How do I restore my old Firefox desktop. It was setup the way I like it and now its gone. is there a way to find the old URL so I can restore my page? I

Some f___ing program change my FireFox home page which was set-up just the way I work and the way I like. I once wrote down the URL so if this happened again I could just type it in and then drag the URL over to the little house and it would restore my page. Now I can't find the URL, its bee so long since I used and now I'm stuck. I have lost all my items as I had them set-up. Any help in finding that old URL would be most appreciated.

Can you remember what that page looked like?
Was this a customized Google or Yahoo page?
You can check the History (History > Show All History) and possibly the cache (about:cache) to see if some page looks familiar.

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