How do I sort by Artist and Year?

I want to sort 1st by Artist then I want my tracks sorted by Year. I have only been able to do one or the other but not both at the same time. Does anyone know how to do this?Thanks, Robert

Hi, Robert.
As Dave says iTunes doesn't allow "dual" sorting but there is a workaround of sorts that you may find useful.
First create a Smart Playlist for the artist in question.
When you view that playlist in iTunes, make sure the Year column is being displayed (iTunes View menu > View Options > check Year).
In the main display you can now click on the Year column heading to sort the contents of that playlist by year.

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  • ITunes 11 [Songs view] - Sort on artist, then year

    I just downloaded iTunes 11 and there seem to be some features missing compared to iTunes 10. One of the most important issues is that in the "Songs" view, I cannot seem to sort on (1) Artist and (2) Album year. It seems that iTunes is automatically sorting as (1) Artist, (2) Album name alphabetically. For example, for Norah Jones, first the album Little Broken Hearts (2012) is displayed, and after that the album Not Too Late (2007). Does anyone know if this can still be done in iTunes 11 or is the feature missing completely? Interestingly enough, in the "Albums" view, there is an option to sort by Artist, then Year (view --> view options).
    Another issue, which I believe has been adressed in other topics as well, is the complete missing of albumart in the "Songs" view. Consequently, this was also the place in iTunes 10 where you could choose to sort on Arist/Year. I really hope that Apple puts this feature back in iTunes 11 as soon as possible.

    Yep, I'm seeing the same thing.  Just downloaded iTunes 11 and now I can't sort albums by year in the "Artists" view.  I used to prefix all my album mp3 tag names with the year number to work around this, but removed it when Apple added the Artist/Year sort.  Now it's gone.  Yay!
    A note: you can use the free software to insert your year tag into your album titles using regular expressions.  If there doesn't seem to be any obvious solution to sorting by Artist/Album/Year in the next couple days, then I'll post here with some tips if anyone is interested.

  • How do I sort by artist name on I tunes

    how do I sort by artist name on I tunes

    Sorry Chris - that doesn't work unless you want the albums all listed. What I found was so simple.  In the view catagoryclick on "Show View Options"  That brings up a whole table of things. At the top it says sort by and if you click on the arrow it brings up however you want it sorted  - in my case by artist instead of by song.
    Thanks anyway

  • How do I sort by artist, by album, by year

    In iTunes 10, I sorted everything by artist, by album, by year (release date). I can't do that in iTunes 11 or I can't figure out how to do it. Grrrrrrrr Why do they break things?

    Cpel1000 wrote:
    Very simply (I just figured it out with a little help, so I'll pass it on to you)...Simply go to the VIEW option on the menu bar (show Menu Bar if not showing from upper left corner) and select VIEW OPTIONS and then select Artist in the 1st box, and YEAR in the 2nd.  That will do it!  Easy enough, new iTunes 11 is fantastic.
    That doesn't work. Checking those boxes just determines the columns that will appear. The sort order is determined by the pop up at the top. And with that you choose only a single criteria for sorting.

  • How do I sort by Album and not Artist on my 7th Generation

    I can't veiw my music on my ipod nano by just album. It's separated everything by artist and doesn't just play the whole album. How do I fix that?

    Wow!! You've went to a lot of work! I'm sure I'll figure this out eventually! I have read down through your entire article and tried everything and I stilllll can't get it! It's funny you responded to this thread, I actually had already used some o f your scripts. I am doing all of this for my church, so that's why I have so many artisits, albums, etc. and I've tried delegating the work out to different people but it is very hard to make them all do it the same here we are. I tried using the "sort album" feature in the get-tag-info and it didn't do anything, I tried making it a compilation and "compilation" came up under "artists" in the normal itunes screen but NOT in the music selection screen for my ipad, I tried converting the id3 tags back to none and then back up to v. 2.3, and I really don't want to go through all my "album artist" values and change them to the "album" because then I wouldn't be able to see the tracks by artist and besides that I can't find any tag renamer that is capable of changing album artist and contributing artist. See the 2 screen shots below, they should tell the story. Thanks for the help!!!

  • How do I sort an artist's songs alphabetically in iTunes store?

    Until this week, I could go into the iTunes store, select an artist, and click on "Name" to sort that artist's songs alphabetically. With the new software upgrade, clicking on "Name" does nothing. How do we now sort an artist's songs alphabetically in the iTunes store?

    lulz, I feel like I'm just picking the ones that have this question and like, pasting my reply Hope this helps!
    Here is a step by step picture tutorial :
    Step 1-Up thar in the top right corner, type in what artist you want (1). Or you can click "Music" at the top black bar, and then when scroll down to whatever genre you want (2).
    Step 2-If you did the genre version, on the right sidebar area, there should be a "Top songs", click that, and there, you can sort however you want. It works like normal. Idk why.
    If you searched artist, however, you can't just click "songs" or "see all" at the songs slidey area (really, anything you see at the top right side bar, don't click it, it won't let you sort because it's a search result list. IDK why Apple did this, but it did )
    You have to click the artist's name, under the top part of the right sidebar, where it says "Artists and More" (SEE BELOW)
    Once you click that, the artist page pops up:
    There, click "see all" for songs:
    And then you can sort.
    I hope that helped!
    LOL sorry, I just realized that I changed artists halfway. haha....^.^"

  • How to access the "Genre", "Artist", and "Album" Panel via COM/script

    I thought I posted this a couple of days ago, but checking on "My Posts", it appears I didn't. Oooops
    I'm using the COM interface, which is also same as the scripting one.
    I'm trying to discover what elements in the iTunes main window have been selected, and thus "highlighted".
    The main window appears, to the interface, to be the "BrowserWindow", not to be confused with the View -> Show Browser window. Within this main window, I can identify which Playlist is currently selected, and/or which individual tracks are selected.
    But, what I'm trying to do, is also identify if any elements in the View -> Show Browser window are also selected. "Genre", "Artist", and "Album".
    Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how do I achieve it.

