How do I share Address Book/Contacts with my partner's account?  We already figured out how to share Calendars

I am in the process of setting up separate icloud accounts for my husband and me (whereas we previously shared one).  We both want read/write access to a single address book across all devices (desktop, laptop, ipad, two iphones), which we've been able to do for Calendars - why not for Contacts???

The same sharing facility that you have for calendars does not exist for contacts.  What you could do is create a second ("secondary") iCloud account on one of devices by going to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud and signing in with a different ID and turn Contacts on in the secondary account.  Then add the secondary account to the other iOS devices and your Mac (by going to System Preferences>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Add Account>iCloud).  This will give you a merged listed of contacts in the secondary account on your devices while keeping other data separated in the primary account.

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  • Syncing Address Book contacts with iPod

    I know some people will think this post should be in the iPod forum but I have realised that it is not my iPod beccasue I tried using a different iPod and the same problem happened. Anyway...the problem is that when I choose to sync Address Book contacts with iPod it comes up with this message:
    No contacts available
    Contact syncinig cannot be enabled because there are no contacts available. Do you want to open Address Book and create contacts now?
    And gives me the options: Cancel and Open Address Book
    I have tried deleting several different preferences for iTunes, Address Book and iSync (just incase).
    I don't know what else to do, I know I can manually add my contacts by exporting them all as a vCard but it would be so much easier if iTunes could do it. Please help if you know anything!
    iMac G5 (iSight)   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1.9GHz PowerPC G5, 512MB RAM, 17" Widescreen
    iMac G5 (iSight)   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   1.9GHz PowerPC G5, 512MB RAM, 17" Widescreen

    I've got Calenders syncing again, not sure how I did it. I deleted the one of the folders in /Users/Alex/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/clientdata/
    I found that in each folder there is a clientname.txt file with the name of what data is in the folder e.g. iCal, Safari, Keychain, Mail.
    I deleted the iCal one and iTunes seems to be syncing it now. So I looked for a folder with Address Book in the clientname.txt file but there wasn't one. I am wondering whether that's the reason!

  • Trying to link Address Book Contacts with Outlook 2011 - iSync??

    Hi There,
    Would be grateful for some assistance.
    I've got all my contacts and other things in iCloud - wonderful!
    I've managed to get all my contacts from iCloud to show up in Address book.
    I want to sync my address book contacts in Outlook 2011 - after three days of trying I'm still stuck.
    I've checked the Syncing set up in Outlook, that appears to be correct.
    I've checked addressbook, and other than having two folders one entitles iCloud (which has everything I need in it) and one entitled On my Mac, which has a couple of testers in it but nothing else, everything else seems fine.
    I've checked that iCloud is synching into the iCloud folder in Address Book by putting some stuff on my iPhone and seeing it got pushed from the iCloud to my MacBook - all working fine there.
    I have read lots of forum posts and keep seeing references to iSync, and how its on all Mac's but then I see people saying that its not on with Lion - I'm running Lion, and I can't find this would seem to be true.
    Can anyone tell me how I might achieve this sync process - I would much rather be using an integrated programme like Outlook...any thoughts

    Enthusiast: I just got back from the Apple Store. This is the solution they suggested and seems to work. We got rid of iCloud contacts. We just set up Yahoo account in the "mail, contacts, calendars" of the iPhone. Under the "contacts" section we have the "default Account" set to Yahoo. When any additions/delete/mods happen then it is updated on Yahoo.
    On the MacBook we deleted the "on My Computer" and deleted "iCloud" and then added the Yahoo account for synching. This is basically used as a secondary backup for the yahoo contact and used if using the computer. It is not necessary to use the computer for any of this.
    I've been having lots of problems with Yahoo contacts. I had previously pulled in facebook contacts. This was NOT a good idea. I cleaned up my contacts, exported them out to CSV. Scrubbed some more. Imported them to a new yahoo account. Then deleted all contacts from my main Yahoo, permanently deleting them. Then imported my contacts. I did lose all my "lists" settings. That was a small price to pay.
    Now iPhone, iPad and MacBook address book and Yahoo are all in sync.
    I was shown at the store is to refresh the Yahoo webpage (CTRL R) and then refresh the contacts on the iPhone. There is a slight delay in update. iCloud is faster at it. But its best to avoid iCloud if you are using Yahoo contacts. Also avoid Facebook contacts. If you really want to use the Facebook feature, I would do it on a different account and then bring in the contacts that you want through an import.
    I was having problems with Yahoo contacts and it might be that it was being flaky or they were experiencing problems ... because all of a sudden it started working again. I've seen similar problems with Yahoo Calendar.

  • Sync Subset of Address Book Contacts with iPhone?

