How do I retain the control panel when working crossdomains?

I’m using the crossdomain.xml file to allow access to
the swf, flv and SteelExternalAll.swf files from another server.
This works fine except that the control panel doesn’t appear,
and there is a blank white space where it should be. How can I fix

Since you are doing "screengrabs" why not do the "crosshair" shots?  This way you get exactly what you want.
Apple+Shift+4 keys

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  • I just downloaded ios7 and the control panel doesnt work no matter how many times i swipe from the  bottom. help please!

    so i downloaded ios7, waited, and everything seems fine and dandy. except for the fact that i cant access the control panel. i tried swiping for hours, i googled solutions, tried figuring it out myself, but nothing is working. my orientation screen is locked. if that matters? so can someone please tell me what i should do? thank you!

    Perform a Reset... Try again...
    Reset  ( No Data will be Lost )
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons.
    If no joy...
    Connect to iTunes on the computer you usually Sync with and “ Restore “...

  • No response on the control panel when i'm trying to log in.

    when I'm trying to log in to control panel(window 7), there's absolutely no response as below picture.
    Even I'd waited for 30 minutes, there's no response and no error message as well. just above 'accessing' icons is rotating again and again..
    What I've done to solve this problem is as below
    Check my account on iphone preference page --> No Problem!!!!
    Turn off the firewall on my PC
    Uninstall/reinstall control panel program.
    Turn on/off PC (How stupid!!)
    my enviornment for using is as below
    itunes 10.5
    iOS 5 ( for my iPhone)
    Window 7(all updates have been done)
    microsoft office 2010
    all program has been installed as Korean version
    Regarding using on the website, it just works without any problem as steve says. but on the pc....
    it's like a ****!
    even I've been having trouble to use mobileme control panel since 2 years ago, i think problem on this time is the worst EVER!
    is there anyone who can give solution about this problem??
    i'm serious...i already spent too much time to solve it by myself..
    waitting for the reply..

    Hello McKinney
    Thanks for your kind help. but unfortunately it doesn't work. I'd better try to find another solution.
    but there's strange things as below.
    log it in by other account : it works!!
    log it in from other PC: it works!!
    but still there's no response when I try to log in on my PC by using my actual account.
    i think there's some error between my pc and icloud account server.
    but the problem is this email has been used since when i use Mobileme. so it's going to be serious if i have to change my main account due to this problem.
    if anyone who have just short suggestion regarding this problem, please let me know.
    Waitting for your help.

  • How do I get the control panel at the base of the screen (below the hinge) to work?

    It seems to have stopped working, so I can't control volume, turn wifi on/off, or use the disc controls (play/pause, stop, etc.).

    You can not setup a new iCloud account using a PC. You must use an Apple device (Mac or iPhone/iPad) to create the account, then sign into it using your PC.

  • How can I change the background colour when working on a doc in full screen view (pages)?

    Recently I have been working on docs without the distraction of having to see my desktop around my page file by using the full screen view in pages. I do find the contrast to an all black screen too harsh though and it makes my eyes more tired than seeing the clutter of my desktop around the page. Is there any way I can change the background colour?
    Any help much appreciated!

    When you are in Full screen mode move the cursor up to the top to show the Format bar. Then look to the far right. There you'll see Background  and a rectangle. Click on the rectangle and change the colour.
    For information on Pages download the Pages User Guide from your Pages Help menu.

  • I can't get the control panel to open on my 4s. Why?

    My Ipad mini works just fine. But my iphone 4s won't open the control panel when I swipe up. I thought that was a feature available on the 4s.

    i have been posting this a few places maybe it will get around.  I have found becuse of my full enclosed iphone case i can not get my figure low enough to get the control panal to work.  maybe apple can move up the control panal access to get it to work better for thos who have full cases.

  • Control Panel not working

    I have a Satellite M305-S4835 with Vista Home premium 64-Bit.
    The control panel stopped working suddenly, the lights don´t work anymore either. I press the buttons and nothing happens.
    Can anyone help me?
    I´ve tried to uninstall and re install the Toshiba Value added package 64-bit, but didn´t work.
    Thanks for your time.

    Satellite M305-S4835 
    The control panel stopped working suddenly
    What happens when you put the following word into the Search field on the Start menu and press Enter?
    If Control Panel does not appear, try a System Restore to before the problem arose.
       What is System Restore?

  • I can't install correctly Adobe Captivate 8, cause a message of no connection to internet appears (I am connected to internet). Even though, when I want to unistall through the control panel it doesn't let me, anyone knows how to uninstall it??

