How do I save my E-Mail addresses to DVD and then reinstall to my account?

When ever I need to reconfigure, restore or refresh (etc.) my PC system I can (not) find a worthy method to save my E-Mail addresses to DVD and then reinstall them to my 'address book'. Only to DVD (in broken down fashion) and then to my personal documents or downloads, etc. How do I get them (back) to my E-Mail account 'Address Book' ?

What are you trying to save? All you should need is your Thunderbird profile.
This will save all your account settings, messages, folders, address books, filters, extensions and add-ons etc.
Saving ''everything'' is actually easier than trying to pick out just the address book data. If you must, then you're looking for files with a .mab filename extension. Two of them, ''abook.mab'' and ''history.mab'' can be just copied into your new profile. These represent, respectively, Personal Address Book and Collected Addresses. Others, which will be user-defined address books, will have names such as ''abook-1.mab'' and will need to be imported into your Address Book, using this add-on:
Are you satisfied with an OS that requires periodic rebuilding? There ''are'' alternatives. ;-)

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    how do i save all my mail in my inbox and sent box then restore it when my new OSX is installed?
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    It's always good to have a backup, but Snow Leopard should leave all your data intact, just install new OS components & updated Apple Apps.
    If you don't have room to back everything up...
    On Mail...
    First Quit Mail, then I'd backup these two Mail folders, by right clicking on them in the Finder, then choose Archive/Compress.
    Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail Downloads
    (Could be a different folder here if you chose such in Mail Prefs)
    Right click on that Mail folder, choose archive, you'll get everything in the folder, and the folder itself in a file called, move it to a safe place, same for the Mail Downloads folder... only the plist is separate.
    For Address Book, quit AB...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/
    If you do have room to back everything up...
    Get carbon copy cloner to make an exact copy of your old HD to the New one...
    Or SuperDuper...

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    To address the first part of your response; as unnecessary as it was; save as has not been gone for years!!  It is predicated on the operating system in play on ones computer.  The software that I was using as recent as six months ago had a "Save as" option in the menu bar.  Further, as you may have noted in "babowa's response it is clear that it still exists to this day in apple's most recent software "Yosemite 10.10.2.  This appears to be true whether talking about numbers or pages (apps.)  Oh, and by the way I am employing the most recent versions offered by Apple!  Your car may be five years old but I am sure you still find it very useful.  Case and point; it's not gone!!!

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    how do i save a iWEB site on an imac ( to what folder and where) and then transfer to a laptop ?

    You transfer it via CD or flash drive or whatever. You install it by simply dragging and dropping the file into the folder on the new machine which corresponds to the folder where you got in on the old one.

  • How do I save an e mail address

    When I receive an e mail I do not know how to add the address to my contacts list. Any ideas

    When viewing the email in the message pane, a tab or new window there will be a star to the right of the senders address. If the star is filled with color it is already in one of your address books. If the star is open you can click on it to add it to the book. Clicking a filled star will open the contact edit window so you can add details or move it to another address book.
    '''This is NOT the same star to the left of the message header in the Inbox window.'''

  • How do I uninstall my Adobe Creative Suite(Windows version) and then reinstall it?

    I am having problem opening any of the programs. Each program that click on to open gives me the same error message: "Adobe Application Manager is needed to resolve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged. Please download and install a new copy of the Application Manage from When I go to Adobe website and try to download and install the application manager, it does not work and I am again redirected to download and install the Application Advisor which is no longer supported or has been discontinued by Adobe. Now, I complete stuck and very frustrated because I get anything done for my client. Can someone please, please help me.

    open one of your apps and click help>deactivate.
    then download your installation files and install using your serial number,
    Downloads available:
    Suites and Programs:  CC 2014 | CC | CS6 | CS5.5 | CS5 | CS4 | CS3
    Acrobat:  XI, X | 9,8 | 9 standard
    Premiere Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7
    Photoshop Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9,8,7
    Lightroom:  5.6| 5 | 4 | 3
    Captivate:  8 | 7 | 6 | 5
    Contribute:  CS5 | CS4, CS3
    Download and installation help for Adobe links
    Download and installation help for Prodesigntools links are listed on most linked pages.  They are critical; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click a link that does not have those steps listed, open a second window using the Lightroom 3 link to see those 'Important Instructions'.

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    How can I block an e-mail address from sending me spam on my iPhone 5s? My ISP is unable to help. I can block on my laptop via Outlook, but they still come through on my iPhone 5s. Thank you very much.