    In case you don't get any replies here, Eddie (your post might get buried under queries about iTunes 7.7), it might also be worth checking in at Teridon's google discussions. Robert's post here has a link through to those:
    (Robert is the person I think of immediately in the context of scripting issues.)

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    I  would like to know how to download original artist and albumns fron itunes

    ou8awhat wrote:
    on certain artist it only has live versions or cheap "tributes" to the band, that sound horrible. When i search itunes it doesn't pull up original albumn tracks?
    It doesn't "pull up" anything.  When you search, you will see what is available for purchase.  If you don't see it, it is not available.  Strange as it may seem, the iTunes Store does not have 100% of all music that exists.

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    like if the sysdate is 10-jun-2011
    it should give me 5 as month and
    in the year it should give as 2011
    if the sysdate is 01-jan-2012
    the month should be as 12 and year should be as 2011

    776317 wrote:
    thanks a lot I just dont need the 0 being prefixed... can you pls tell how to avoid that as well pls
            , 'FMmm yyyy'
           )For details about how the FM modifier works, wee the SQL Language manual:

  • How can I sort all files and folders by size?

    Due to lack of space I need to find the biggest files and folders on my Mac OSX Mountain Lion, but "Size" is not in the Find options.
    And I don't know the wildcard to sort all files and folders by size in Easyfind.

    There are applications out there which are designed to show you files and the space they use.  Some of these applications and some strategies for making more room on your disk are given below.
    Freeing Up Hard Disk Space
    Freeing space on your Mac OS X startup disk
    Clearing Disk Space on Your Mac
    Seven ways to free up drive space

  • How do I get my iPod Nano 7th Gen. to sort by Artist and not Album Artist?

    Why does my iPod Nano 7th sort by Album Artist? And how do I get it to sort/view by just purely Artist like on my iTunes?

    Check with the manufacturer of your radio and see if they have a compatible cable.

  • How to activate the song, artist and album windows so you can type in those entries

    how do you activate the windows for song, artist, album in iTunes library? I used to put the cursor over the category, double click on it, then type in the song name, artist name, album, genre etc., but that technique doesn't seem to work now.

    madappleuser94 wrote:
    So I just got a new iphone4s. I plugged it into my computer and it wiped my itunes library completely clean....
    Highly Unlikely.
    If you have Updated your version of iTunes on your computer to Sync your New iPhone...
    See here  >
    From here  >

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    If I create a new Date object as "d",
    java.util.Date d = new java.util.Date();how can I format the date to get the current Month as 'Jan' and the current year as '2008'. So if I have something like d.getMonth() gets the current month as 'Oct' and d.getYear() gets '2008'

    [Read the flamin' manual you must. Hmm.|]
    ~~ Yoda.
    Well no actually, he didn't say that, but he should have.
    Cheers. Keith.
    PS: Don't say that to a 7 foot pissedOff wookie when he's got his head stuck in a smoking hyperdrive, and you're being chased by a S-class battle cruiser... Ask Yoda how he got to be so short.
    PPS: It is the SimpleDateFormat you seek ;-)
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  • How do you sort specific columns and freeze a header column?

    I'm creating a list of people attending a workshop and would like the first column to be the number of people attending. The first column is the number and that row sorts with the rest, so then my numbers go 1, 9, 5, etc instead of remaining 1-20. Is there a different way for me to determing the number? I put 1 in cell A 2 and then for A 3 I give it a formula A1 + 1 to create the number sequence. I've tried making it a header column and freezing the column, but it still changes.

    You can search the discussions when you have a specific question, or you can just browse them from time to time to see what there is to be learned. Your question is a little like "How did you learn to be a good cook?" Most of the good home cooks never went to cooking school, but they have had lots of good coaching and lots of experience. Many of the helpers here have been using spreadsheets for so long that they don't remember when they learned a particular trick or method. And, we like to share, so keep the questions coming.
    I keep the Formula Browser in view, and I study the examples for the functions I think I might want to use.

  • How can i get the month and year of the current  open Periode?

    At the beginning of each month the booking period for the new month was not open,but i need to book material automatically with the last day of the old month. The booking period will change at the first working day between 13 and 17 a clock. when the booking period was changed i have to book with the current date.
    How can i do this ??

    Hi Ralf,
    here's a complete example:
    DATA: last LIKE sy-datum, "ultimo of last month
          gjahr LIKE t001b-frye1,
          buper LIKE t001b-frpe1.
    last = sy-datum - sy-datum+6(2) .
    PERFORM check_period.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      ADD 1 TO last . "-> next month
      PERFORM check_period.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE a001(00) WITH 'no open fi period'.
    *formatting for germany
    CONCATENATE last+6(2) last+4(2) last(4) INTO bbkpf-budat.
    WRITE: / bbkpf-budat.
    FORM check_period.
      MOVE last(4) TO gjahr.
      MOVE last+4(2) TO buper.
                i_bukrs          = bbkpf-bukrs
                i_gjahr          = gjahr
                i_koart          = '+'
                i_monat          = buper
                error_period     = 1
                error_period_acc = 2
                OTHERS           = 3.
    ENDFORM.                    " check_period
    regards <a href="
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