    Is there a way to limit the contacts in Address Book which are sync'd with the iPhone? My copy of Address Book has many contacts which are from long ago. I like to keep them around for the occasion I need to reach someone. But, I don't need them cluttering up the list of people I need to reach promptly in my iPhone.

    The simplest way to do that would be to create a group in Contacts that has just the ones you want and only sync that group to your iPhone.

  • Synch address book contacts with dotmac on 10.5.2 Leopard

    When I check contacts synch settings in dotmac it confirms last synch was at 20.21. But when I check a listing of contacts in the dotmac address book it says that the last synch was at 06:29pm (no time zone). I found that many of my contacts listings lack the email addresses although they have other dat that are present in my Address Book. I have read that there may be a delay in updating synched data on dotmac but the delay is now more than an hour. Is this a problem with the dotmac server?

    I have been synching from system preferences. There was an initial problem caused by having email addresses listed under "Other" rather than Home or Work. Dotmac doesnt have accommodation for "Other" email addresses so these weren't being synched. However, when these had been edited to conform with these dotmac limitations, the email addresses still didn't appear after synch.
    I think there is some more basic problem here.

  • How do I sync my address book contacts on my iphone and clear all other contacts on my phone (issue with icloud?)

    When I purchased my iphone 4S, I had all my old phone's information transfer over to my new phone. 
    I organized my address book on my mac powerbook and then hoped to sync my computer's address book to my phone - in hopes of erasing all the junky contacts on my iphone and only having the my address book contacts on my phone.
    I did all I could trying to make this happen (through iTunes) but it hasn't erased/replaced all of the contacts on my phone - I believe since my phone is synced to icloud.  So I'm stuck with a very unorgaized contacts list on my phone...
    How can I make it so I only have the contacts from my address book on my phone?
    Thanks in advance,

    Also, I just noticed that syncing my phone effected my calendar in that all my events now repeat.  So instead of having one event schedule on a day, I have two of the same events scheduled for the same time.
    It seems as if I can't sync my phone to my computer through iTunes and iCloud. 

  • TS2755 Is there a fix to deleting already deleted address book contact, from messages search? i.e. when you type in say letter c in messages search, all contact with a c, past already deleted and current all appear?  How do you make the old deleted ones a

    Is there a fix to deleting already deleted address book contact, from messages search? i.e. when you type in say letter c in messages search, all contact with a c, past already deleted and current all appear?  How do you make the old deleted ones appear?

    only way is to restore the phone as new.  OR wait until IOS 7 comes out in the fall.

  • How come there isn't a comma between the city and state when I go to make an envelope with an address book contact?

    How come there isn't a comma between the city and state when I go to make an envelope with an address book contact?

    On an envelope, there's not supposed to be. The US Postal Serveice prefers no punctuation, which can interfere with machine sorters. USPS Address Format

  • How to Export Address Book contacts as CSV file for Gmail?

    I wish to export some of my Address Book contacts towards Gmail (which i use through the web interface for now) but I don't want to export vcards as i don't trust big brother Google with all the other data (snail mail, phone numbers, birthdays, etc).
    I have tried to do the export through Address Book but found no CSV export option.
    I've searched the forum for an answer, but to no avail. Some other (paying) websites claim to offer solutions but the "pay before you see" deters me from using them.
    Any tip on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. Scripts and software also welcome, if shareware/freeware.

    Thanks for your answer, but gmail's help specifically states one can import contacts in CSV format and i was looking for a simple batch solution.
    Here is a link to the relevant gmail page (might be in French - am not a "Froguette" for nothing ;)) about importing:
    and the one about importing addresses as CSV files:
    So my question still stands.
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  • How do I assign a particular email account of mine to a particular Address-Book contact?

    I have a few email accounts. I am also on several 'Email Lists'.
    when I am reading an email from one of the "Lists" and I want to reply, then I'd like Thunderbird to use the correct email account to match the contact in the address book which is associated with the Email List.
    So how do I assign a particular email account of mine to a particular Address-Book contact?

    Thank you for the reply.
    Thunderbird may do that. Somewhere.
    However, as I test this theory, in my own "Local Folders" area, in all cases, when I hit 'Reply' or reply-all, Thunderbird uses the 'Default' email account of the program Thunderbird, for want of a better description.
    Recall that each incoming Email is filtered as to some criteria then placed in appropriate "Local Folders" named folder.

  • Address book contacts disappeared yesterday out of nowhere... how do I -

    Address book contacts disappeared yesterday out of nowhere... on my new MacBook Pro Core Duo. How do I re-import contacts from a "Carbon Copy" of my old MacBook G4 address book? I have a perfect copy of my Hard Drive on an External Hard Drive. However, I didn't set up my new MacBook Pro - and can't believe all my contacts just disappeared yesterday...
    Suggestions? Step by Step instructions?
    Thanks in advance...!

