document that was formatted in excel (on a PC) --- how do i resize the document to print on one page?

    Hi phylw,
    Here is one way. View > Show Print View. At the bottom of the window is a slider control called Content Scale. Slide to the left to shrink the document.
    Under File > Print... you will see a print preview that tells you how many pages the document now occupies.

  • How can I resize a photo in iPhoto without cropping it?

    I am taking pictures on my iphone 4s and using iphoto to edit them on macbook pro.  I need to upload these photos at a size much smaller than what i am able to take with my phone.  The only way I see to adjust the size of a photo in iphoto is to crop it.  How can I resize without cropping?
    Thank you

    It's an option in the Export menu.
    File -> Export and under the Size option you can choose the maximum you prefer. Export that and upload from the desktop.

  • How can I select same color shapes in adobe flash program ?

    how can I select same color shapes in adobe flash program ? for example we assume 10 rectangle shapes . 3 of them are red others are green. I want to use only one click or method to select 3 of them. please help me
    thanks kunter

    that is not possible unless they are all grouped into one symbol or movieclip

  • How to dynamically resize JPanel at runtime??

    Hello Sir:
    I met a problem, I need to resize a small JPanel called panel within a main Control JPanel (with null Layout) if I click the mouse then I can Drag and Resize this small JPanel Border to the size I need at runtime, I know I can use panel.setSize() or panel.setPreferredSize() methods at design time,
    But I have no idea how to do it even I search this famous fourm,
    How to dynamically resize JPanel at runtime??
    Can any guru throw some light or good example??

    Why are you using a null layout? Wouldn't having a layout manager help you in this situation?

  • How can I resize partition? - New larger hard drive installed

    The hard drive on my MacBook Pro recently died on me (just past my Apple Care warranty - lucky me).  I sent it to an authorised reseller/repair place and they installed a new hard drive for me - replacing my old 250GB with a nice new 500GB.  The problem is when they copied over the disk image from my previous hard drive they did not scale up the image (yeah, not so happy bout that).  Now I find myself with a 500GB hard drive with a 250GB partition called Macintosh HD and 250GB of unused/unusable space.  On top of that I'm just starting to get messages saying boot disk nearly full.  How can I resize the "Macintosh HD" partition to use the entire disk?  I've tried using disk utility, clicking on the main drive, going to the partition tab and dragging the Macintosh HD partition to use the entire disk but after a few seconds of a message saying "waiting for disk to reappear" it returns to the same 250GB size.  Running OSX 10.9.3.  Any suggestions?
    Thanks all!

    See the tips in pounding's section on using Disk Utility: and you could also take the route of buying an external hard drive (a great idea of maintaining a backup), format that drive for Mac OS X Extended (Journaled), clone the startup disk to that drive, then boot from the external, erase and format the internal, then clone the external back to the internal partitioned as you want.

  • How do I  join text to shapes in pages?

    how do I join text to shapes in Pages?

    Just click inside the Shape and either type or paste.
    select a Textbox and Shape by clicking on each with the command key held down > Menu > Arrange > Group

  • How can I resize a pdf page content with annotations and highlights in Acrobat Pro?

    How can I resize a pdf page content with annotations and highlights in Acrobat Pro while maintaining page size and annotation/highlight interactivity? I've tried to use the crop tool in Acrobat Pro (9) and the page does resize, but the highlights and annotations go all over the place. I specifically need to scale the page content smaller (83%) but maintain page size and annotation/highlight to content connection and interactivity.

    An old trick (not recommended) would be to print to a new PDF with the page size selected but a scaling of the content. Only print the document, not the markup, to a new PDF. Close that PDF when done and reopen the old one (or maybe a copy of the old one for safety) and use Document Replace pages and select the new document to replace your current pages. You will then have to go back through the markup to locate it all correctly. There may be a more elegant way, but this may be the fastest.

  • When I open a file in Photoshop CS4, how can I resize My Open Window File?it is stuck on full screen

    When I Open a File in Photoshop CS4, How can I Resize My Open Window File? It is stuck on Full Screen?

    Which operating system are you using?
    On a windows os, usually one can just double click on the title bar in the open dialog.

  • I have Adobe Photoshop 9.  I am a novice.  How can I resize photos in my files using batch resize?

    I have Adobe Photoshop 9.  I am a novice.  How can I resize photos in my files using batch resize?

    In the Editor, use File...Process Multiple Files.  See the Help for more info.

  • How does I resize a pdf file page using Acrobat Pro?

    In Acrobat Pro, how can one resize a pdf file page (21.38'' x 26.75'') into one measuring 6'' x 9'', to be submitted as the trim size? Is there a feature that allows this to be done? How does one set all print options from the Application print dialog box to enable one to adjust the dimensions of any customized file page?

    I want to scale the 21.4'' by 26.8'' content down to one that can be fitted inside a 6'' by 9'' book.
    I have this pdf that was created from the InkFlow app, and I'm using Acrobat Pro to merge three files into one (about 300MB), which I needed to submit to Amazon's CreateSpace, but they needed the trim size of 6'' by 9'', while the pdf is 21.4''' by 26.8'', and I can't amend the source file size of the InkFlow files.
    I tried fiddling with the Crop and Print options, but I'm unable to resize the pdf to match the trim size. The problem on my side isn't so much on printing but to resize the pdf file page to 6'' by 9'' to satisfy Amazon's requirement for their trim size. Could this be done with Acrobat Pro? The message that appears is: Full print options of Acrobat Pro, set all print options from the Application print dialog box. Thank for the help.

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    Design and code a program that will maintain a list of product names. Use a String type to represent the product name and an array of strings to implement the list. Your program must implement the following methods: Add a product to the list Remove a

  • Since update to 4 I get message saying page requires a 32-bit plug in to work. Why now and what do I do?

    This message on an orange bar comes up whenever I got to initiate a new message or hit reply or forward. The far right side of the orange bar has a radio button saying "restart in 32-bit mode".

  • Unable to download/open a WMV file

    I am using Oracle Access Manager (OAM) I have a website where you click on a link and the browser downloads a WMV video and plays the video. However, if I define in OAM a policy that protects the folder containing the video, and grant the a

  • Refreshing a set of JPanels

    Hello there, I have an issue with refreshing and replacing my JPanel colors. As you can see, the format is GridLayout with the size of the grid changing based on what file they open. My issue is that when a second file is opened, it merely adds those