How do I run Adobe Reader to display pdf files in Windows 8?

I'm confused! Where is the executable for adobe pdf reader in windows 8? I want to launch it from powershell to display a pdf file. It used to be trivial in windows 7 but now the adobe pdf reader is an app and I cannot find the executable using the task
Can someone help me launch it from cmd.exe or powershell_ise to display a pdf file?
I just downloaded and installed the Adobe PDF reader and I cannot execute the reader c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe. I get no error messages and no GUI display. What is going on?
siegfried heintze

As far as I know, that Windows 8 has a reader by default, it seems like it is Microsoft Reader. It could used to read PDF file. And I have not ever use powershell to manage to use it.
The  PDF reader is a Modern UI app; we cannot run Modern UI apps on the desktop. So I don't think powershell could manage it.
Yan Li
Cataleya Li
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    Digital booklets are not available for repeat download or I would suggest you simply delete and get a fresh copy. Instead use the "report a problem" links in your account history to contact the store support team. Hopefully they can requeue a working version for you to download.
    BTW this is the second report I've spotted regarding this album, so there may actually be a problem with the source file. I take it you are running the latest version reader, if not it would be worth upgrading to eliminate the unlikely event that it is an issue.
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    I have ADOBE xi 11 INSTALLED
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    Can you explain what prefetching means to you? And pointing? And maybe a screenshot of the error message?

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    How do you run Adobe Reader with New Lions?

    Lion has Preview, you may not need Adobe Reader.
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  • How do I tell Adobe reader to open a file instead of being prompted to save the file?

    how do I tell Adobe reader to open a file instead of being prompted to save the file?

    Go to Tools - Options - Applications and enter "pdf" into the filter field. Select the action that you want to associate with PDF files.
    In your case select one of the "Use Adobe Acrobat" actions.

  • How do I disable Adobe Reader from opening pdfs?

    how do I disable Adobe Reader from opening pdfs in Safari? I tried unchecking the box for opening pdfs in browser under Adobe's Internet prefs, but that didn't seem to work.

    I actually saw a solution to this earlier today. To disable PDF viewing in safari, first quit safari, then open terminal, and type in this command:
    defaults write WebKitOmitPDFSupport -bool YES
    To re-enable PDF viewing in safari simply open the terminal, and change the "YES" in the command above to a "NO"
    Hope this helps.
    You may also find this link interesting:

  • How do I restore IE to use Reader for displaying PDF files?

    When I updated PDF Creator, it also updated PDF Architect which went and installed itself in IE as the PDF reader.  How do I change IE back to using Reader for displaying PDFs?
    In IE, I disabled the "PDF Architect Internet Explorer Previewer" under "Manage Addons".  Now, IE doesn't display PDFs at all.  I also looked in Change PC Settings | Search and Apps | Defaults and Reader is still the
    listed as the default app for .PDF files.
    The version of Windows on this machine is Windows 8.1 with IE 11.

    first please make sure reader app still there, try to search using keyword "reader"
    If still there, to set reader app as default
    If PDF, XPS, or TIFF files are opening in another app, you can tell Windows to use Reader instead. Here's how:        
    Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Settings.
    (If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click
    Tap or click Change PC settings.            
    Tap or click Search and apps, and then tap or click Defaults.            
    Tap or click Choose default apps by file type (you might need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see this option).            
    Under Name, scroll down until you see .pdf.            
    Tap or click the name of the app that appears to the right of .pdf, and then under
    Choose an app, tap or click Reader.            
    Repeat this for each type of file that you want to open in Reader (for example, .oxps, .xps, or .tiff).
    If not there, or you accidently remove it, try to download here

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    Cant' download Adobe Reader or open existing PDF files with Windows 7 and Explorer 9.  Have suspended firewall, but still nothing happens.

    Can't download HOW?
    There's an alternate download page here

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    Having problem with Adobe reader what software works well on mac for pdf file creation/reading and sending via email.  Also how do I uninstall adobe reader so that all hints of it are erased.

    To remove the Adobe PDF Reader:
    1. Drag the Adobe Reader folder from the Applications folder to the Trash
    2. Remove AdobePDFViewer.plugin from the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder
    Macs offer good PDF capability in the operating system. You can use Word or other program to create somthing you want to save/send in PDF format, then choose print, click on the PDF button at the bottom of the print window, where you can choose to email the PDF file.