    I can't install correctly Adobe Captivate 8, cause a message of no connection to internet appears (I am connected to internet). Even though, when I try to unistall through the control panel it doesn't let me, an Uninstall Failed message appears,  anyone knows how to uninstall it??
    I've already tried Adobe Cleaner Tool, but it doesn't work, as the program is not listed as one of the proposed
    Does anyone know how to uninstall it??
    Thank you

    Which are you after... installing Captivate 8 or uninstalling it (whatever "it" is)?
    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later

  • HT1688 How do you set up photo streaming to your home computer/windows?  My computer does not show an iclod icon when I go to the control panel/network and internet

    How can I set up icloud phote streaming to my home computer? 
    When I follow their directions my comuter does not show the Icloud icon uner the control panel / netwrok internet
    To enable iCloud on your Windows PC, first set up iCloud on your other devices, then install the iCloud Control Panel for Windows (Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 required).

  • Firefox 6 will not load when I click the icon. I have tried to uninstall it, both through the control panel and geong straight to help.exe. In both cases nothing happens. How do I uninstall this program?

    Firefox 6 will not load when I click the icon. I have tried to uninstall it, both through the control panel and going straight to help.exe. In both cases nothing happens. How do I uninstall this program?

    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]
    * [[Troubleshooting plugins]]
    If it does work in Safe-mode then disable all extensions and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one at a time until the problem reappears.
    * Use "Disable all add-ons" on the [[Safe mode]] start window to disable all extensions.
    * Close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")

  • When I look in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel it reports Firefox as 5.44GB. Could this be true? If so how do I reduce the amount of space it is taking up?

    When I look in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel it reports Firefox as 5.44GB. Could this be true? If so how do I reduce the amount of space it is taking up?

    It is quite common for the program size listings to be wrong. To check the actual size of the Firefox installation, you can manually check the size of the Firefox [ installation directory]. It is is typically around 26-30Mb, and the default location on 32 bit Windows is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
    There are also a couple of other locations where Firefox stores data, check the size of the following folders as well.
    Firefox also stores user data such as bookmarks and passwords in the [[profiles|profile folder]]. It should be inside this folder C:\Users\''username''\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
    Firefox stores temporary files in the cache. To find the location of the cache, type '''about:cache''' into the location bar. It should be inside this folder C:\Users\''username''\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
    The last 2 folders are normally hidden, you may need to set Vista to [ show hidden files and folders].

  • How do I uninstall older versions of Adobe Reader, when they cannot be removed from the Control Panel?

    How do I uninstall older versions of Adobe Reader 9.4.4 from the Remove
    Programs in the Control Panel?

    You can use the Acrobat Cleaner Tool from
    This will remove all versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

  • How do I uninstall Mozilla. when I try from the control panel, it doesn't do anything.

    I deleted the maintenance section from the control panel section first, and now when I try to delete Mozilla, it sits there and does nothing.

    Are you trying to uninstall Firefox because you are stopping using it, or to try to fix a problem?
    Also, don't remove the maintenance service first, when you uninstall Firefox the maintenance service is also removed.

  • My apple password and id works on everything except when i go through the control panel, i get server error

    I get server error when I try and open I cloud on the control panel. My id and password work on everything else. Anyone know how to fix this. Vista 8.

    What is your current connection via
    Make sure DNS is set to auto (settings - general - network)
    If on wifi try ethernet

  • How: Using the same control panel for multiple vi and propogatin​g changes to the control panel.

    I have created a labview project that contains about 40 vi.  Each vi has a control panel in common that is a group of ip address, or port address, and settings that are passed from high level vi to low level vi for the purposes of controlling and accessing our daq cards.  As this control panel exist in all vi's and is required to be identical there is a problem when needing make a change or update the controls during development.  The problem is how much time it takes to go and change every single vi's control panel.  I wish to have a way of propogating a change in the control panel across all vi simultaneously.
    All control in the control panel are in a bundle, so all values are passed in 1 wire. 
    I tried turning the control panel into a sub vi, and this way I can just "create control" and have outputs of the vi maniuplate settings, however if I update the vi, I still have to go back and create a new control for each vi as the control has changed.
    I have tried using the subpanel and creating the control panel in a sub vi that is displayed in the subpanel, but this gives the unwanted consequence of not being able to view or change settings on the control panel if the program is not running, as subpanels blank out when the program is not running.
    Is there another way to dispaly a subvi's front panel beside using a sub panel?  Is there a better way to propogate changes in a bundle throughout a series of vi? 
    Go to Solution.
    Labjack Comm ‏15 KB

    Yes a type def would help you out and I'd take the next step to make it a strict type def if you want the appearence to be the same across all of its instances. You can also review this Nugget on Type definitions for more idea on this topic.
    Have fun,
    Ben Rayner
    I am currently active on.. MainStream Preppers
    Rayner's Ridge is under construction

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