How do i set up a second display for my iMac desktop?  I want to use both displays at the same time.

how do i set up a second display for my iMac desktop?  I want to use both displays at the same time.  My iMac is the 24" Late 2006 model.  I recall that there is a cord for plugging in a second monitor, but I want to make sure that i can use both monitors side-by-side at the same time.  thank you.

If the Display supports DVI, then you will need a > Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter and a DVI cable.
If the Display only supports VGA, then you wiil need a > Mini DVI to VGA Adapter and a VGA cable.
Noting that the (digital) DVI is far better than the (analog) VGA connection.
Also see > Using Dual Displays on Mac OS X: The Experience

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    Apple ID's are not device specific, so when you changed it on the iPad 2 it changed it on the iPhone 4 as well, since it's the same account still. What you need to do is create a second Apple ID (so you'll have two accounts, one for iPhone 4 and a seperate one for iPad 2).
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    Finnish may be a some kind of special case for spell checking anyway, because the support is in its separate plugin:

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    Oh well... just found the reply...
    Changing order of the connections, putting the Wi-Fi first as it gets the HTTP first.
    Don't know why, but it would not work yesterday!

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    When people complain about an echo, that's what they are talking about.  The echo problem is mostly heard with the caller on the other end. 
    I have had the situation happen to me and when I unplug the headset the echo goes away and when I plug it back in the echo returns.
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    you can also try out this free vi from my website:

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    Unfortunately, they aren't something to be "deleted." Might be a hardware/graphics chip problem. You should run the Hardware Test in Extended. Might have to run it several times to pick up an error.

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    Do you have into .Net server Rusian fonts installed?
    For example into your .NET server are the Rusian chars recognize?
    Sorin Radulescu

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    I don't know if this is what your looking for but here you go.
    To make it so that when you double click a folder it opens in a new window you have to turn off or hide the toolbar. To do so:
    Open a Finder window > Select "View" from the menubar > select "Hide Toolbar"
    Keyboard shortcut to do the same as above is ( Command ) (  Option ) ( T )
    Now every folder you double click on will open in a new window.
    It should remember that you elected to not have the Toolbar show and every time you open a new window it will be the same.
    To change back Do the same except instead of "Hide Toolbar" it will say "Show Toolbar"
    Hope that helps,

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    You can only have one app open on-screen at a time, but if the other app is 'recently used' then you should be able to double-click the home button to open the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and you can then tap that other app to switch into it.

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    Click here and follow the instructions.

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    I dropped my phone in the toilet, put it in rice for a week and it's still not working. I want to know a rough price of what it is to REPLACE my iPhone and possibly upgrade at the same time.

    US $269, at any Apple store. And no, you can't "upgrade". You'll get exactly what you now have.

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    I have two JSP applications located on different directories. I wanted to run both applications at the same time in Jdev enviroment. But the second one failed.
    More info:
    I successfully ran Application1, then minimized the browser and ran Application2, then again minimized the second browser. After I maximized the first browser(Application1) and tried to go thro pages, I received page not found. Because Jdev sat up the Class Path for the newer application(Application2) and looks for pages there. I believe thats why I could not run both at the same time. How could I get around of this?

    can you provide more details on this. Are these jsp files part of the same project or different projects. I can not duplicate this issue. Please provide us more information.
    Thank you

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