  • How to display pdf file in windows phone 8 silver light application?

    I am developing windows phone 8 silver light application . For my app I want to display pdf files . Is there any default controls to display pdf files ?
    I don't want to display using launchers , I want to display with in the app.
    any help,

    Probably this should give you a fair idea : How to view PDF file inside an Windows Phone application?

  • Adobe Reader X - Display PDF in Browser Option is Greyed out

    Looking for a registry fix to unlock the Display PDF in Browser option.  Not sure how it is greyed out to begin with.  My MST file was not set to Lock anything.  Please help.  I cannot find anything anywhere of use to "ungrey" this option. 
    It seems to happen when Acrobat is installed. 
    How can I fix and how can I prevent in future releases??

  • Installing AcrobatPro after removing Adobe Reader Safari displayed pdf urls only as a black page anymore

    After installing Acrobat Pro it installs in Library/Internet Plugin-ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin version 11.0.03. Allthough after selecting a PDF-link it leads to a displays it not in Acrobat Pro, it diplays it as a black page in Safari. When I have a look in Acrobat Pro into the preferences/internet/webbrowser-option/PDF to show inBrowser with: isnt checked! And there is still listed/Application/Adobe instead of /Applikation/Adobe Acrobat Pro!!
    There is no way to select this Applikation. Having a look at Lbrary/Preferences/com.adobe.acrobat.pdfviewer.plist listed:
    AdobePDFDriver file://localhost/Volumes/Sicherung%20laptop/Applications/Adobe/Adobe%20Acrobat% 209%20Pro/
    ReaderInstallPath file://localhost/Applications/
    WebBrowserUsePath file://localhost/Applications/
    Has anyone changed the ReaderInstallPath file or WebBrowserUsePath file to the path of Acrobat Pro  and as a result a good diplay of PDF-urls in Arcobat Pro or Safari??
    Thankx, I hope my english isn´t to bad for a german apple-user!

    Thanks for the screenshot, Pat. I think the light bulb went off for me. I was looking over the tips for configuring Firefox at the link:
    And I think what confused me the most was this screen shot for plug-ins for Firefox mentioned Acrobat.
    I had Acrobat installed myself, but most of our users do not use Acrobat, since it's not a free product. I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat, and the Adobe Acrobat plug-in was still there, so that forced me to realize that the plug-in that comes with Adobe Reader 11.0.3 is called "Adobe Acrobat".
    I went into Tools->Options->Applications and selected "Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)", rather than "Use Adobe Reader (default)".
    This now allows me to not only view PDFs within a browser window in Firefox, but it also enables the save icon (which "Use Adobe Reader (default)" was not allowing me to do:
    It's a shame that the default setting is not for "in browser", because our customers may have to make a configuration change.
    There is no way to programmatically force a configuration change on a user's browser, is there?

  • How can you disable Adobe Reader from opening a file right after you save it as a pdf?

    I often save word files as pdf files and right after I save them as pdfs it opens the file in adobe reader. How can I disable this?

    Ahh, but that's the design function of any PDF viewer add-on to a browser.
    To avoid -- Use the browser feature that saves a file to the local machine.
    Then open the file with the appropriate application.
    If your machine/device does not support this then you'd want to change to one that supports what you want eh.
    Be well...

  • How do I make Adobe Reader my default PDF reader ?

    Hi im trying to open PDF  a file from a website , but unable as it has to be adobe viewer how can I make adobe my default reader ?
    Thanks Davie

    My question would be why would you want to have Acrobat as the default view? Preview comes with OS X and opens PDF documents just fine. However if you must then select any pdf on the computer then type Command I (I as in Ivan) to get the information window on the document. Next chose Adobe View under Open With and click Change All.

  • How do I restore Adobe Reader as default PDF viewer in Safari

    Sometime in the last few days Preview became the default viewer for PDFs in Safari. I prefer Adobe Reader, and up until recently it was the default viewer. Funny thing is I don't think I've made any changes to Preferences or any System updates in that time. I don't see any Preferences in Preview, Safari, or Adobe Reader, which might affect this. The AdobePDFViewer plugins are still in place.
    Also strange when I click the open PDF in Preview button, it actually opens in Reader.

    Select the icon of a PDF file. Go to File > Get Info (or cmd-I). In the new window, go to Open with and choose in the pulldown menu the application you want to use to open PDF files. Click on Change all... Close the window. Come back here and tell us if this did it.

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