    You can "Move to Junk" and it should start doing it automatically after a few times:

  • HT201342 How can I add an e-mail address to my existing icloud addresses?  I currently only use one and I would like to ad two more?

    How can I add an e-mail address to my existing icloud account?  I curently only use one of the three.

    Each iCloud account only has a single iCloud account.  If you want, you can add up to 3 alias addresses that will receive email in the same iCloud inbox, as explained here:

  • How was someone using my e-mail address as their Apple ID?

    First time posting, so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum.
    1) I have a primary e-mail adress that is not linked to my iTunes.  The only time this e-mail address was used in conjunction with anything Apple was when I purchased Quicktime Pro in 2006 and registered my iPod in 2007.  I do have an iTunes account with a seconday e-mail address, and log in occasionaly to listen to free podcasts (never purchasing anything)
    2) Today on my primary e-mail address, I recieved a warning that an app was downloaded, with this e-mail as the Apple ID.  This was the first e-mail I've recieved from Apple on this address since registering my iPod in 2007.
    I live alone, and don't share my electronics with anyone, so I know it's not that.  so I'm left wondering - how did someone use my e-mail address as an Apple ID?  Wouldn't I have recieved an e-mail during the initial registration this person tried to use? 
    Thankfully I have no credit card associated with Apple, so I wasn't overcharged, but this seems like a big security hole.

    The content was this:
    Your Apple ID, [my primary e-mail address] , was just used to download -KingdomConquest- from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID.
    If you initiated this download, you can disregard this email. It was only sent to alert you in case you did not initiate the download yourself.
    If you did not initiate this download, we recommend that you go to to change your password, then see Apple ID: Tips for protecting the security of your account for further assistance.
    There is the possibility that I did change my iTunes account to my primary and just forgot, but that's doubtful considering a) today was my first e-mail from Apple since 2007 on this address and b) I'm still recieving iTunes updates on my secondary e-mail that I registered years ago. 
    Also, I don't own any devices capable of running Kingdom Conquest. Thankfully, it's a free app.  It would be interesting to see a list of other apps downloaded with this ID, if any.  Is there a way to do that?
    Maybe someone mistyped their email address when creating their account and it just happened to be yours?
    I thought that, too, but my e-mail address is [email protected]  My first name is somewhat common, my last name is definitely not.  And back to what I said earlier, I never recieved a registration e-mail from Apple, just the one above.

  • How to use different mail address in "from" and "user" property?

    I'd like to use the user enter mail address as the "from" property and use my mail account to send it, but I got error: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPSendFailedException: 553 You are not authorized to send mail, authentication is required when set different mail address in "from" and "user" property, how to resolve this problem?

    Basically that's a bad idea. Suppose you used your server to send messages that claimed to come from "[email protected]"? Naturally enough people have tried that, either as a joke or as an attempt at fraud, so that servers will check to see if the message is coming from the server it claims to be coming from. And if it isn't -- as in that example -- it will consider it a forgery. Best case (for you) is that the server will flag it as spam or junk. Worst case is that your server will be blacklisted and other servers will ignore it.

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    How can I save an e-mail to documents on our macbook Air?

    It's pretty impossible to figure out what you're really trying to do ...
    If you're literally trying to save an e-mail to your documents folder (which I doubt), then you can open the e-mail, do a File > Save As ... from Mail's menu and do it from there.
    Good luck.

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    So with the webBasics plan (5 included in creative cloud) I don't have any account.
    I have to upgrade my hosting plan in webBasics+
    Thank you Dave

  • Hi, Dear. I purcahse my iphone 4S on of the guy, my problem is when i update any app from App store and i click update there is an e-mail address is coming which i doesnt know about the password, how can i revome the e-mail address for update our apps.

    Hi, Dear. I purcahse my iphone 4S on of the guy, my problem is when i update any app from App store and i click update there is an e-mail address is coming which i doesnt know about the password, how can i revome the e-mail address for update our apps.

    Yes. Delete the Apps that were not Purchased using Your Apple ID.
    But a Restore as New is the way to go.

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    Hope somebody can help

    Perhaps I don't understand your question.  Above you mention "i mail"; I'm assuming you meant "iMessage".  If that is want you meant, then have you turned iMessage to On in Settings>Messages?  And if so, does it say anything just below the iMessage On/Off button (such as "waiting for activation")?

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