    You’re welcome.
    All you have to do is copy those files & folders from the backup to the location where they should be, replacing any files with the same name that may currently be there. Your home folder is /Users/username/. And you must first quit any applications that may access those files.
    Things are more involved if you do any kind of synchronization, though. Actually that could be the reason your contacts disappeared in the first place. In that case, the procedure would be as follows:
    1. If you have a .Mac account and .Mac synchronization of Address Book data is enabled either in Address Book > Preferences > General or in System Preferences > .Mac, disable it before proceeding.
    2. You may also need to reset the entire sync history (iSync > Preferences > Reset Sync History) to avoid synchronization issues if you use .Mac or iSync to synchronize your Address Book with other computers or devices.
    3. Quit Address Book, Mail, and any other applications that might use Address Book for something. Or just quit all applications to be on the safe side.
    4. In the Finder, copy the ~/Library/Preferences/ preferences file and the ~/Library/Application Support/AddresBook folder from the backup to the corresponding location within your home folder, replacing the files with the same name currently there. Alternatively, to avoid accidentally overwriting any files, you may first move to the Desktop the files that should be replaced and trash them after checking that everything is OK.
    5. If your data has been successfully restored and .Mac synchronization of Address Book data was enabled at the beginning, enable it again, go to System Preferences > .Mac > Advanced, click Reset Sync Data, and choose the appropriate options to reset the Address Book data stored on the .Mac server with the data locally stored on the computer, i.e. sync data must flow from the computer to the .Mac server.

  • How do I get my iphone Address Book contacts to a BB Torch

    hey guys - I am stuck!  I cant seem to get my contacts and calendar appointments from Iphone to my BB torch. Can anyone help me? 
    I am using 'ical' for calendar and 'address book' for contacts.  
    Thanks and regards,

    First off, you need to determine with Apple how you can extract or move to your Mac, the calendar events and Address Book contacts. I don't know how Apple provides for that.
    After you've done so, you can sync to the BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    Set the Configuration up in the Desktop Software to sync to your Mac's data.
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  • Problems with outlook and address book contacts: my outlook contacts had around 3,000 entries. Outlook duplicated by itself and now outlook and address book have each over 340,000. What should I do?

    Problems with outlook and address book contacts: my outlook contacts had around 3,000 entries. Outlook duplicated entries and have now 340,000. I reinstalled microsoft office and, thus, outlook, and reinstalled mac OS X system and applications. While I managed to delete outlook contacts so that I can re-sync with my blackberry, the contacts at Mac Address Book were not deleted and still have over 340,000 entries. I do not mind deleting all contacts since I have back up, but I have not been able to delete them. Also, when I go at Address Book and try to delete or merge duplicated entries, the system takes forever and never ends because of such large amount of entries. Worse, when I do so I run out of RAM memory.
    My Macbook pro is just 2 months old.
    What should I do? Is there a way to delete my Mac Address Book without having the problem above?
    Many thanks

    zlatan24 wrote:
    For solving out troubles connected with corrupted or lost address book you may use address book recovery. It owns various features such as restoring wab files, it working under any Windows OS. The utility has modern and easy to use interface due to almost every experienced users.
    If it is a windows problem it's not going to run on the OP's MacBook Pro

  • Address Book Sync with Google Contacts across computers (instead of iCloud with Lion)?

    I am trying to get ready for the port to iCloud and i am going to do this while still on Snow Leopard per Roger Wilmut's fantastic documentation. It appear to me I will simply lose Bookmark Sync (until I move to Mountail Lion) which is a small(ish) price to pay to not have to deal with an upgrade at the moment.
    The question I am hoping to answer is if it will be possible to SYNC MY CONTACTS across my devices (MacBookPro, MacPro and iPhone) using the Sync with Google Contacts Option in Address Book Preferences.
    Does anyone know if checking this option will put these contacts on both of my Machines and on my iPhone?
    ALSO, does anyone know if it is possible to put the ADDRESS BOOK CONTACTS in one folder and the GOOGLE CONTACTS in another folder so they don't all get mixed up together?

    I can't even get manual Google syncing to work with iCloud enabled. Without iCloud, everything works fine.

  • How to create a duplicate address book contact?

    This seems so simple yet I cannot determine how to create a new duplicate address book contact. I have a few contacts from the same company and want to change the variable data instead of re entering the data
    I can create a new contact, copy the data of the record I want to duplicate yet when I paste the info into the new record - address book puts everything into one field.
    Why not a duplicate contact command?

    According to Address Book Help:
    To duplicate an address card:
    Select an address card.
    Choose Edit > Copy, and then choose Edit > Paste.
    Works for me

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